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In Hinduism it is said that during Kali Yuga, the last of four stages the world goes through before a rebirth, human civilization degenerates on many levels – spiritually, socially, physically, psychologically, materially. In any event, we don’t have to look far to know that we’re in some deeply disturbing and changing dynamics right now, with many of us having a sense of loss of control over so much that only a short while ago was not in such jeopardy.

The purpose of this site is to provide support and inspiration for these challenging times.  This time calls us to be something other than what we have understood ourselves to be so far – a human being above all else; for physical reality is not the highest reality.  It’s time to awaken out of our spiritual reverie.

After an unexpected spiritual awakening in 2007 during which I awoke out of my own reverie, I felt urged to blog, share and support others on a similar journey….so I try to do my bit as to this endeavour.

You’ll find blog posts about the awakening journey, divinely-focussed materials, natural health info and products, soul plan reading which you are welcome to book with me, an EMF protection products page with exclusive discount codes, and other tidbits. You can sign up to receive an email each time a blog post is published, and the About page says a little more about this site and my personal journey.  To your self-realization!

soul plan readings

Soul Plan Reading

Your Soul Plan is the roadmap you planned at soul level prior to this incarnation, though it may be hard to believe that such a thing could be possible. Regardless, belief is optional, and soul plan readings resonate deeply with clients – take a look at what clients say about their reading.  The truth is we are in earth school for the soul’s learning purposes – purposes we chose very carefully before birth.  This human life is a precious and sacred opportunity to grow and balance out karmic charges that we carry.

Seeing your soul’s plan can empower you, as you will come to understand key challenges, events and patterns, and why you have them, as well as your talents, soul purpose and much more.  Find out what your soul has planned for you!

EMF Protection

EMF Protection Products

This is a page of recommended EMF protection products to save you time searching online.  You will be able to save some spend too, some exclusive discounts codes for visitors to this site have been secured!

If you’re concerned about the effects of all the wi-fi and EMF around us, then you’re not alone.  Although many people still think EMF does no harm there are many, many studies showing that one ignores the effects of EMF at one’s own peril.

EMF is all around us – 5G towers, mobile phones, microwaves, wi-fi routers, electrical devices, and many more.  On this page you’ll find all manner of EMF protection products from mobile phone discs, silk scarves, EMF protection paint, laptop pads, t-shirts, hoodies and even men’s boxers.

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My name is Reena Gagneja. I’ve always been driven to deeply question life and try to find out the truth about life and about suffering.  Why are we here? What’s the reason we suffer? Is there a God? Why are emotions so challenging?  After a long seeking journey, in 2007 truth came knocking on my door and a spiritual awakening occurred, although I had not even heard of the term before then. From that point, my experience of life changed radically, and the universe took me on a profound journey towards Self, and the purpose of my life here became clear.  It’s an ongoing journey and one that is hard to put into words, though I try on this site as I enjoy the creative endeavour of writing and trying to describe the unlimited in language that is limited 🙂

I have trained as a spiritual counsellor and Soul Plan Reader, and am committed to helping others if I can, on their own awakening and healing path. Currently I am offering soul plan readings only.  I believe there is no endeavour in this life that matters more to our soul and ongoing evolution than to heal what hurts and to discover the absolute truth of one’s inner Divine Self, a truth that is self-evident when we (ego) are able to just step out of the way for a moment.  And all it takes is a just a moment to see the truth of who we really are.


books for spiritual growth

List of Free Spiritual eBooks…

…PDFs, Audios, Fiction & More

A list of a wide range of carefully-selected and freely available eBooks, PDFs and resources to assist you on the spiritual journey on one page.

From non-duality, great spiritual and philosophical works to fiction, and more.

Check out the growing list for something to inspire and nourish during some quiet time.

the alkaline diet guidebook

The Alkaline Diet Guidebook (Amazon eBook)

A little ebook I wrote for the price of less than a cuppa to help you understand how important an alkaline diet is.

Achieving pH balance can support your health powerfully.  The impacts of eating too many acid-forming food can range from lesser health issues such as fatigue and skin problems, right the way through to cancer.

The Alkaline Diet Guidebook sets out a lot of information to support you in understanding why pH balance is vital, and how you can make easy changes in your diet to balance your pH, and improve health.


How many lives are frittered away, age after age, in endless coming and going. Find out who you are!

By sorrow does the Lord dispel sorrow and by adversity does he destroy adversity. When this is done he sends no more suffering, no more adversity. This must be remembered at all times.

Divine happiness, even the tiniest particle of a grain of it, never leaves one again; and when one attains to the essence of things and finds one’s Self – this is supreme happiness. When it is found, nothing else remains to be found; the sense of want will not awaken anymore, and the heart’s torment will be stilled forever. Do not be satisfied with fragmentary happiness, which is invariably interrupted by shocks and blows of fate; but become complete, and having attained to perfection, be YOURSELF.

Who is it that loves and who that suffers? He alone stages a play with Himself; who exists save Him? The individual suffers because he perceives duality. It is duality which causes all sorrow and grief. Find the One everywhere and in everything and there will be an end to pain and suffering.

Joys and sorrows are time-born and cannot last. Therefore, do not be perturbed by these. The greater the difficulties and obstructions, the more intense will be your endeavor to cling to His feet and the more will your prayer increase from within. And when the time is ripe, you will gain mastery over this power.

Wherever God may keep you at any time, from there itself must you undertake the pilgrimage to God-realization. In all forms, in action and non-action is He, the One Himself. While attending to your work with your hands, keep yourself bound to Him by sustaining japa, the constant remembrance of Him in your heart and mind. In God’s empire, it is forgetfulness of Him that is detrimental. The way to Peace lies in the remembrance of Him and of Him alone.

There is One unchanging indivisible Reality which, though unmanifest, reveals Itself in infinite multiplicity and diversity.

To believe in Him under any particular form is not enough. Accept Him in His numberless forms, shapes and modes of being, in everything that exists. Aim at the whole and all your actions will be whole.

– Anandamayi Ma