Sometimes it’s hard to know what a person is really about.  There are many manipulations that humans do both unconsciously and deliberately.

Sometimes things are just plain confusing. Sometimes it’s easy to trust that someone (a company, organisation, friend, family, whoever) has your best interest at heart and you get taken in by outward appearances, their popularity, or one’s own desire to stay safe and secure – to not rock the boat and keep things ticking along as they have always done.

But if there was ever a time when things are changing and the boat is going to rock, this is it.  The world we live in, our personal lives and globally – it’s all changing as I write.

So here’s a simple question to ask yourself to discern the truth about something, ask yourself this question when you’re unsure of someone or something:

Is this person serving self or serving others?

Just a simple question to ask, then watch what your feeling is.  Use your discernment, intuition and pay attention to your feelings.  We’re going to need our inner truth now more than ever.

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