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Happy New Year – Message for 2021

Happy New Year 2021 to all.  What a year 2020 was.  Kryon has named 2021 the year of revelation.  That resonates.  In order for a life or a world to change, all underlying untruths must get revealed into the light of consciousness, then transformation can occur.

On New Year’s day I listened in to some channelled messages from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper, and from Kryon through Lee Carroll.  The energy on the zoom event was very beautiful and inclusive.  No egos. Kryon, I came across years ago, but Adironnda’s messages were new for me these last weeks. I took a few notes so I’ll post those below, and here is the full recording:


Channelled Messages

If you’re unsure of channelled messages, do expand your mind! The physical reality around us is not the only reality and it’s not the highest reality.  Ultimately it’s not even a reality – it’s an illusion, in the sense that it all goes up in a poof of smoke when we pass from this body-mind. Yet our consciousness will remain, forever and ever. Ramana Maharshi said that what is permanent is real, what is impermanent is not real. Makes sense, right?

Such truths have become more than obvious to me in recent years, through a mixture of inner realizations and spiritual awakening experiences, direct messages from God, decades of studying spiritual works, spiritual growth experiences with plant teachers, and messages from across the veil.  For me even one of those would be enough.  Having said that, there was a time when much younger, when I questioned if people were crackpots to speak of ‘energy’! I needed to touch it to believe it.  But now it’s the opposite – what you can touch (the form) is generally what’s not real, and what’s really real is what is unseen.

Adironnda Message – Notes

So here are some notes and messages for 2021 which I took so I could post this for readers.  I found the messages on this online transmission very profound and I hope you do too.

The last year I became ever more certain that we all, however hard life may be, chose to be here on this planet at this time. We’re here to take part in a most significant evolution of ourselves and of the planet’s spirit Gaia, of which we are all like cells in her body.  Personally and collectively, we’re here to raise our frequencies into higher vibrations of the Divine creator beings we are in truth, and are destined to embody fully eventually.  There is work to be done spiritually and Adironnda’s message had many wonderful pointers for how to do this.

As for Kryon’s message, it was very brief and the main take-away for me was the naming of the year 2021 as the year of revelation. Kryon called 2020 the year of change – well, noone’s going to argue about that being incorrect! So I trust that 2021 will indeed bring revelations to the masses as never before. Kryon also said regards the date of 01/01/2021,  that 1 is a master number, 11 is the number of enlightenment.  I’ve been seeing 11 and 11:11 for years and I know many others have as well.

Adironnda Through Marilyn Harper

  • In 2021 things will happen much faster, a quickening of energy is at play.  What took 800 years before to happen will now happen in 200 years
  • 2021 – year of revelation, and also the year of growth, peace, intuition, renaissance, newness
  • Next 10 years = age of peace
  • Age of miracles starting – for eg. the needed item will just appear
  • Connecting to heart centre of humanity and aksing ‘what is my task?’
  • Neural pathways in the brain changing to new frequencies
  • Anything not in integrity will be highlighted.  Living one life but speaking another life – we can’t do this any longer
  • People will be more sensitive to own intuition and inner shifting
  • Humanity shifting it’s ability to focus on one thing collectively (covid) into a focus on enlightenment and growth.  This is the new human –> the ‘new normal.’
  • When groups come together for humanity’s good, the energy is magnified by 144 times
  • ‘Unconditional love’ begins with a negative preposition (‘unconditional’) – call it infinite love instead, more accurate, aligned.
  • Say to yourself ‘I am perfection in the way that I am.’  You are I AM perfection.
  • Meditate everyday and ask your spiritual council, maybe 4 beings / energies, to come and sit with you – see who shows up!
  • Breathe into your own power
  • Focus on yourself more
  • ‘The apocalypse has been canncelled due to lack of interest’.  There is no apolcalypse happening, despite what some believe
  • Keep a journal of what aspects you want to see happen in your life and the life of this planet, write your script, it becomes more conscious that way
  • Question to ask yourself: How are you stepping into the age of renaissance?
  • Ref survelliance of people, lack of privacy, our data – what difference does it matter? If you’re not doing anything you don’t want others to know about then there’s nothing to worry about
  • Mini ice age / darkness, Kryon also spoke of this – prepare for no electricity for 2 weeks
  • In the last 10 days since 21/12/2020, humanity’s consciousness has moved into the age of aquarius = age of intuition, age of balancing of you. The entire galaxy moves into this age
  • Say to yourself ‘I am stepping into the age of enlightenment’. Say YES to you
  • Spend 1-2 hours a day on you, on your growth

Kryon – New Year Visualisation

I find Kryon’s messages resonate strongly and uplift and empower in a real, true sense.  Another channel said that Kryon is of the 11th dimension – I’d believe that.  He has a vista of reality and a way of speaking unlike other channels.  Adironnda comes close also.

