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I’ve been a bit quiet as it’s holiday time, what with all these bank holidays in the UK, and today, indeed is the royal wedding. Hmm, it’s perhaps the only wedding we folk in the UK will pay for that we’re not actually invited to! (Well, most of us anyway). Still, it’s a good fashion show to watch. And it’s kind of an incredible charade. Bizarre to be frank. Still I’m watching as I write!

Anyway so I’m just taking a bit of break, not a total break, so I’m around and will post occasionally, maybe it won’t be a break after all, I’m just going with the flow this long weekend. Joy!

And to be honest, sometimes all this ‘truth-information’ – well, it gets to a point when I can’t read anymore for a few days. Now’s one of those times! I am sure you know what I mean!

So enjoy watching the royal wedding. Wishing each of my visitors an enjoyable, relaxing long (if so for you) weekend.

Let us know how your weekend is going, what you think of the royal wedding or anything else you wish to share! (In comments below.)

Be refreshed,


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It seems that the satanic machines of the dark cabal managed to keep the forecast rain away from their Illuminati friends and wedding. Well at least they did in Catford. I haven’t had the TV on all day so don’t know what actually happened in central London (probably should have checked before writing this slightly tongue in cheek comment). Some may cite this as proof……..

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