I haven’t blogged so much lately – as you know. I think this trend could continue for a bit. Sometimes it’s like there is nothing to say, and sometimes when I start writing a blog post, eg on my mobile phone, life seems to get in the way of doing it proper justice later.
And then there’s the festive season – the time to get busy with shopping, wrapping presents and getting winter colds (one’s coming on right now, now where’s that tissue…)
Mind you, that’s if we get past 21st December….course by the 22nd we’ll all be in some parallel reality of higher dimensional proportions won’t we. And in this reality there will be no need for xmas – yay! And no xmas gift shopping and wrapping. Now that will be bliss.
Or the world’s going to end on 21st Dec. If so, then just enjoy the next few days!
Okay…..I’ll catch you on the 22nd or after πŸ™‚
I happened to read some of the messages I used to read and blog about previously – poofness, Steve Beckow’s long lists of new age type posts and one or two others. Poof was still saying the same ole sh*t – oops I meant to say stuff. LOL. Good ole Poof. You know, if any of these prosperity packages come into my lap, I’ll certainly let you know, if I am allowed to that is, in between my pims on a beach somewhere…………;) And Steve Beckow’s stuff – well, much of this info is based upon some major assumptions, one being that we are going to ‘ascend.’ And what that actually is – there is no consensus.
Ascension doesn’t really interest me anymore. It’s yet another goal in a future that never ever arrives. But what I do know is that energy is for real. Everything is energetic appearing as something in the physical or seemingly controllable realm. But you can’t control energy through the mind. I do however feel that it can shift through heart-based sincere intention. Energy just has to be sensed. Energetic shifts most definitely occur, all the time in fact, and more impactful ones occur too at certain points. The Winter Solstice is one on the same awaited date – 21st December. Like an energetic door opening. You just have to be open to the more subtle side of life if you want to really sense energy and its shifts within your own body-mind.
Most people don’t think of energy in this way, at this time of year it’s all about the roles people have and looking good with family and friends.
Around New Year, I’ll be spending some time in a more meditative mode. I think the end of the year brings on people’s deeper thinking, but releasing thinking is where the energetic shifts really occur.
Whatever this festive season is like for you, whether festive or not, enjoy. Don’t worry about 21st Dec – you’ll still be visiting this blog! And if it all does go into some other situation – I’ll meet you there!
Happy Holidays.
Comments, as always, welcome.
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Heaven man

Meditation is to stop thinking. Do not think. This is real peace.


Now there’s a thought πŸ™‚

Heaven man

Thinking is enemy of your spirit.


For a second there I thought you had reverted to the “dark side” (lol). I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hoping for something noticable on Dec 21 as I do feel it was an energetically auspicious date, but I didn’t have a big let down either when nothing tangible occurred. I’ve always known that true transformation is within – it will not likely be predicated on some massive event heavily dependent on “externals” (i.e., others responding in certain ways or specific things lining up to bring it about). It’s a sure recipie for disappointment, anger, depression and perhaps even despair. Those who have had an authentic awakening speak to the profound shift in their perceptual reality and of who they percieve themselves to be. And this process also seems to be more about embodying heaven on earth not about ascending “up” to another dimension. . .or wherever. All this said, my heart goes out to those who believed so strongly in and who staked their reputations on Dec 21 – pouring much of their time and energy into it over the years – including the channels. I feel most are well intended whether they’re plugged into and bringing through clear information or not. Who doesn’t want to live in a world of peace and joy, spending time doing what we love, etc.? I sure do but have also gradually realized that joy and deep peace are an inside job. Do I still hope for disclosure, a financial reset, world peace, all enjoying prosperity and good health, etc.? Of course ~ it would be amazing. But whether or not that happens in my lifetime my intention going forward is try to greet life each moment ~ the joyful, the scary, the annoying, the unexpected ~ with an open heart. I expect I’ll fumble this constantly, but part of the fun is in trying. One of my teachers said once that “Love is the capacity to be with whatever is arising.” I love that πŸ™‚
Have a wonderful holiday.