In alignment with the last bullet above to do work on ourselves daily, here is a suggestion. The below Kryon channelling is from October 2020 so not too long ago.  At the end of the video there is a higher dimensional visualisation that I found powerful and moving, and would recommend as part of this inner work on ourselves to clear ancenstral stuff, wipe the past life  slate clean, clear the way forward for our children and our lineage, and come into our own divine power. What could be more on point for this new year!

By the way, when Kryon says this is for your region noone else, may I suggest he means all of our regions.  I found this video and visualisation moving.  I love that Kryon shows his emotion, his voiced is often moved and so moving.  He states this visualisation is extremely esoteric and will last forever.

So here’s the video:

Kryon: The Beauty of the System of God

Reach for God

In conclusion to all of the above, I would say that if there is one way of encapsulating what we as individuals can do for ourselves and humanity it is to learn and train ourselves to embody our own creative powers and truth as co-creators with God.

This above all else, will raise our frequency right up and raising our consciosuness, above all else, is what humanity needs.

Yes, this can also come through getting into the detail of the show that’s being played out on the human stage on this planet, but please remember this is mainly making the story more palatable – changing the script here and there to make it a happy ending, rather than a sad one. Getting involved at a worldly level is spiritually-speaking only worthwhile if it fosters a deeper awakening to one’s own inner infinite truth as co-creators with God. For that is the shift that is needed to take this planet into higher frequencies where manipulation, lies and gross misconducts simply cannot be.

So let’s try to spend as much time as we can daily on our own inner growth – and many of us have more time on our hands now so let’s use the covid impacts and lockdowns to do just that, and turn a negative into a positive. For me, lately visualisations have become easier and more vivid (and easier to do – do them anytime, anywhere).  And there are many, many other ways to focus on our own growth including meditation, reaching out to a holistic practioner for a specific spiritual purpose, listening to messages such as Kryon or others, singing scared songs of devotion (bhakti) and simply sitting with ourselves in a bit of stillness.

Most of all, I feel that this year is about connecting directly to God. I lived the first 42 years of my life wondering and studying God (philosophy and literature at University) but never really knowing if he was there, or if I was even worthy of speaking his name.  When I joined a Christian church and ‘gave my life to Jesus’ I found Christians to be generally quite fearful of God, they seemed to be unworthy of a direct connection with the Divine, hiding behind words from the bible, which only fuelled my own unworthiness.

Then spiritual awakening happened and in my darkest hour I reached out for Him, and you know what, He communicated back in to me, just to me, and noone else.  Those moments, which I remember clearly to this day, could not have been more ‘en-worthying’ for me – my divine confidence began its repair.  I didn’t need any church, nor a scripture, nor an intermediary of any sort to lead me to God, because She already told me She was right there and She was communicating with me.  God is there for each one of us, as we are all equal to Him.  Prayers truly are heard by Him.  It was my own heartfelt prayer that He showed up for in my consciousness in such an impactful way.

The part we must play is to reach out to Her in the first place.  My experience has shown me that such a direct effort toward God is the fastest way to heal and rasie our vibrations into higher consciousness.

In this time where painful things are revealing themselves such as lack of trust or care that may be missing in even our dearest relationships with family and friends, or where we may feel alone like never before, it is my own experience that God (do use whatever term you want for the Divine however) is the real Beloved. He is our trustworthy and eternally-present, ever-caring Father, Mother and Friend. She is closer and more real than anything in this world which ultimately fades away, even people, personalities as well as achievements and material things. So I see 2021 as the year of having, or deepening, a direct relationship with God – or God-realization.

Such is the paradox of creation, that God exists as the Soul of all men, creating and supporting them, yet does not Himself become entangled with them. And human beings, although saturated with God, are overcome by cosmic delusion and made subject to birth and death. – Yogananda Paramahansa

Wishing you a healthy, happy and Divine-filled 2021,
With much Love & Light,

Reena Gagneja
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