Here’s a list of practices that you can easily adopt to further your own evolution. Mind, Body and Soul all come into these practices in a variety of ways.

In no particular order…

1. Take the Dalai Lama’s advice and spend some time alone every day.
2. Laugh daily or better still, make someone else laugh.
3. Be nice to your Mum, whether alive or not.
4. Remember that when you feel depressed, you are not depressed, it’s just life experiencing depression through you, that’s all.
5. Eat some raw food everyday.
6. Visualise bright, white Light permeating every person and every place on this planet. You don’t need to believe anything about this, you just need to do it!
7. Say thanks to all unseen helpers that accompany you without you even knowing it.
8. If you feel angry, let it be ok to feel so.
9. If others are angry at you, let it be ok for them to feel so.
10. Don’t hanker after being special – let your uniqueness be enough.
11. Every single day, first thing in the morning drink a glass of warm water and the juice of half a lemon. This will eliminate toxins from your body. Lemons rock!
12. Find out what you’re really passionate about, and spend time and energy doing those things everyday.
13. Release the burdens of hidden guilt, anger, grief, fear and insecurity. It’s easier than you think.
14. Take time to notice the birds, trees, flowers and plants. And smell the rain sometimes.
15. Look around you every few moments and take in your surroundings. Feel your body grounded in the earth and just be in the moment. Life is Now!
16. If you have children, do something silly with them every day. If you can’t be silly with them, who can you be silly with?
17. If you don’t have children, do something silly with someone else. Go on, be courageous and free…
18. Breathe deeply at least 3 times each day. It’s not much to ask of yourself!
19. Roll your eyes in a wide circle each way everyday. This exercises your eyes.
20. Raise your arms wide everyday and give God / Universe a big ‘THANK YOU!’ out loud.
21. Crickey, slow down a bit! (It’s really not worth the stress.)
22. Listen to what your Higher Self / Truth / the Divine is trying to show you.
23. Give up the need for an item that you really don’t need. Be generous with someone instead.
24. Choose to be happy.
25. Meditate on ‘Who or what is experiencing this?’
26. Get enough sleep.
27. Think for yourself – don’t be a walking parrot.
28. Think more globally and inclusively – nationalism is ugly.
29. Make friends with your inner silence, befriend your aloneness. This is an essential spiritual practice.
30. Don’t just do these – BE these!

And lastly, HAVE FUN! Life was meant to be enjoyable remember! 🙂

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