It’s just gone 03:00 GMT on December 22nd and the world still seems to be here.
Maybe we should ask for a refund πŸ™‚


Bill, that may be the case for you. But for me, at 12:12 on 21:12:12 I ascended into the fifth dimension. The expectations for this auspicious date were not in the end misplaced. In this reality I have finally met my brothers and sisters from advanced civilisations with technology you will not believe. In fact I am speaking from a spaceship which I am in charge of and my team with me are absolutley amazing. Apart from being very sexy looking we communicate by thought alone. And one thing that bothers me least is there is no food to be eaten, my body goes from being fairly solid to a shimmering light. Many from earth also ascended and have entered parallel realities in this dimension. I could tell you more but the key thing is to tell you the secret to how to also enter the fifth dimension. Please scroll down for the truth….it is not as hard as may think…
Scroll more
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Hahaha! Got ya!!!
I spent 12:12 on 21:12:12 nursing a heavy cold and pounding headache (much better now thank you.)
Were you taken in by my lil jokey? Do say…. πŸ˜‰


Oh dear, I’ll have to disappoint you. I didn’t believe a word of it πŸ™‚
It’s a good thing it didn’t happen. I can’t imagine you being happy in a place where there’s no cheese to eat !
Sorry to hear about the cold and headache, but happy to hear that you are much better.
I found some good jokes/funnies here that might amuse you.

heaven man

Now comming new era is the golden age.Humanism is a new era.


The ego loves telling storys about new age, spiritual and ascension stuff. These storys hide the fact that we have no clue to what is going on. its seems everbody else knows whats going on apart from ourself. the bottom two lines of this comment are from a umani u tube clip called it o.k not to know.

heaven man

The Heaven is in your hearts.


The new age spirituality thing is so insane. The things people use to make their opinions their own is just insane. Channelings, people with covert names, its all propaganda. Poof was quoted as saying something like if you are signed up for or are owed these prosperity packages you will get a knock at the door. Thats not any of us. Farmer’s claims is the only valid part that is even semi provable.
Poof thing is kinda rude. Under the same principle as if 10000 of us pray for rain, it will rain. If 1 million of us pray for poof’s money, it will manifest. The problem is we are hoping/praying for someone else’s money that we most likely have no claim too. That is why we all know about it and most likely why he is so cryptic about it. When we all know that if there was no such thing as money we would all live like the wealthy because there would be no reason not to.
The end of the world? Nope. As long as Brits and us Yanks are paying 50% of our salaries in these double taxation societies, its too good for them to end this world and start a new one.
Start thinking about what you will do if nothing happens. In a battle, you never know about the bullet that misses you. We dodged another bullet here. Live on and find some happiness, if you are struggling with things, love something. Find something you love and just do it.


Beaker, good comments, couldn’t agree more. Just live life and find something that you enjoy, love someone, love something, have fun – yeah.
I just read a post – I won’t say who it is or what site, as peeps will no doubt feel offended. But honestly I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading and moreover that only until a while ago would I have believed all this mumbo jumbo too. The author of the post believed they had already ascended because they had been meeting others who they termed ‘difficult’, and that by the 21st their loved ones who had ‘not got there yet’ will have. And then there was some other stuff about their animals and all in all I had to laugh a lot.
Crickey, what a load of superior judgment and what a bunch of high expectations for this Friday. In another post on the same site someone spoke about ‘fear that nothing would happen.’ Fear? I thought fear was like when you’re going to be attacked or fear of something. Fear of nothing? Huh?
Then in another post it spoke about ascension as being something that would not be fast (ha, good cop-out), and that some have ascended and don’t remember, and others do remember. Well, that covers a lot of bases then.
For the life of me I can’t think what else ascension could be other than waking up out of the dream of your me-story. As long as you’re cohorting with archangel michael, ETs and other wondrous beings, you may think you’re something special, but it’s still a whole big story within a wider drama. There is nothing other than waking up out of the illusion of a separate self that I can see that can turn around your whole life perception and understanding so fundamentally, and make way for peace, freedom and an aliveness that was always just out of reach before.
But then again, when that ET ship lands in my back garden and I suddenly and miraculously find myself with jaw-dropping multi dimensional powers, maybe I’ll discover I missed a trick – ascension is teleporting!


I’m not so sure that the world isn’t about to end. The signs are there for those who recognise them. Take for instance the signs that have appeared on the doors of the three cubicles in the gents toilets on platform B of Waterloo East station. The signs, which appeared a week or two ago, say “Push To Open”.
(photo here – http://www.sunnyside.homelinux.org/snaps/pushtoopen.jpg)
Now it may be that too many people have been trapped trying to limbo under the six inch gap at the bottom of the door, but that seems unlikely. I think that someone, somewhere, has decided that the human race has become too stupid to operate a simple door. I can well imagine the Gods and Goddesses throwing up their hands in despair, and deciding to scrap this world, and trying again to make a better one.
The signs that the world has ended will be easy to see. The days will get longer, and eventually the days will get warmer (unless you’re in the southern hemisphere – in which case you can look forward to shorter and colder days – sorry !).

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