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My journey has brought me to a point of asking ‘How do we get off the wheel of Samsara?’ Samsara being the endless cycle of rebirths, or reincarnation.

From knowledge and study of the afterlife and the ‘death process’ if you like, it has become clear to me that things aren’t quite what they seem in this arena and preparation of the mind for bodily death is key. There are some extremely critical reasons for this. I won’t go into my findings here (you can contact me if you wish to know more), but what I will say is that this information is what some have waited a very long time for, including myself.

I enjoy giving soul plan readings and I answer the occasional question on Quora. I’m not blogging much right now, but I always read messages and continue to maintain this website.

With Love 🙏


free spiritual ebooks

Free Spiritual eBooks

A growing list of carefully-selected and freely available spiritual eBooks, PDFs and online resources, from Advaita / non-duality, great spiritual works and more.

alkaline diet guidebook

The Alkaline Diet Guidebook (Amazon eBook)

A little ebook I wrote to assist with understanding how important an alkaline diet is.

Achieving pH balance can support your health powerfully.  The impacts of eating too many acid-forming food can range from lesser health issues such as fatigue and skin problems, right the way through to cancer.

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