eclipses and full moons

Whenever I manage to remember the arrival of these special moments through the year, I like to take some time out for reflection and going within. Here are dates for the rest of 2012 in one post. They are like natural holidays and in my own experience pretty powerful if we attune. Of course the winter solstice of 21st December 2012 is the date is ite not. In my view, whatever may or may not happen around that time, the dates leading up to 21st December are well worth using for some consciousness-raising work so that we can take advantage of whatever energies arise in December, or indeed before.
Full Moon, Eclipse, Equinox, Solstice dates for 2012:
(NB: If you wish to know the precise date/time of the special days below please double check the dates for your exact time zone, thank you.)
Full Moon Jan. 9, 2012
New Moon Jan. 23, 2012
Full Moon Feb. 7, 2012
New Moon Feb. 21, 2012
Full Moon Mar. 8, 2012
New Moon Mar. 22, 2012
Full Moon April 6, 2012
New Moon April 21, 2012
Full Moon May 6, 2012
Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012
Lunar Eclipse June 4, 2012
New Moon June 19, 2012
Summer Solstice June 20, 2012
Full Moon July 3, 2012
New Moon July 19, 2012
Full Moon Aug. 2, 2012
New Moon Aug. 17, 2012
Full Moon Aug. 31, 2012
New Moon Sept. 16, 2012
Autumnal Equinox Sept 22, 2012
Full Moon Sept. 30, 2012
New Moon Oct. 15, 2012
Full Moon Oct. 29, 2012
Solar Eclipse Nov. 13, 2012
Lunar Eclipse Nov. 28, 2012
New Moon Dec. 13, 2012
Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2012
Full Moon Dec. 28, 2012
Here is a useful free email service – subscribe and you will get an email 1-2 days before full moon dates:

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