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My real love is the experience of God-consciousness and how one’s perspectives on life and the personality change after such an experience. But to be graced with any such experience there is a trajectory that is unavoidable in the end, and this is the traversing through emotional and mental pain and patterns. The inner work of releasing childhood trauma and samskaras needs to be done, otherwise you’re just piling on icing on a mud cake. Our job is to face the emotional pain and then Grace can meet us in our inner sacred space.

I’m recently moving away from all spiritual labels, including non-duality. In the West much harm is being done by satsang teachers telling people they are not a person, not the body and not the mind, that they are already enlightened. This is the void, but it is not enlightenment. No, the relative level of body and mind are to be taken seriously. Spiritual bypassing leads to emotional bypassing and is not recommended.

I have gone from being an avid blogger to rarely blogging now, somehow words have lost their potency in written form. I answer the occasional questions on Quora and I am trying to do some YouTube videos, though this goes in fits and starts 🙂 On a small basis I also offer myself as a spiritual guide.

To peace in the hear-and-now.

Namaste 🙏


free spiritual ebooks

Free Spiritual eBooks

A growing list of carefully-selected and freely available spiritual eBooks, PDFs and online resources, from Advaita / non-duality, great spiritual works and more.

alkaline diet guidebook

The Alkaline Diet Guidebook (Amazon eBook)

A little ebook I wrote to assist with understanding how important an alkaline diet is.

Achieving pH balance can support your health powerfully.  The impacts of eating too many acid-forming food can range from lesser health issues such as fatigue and skin problems, right the way through to cancer.

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