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1947 Alien Interview Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

This is over 300 pages but intriguing….I’m just part-way as yet, and crumbs, it makes for better bedtime reading than Barbara Cartland. LOL. I make jest yet this topic is serious indeed!

A nurse, Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy was asigned to be the main communicator with an alien who survived the Roswell crash. Matilda relates in her story that the alien (communicating via telepathy) was from another galaxy, had a non-biological body (ie did not eat, drink or sleep) and much more.

Doesn’t get more real than this. Of course, apart from actually ‘talking’ to a ‘flesh and blood’ alien oneself…

Click Here To Read Interview

Thanks to Indianinthemachine for this.

Comments, as always, welcome.


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[…] by Reena on July 31, 2011 · 17 comments […]


I too was compelled to read it all in one go but my ‘imminent truth alert’ wasn’t honing, not all the time anyway. I’m going to wait and see what lands in my lap from it and what truth grains I find sprouting over my next few meditations. It will be interesting….
I know I’m not from here, earth that is. I see my home planet very clearly and my people there await my return. I also know Lemuria. I could pick up and slip on my priestess robes momentarily the memory is so clear and so very real to me. But I am wary of any ‘are you one of us?’ stories. Anything that sets us against one another or plants seeds of ‘specialness’ in any of us is to be questioned I feel. And I am sure there are thousands around the world having just read this transcript whom already consider themselves one of the 3000.
I DO keep wondering why all these recent channels – why all of this outside-in stuff……most of the time when I hear, read or see channelling all I visualise is a big blue white shining serpent wound horrifically tight around the channeller. It’s syphoning off their life force whilst using it to feed and strengthen itself and its message. We are here. We are now. We are earth, it’s our home (at least in this carnation), our heritage, our responsibility……we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. It’s up to us.
Divide and conquer……….
Tom, I’m following the Olive Farmer – he likes to hear his own voice but to my ear it is a voice of truth.


The Alien Truth book consumed my entire Monday, I couldn’t stop reading it. I’ve had a visitation from one of these beings, and while we didn’t chat we did have a very interesting connection. I’m very much looking forward to a larger relationship with the kindred spirits of ALL. Thanks so much for this link!

Ron Laswell

Normally, when a lengthy article is provided, I save it for a rainy day. For some reason, this book really grabbed me. I kid you not, I actually cancelled 2 appointments that I had, just to finish reading this wonderful story today. A lot of what Matilda states does make sense, but at the same time, it left me with a lot of questions, plus, I could not help but wonder if this was just a hoax. For instance, the IS-BE concept makes total sense! And because I’m very psychic, at one point, I could literally “see” several Star Brothers in my area out of the corners of my eyes. It was like they were excited to have me contact them. However, I can also see angels – so where does that fit in? Very confusing.


Ron, I know what you mean aboit this interview. I am part-way, and shall I think get some time soon to read it all, it really is riveting. Not sure what you mean when you ask: I can also see angels – so where does that fit in?…ETs, angels, guides, loved ones and more…it’s all part of the incredible universe(s) we find ourselves in, no? Tell us more about the angels! Love & Light


I completely understand Tom, and agree if freedom is attained again we must be vigilant to not be swayed by any one or group that says “follow me and you will be happy” Let us first find Happy, then construct leadership. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and understanding.


Yeah agree Justicar and Tom. Personally, despite the spiritual interest, I was never one for the ‘new age movement’ in the way that some are. Could never jump on any bandwagon for long, including the new age one, also religion. Ultimately we must be happy in our aloneness, because the truth is that within the Oneness we are alone – but side by side (alone but not lonely). The impetus in us that is ‘herd-like’ is the same whether it’s under a spiritual banner or not. Read Osho, Krishnamurti, others – until we are able to stand in our aloneness/independence we can believe all we want about our spiritual ‘development’ but we will not be where we think we are. So thanks to Tom for keeping us on the straight and narrow!!


“This new age religion, centred around their “lucifer” the light bringer is crafted around a core of truth, structured such that many who believe themselves “free” are attracted to its essential truths but fail to see the needle of a lie buried in the haystack of truth. It speaks of love, of the spirit of humanity, of peace, of sharing, of a golden future, of all of the things any right minded human being would, at their core, understand is what we are capable of, know is what we must grow from the ashes of our crumbling civilisation.
It also speaks of hierarchy, of ascended masters, of religious belief, of a wide variety of strange and esoteric knowledges that mere mortals are not able to comprehend but that our new holy masters will guide us in the learning of.
In other words, the usual bullshit in a new, better, shinier box.
This is the New, Improved World Order.
Don’t buy it.”
this guy knows the score. do you?

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