What does it mean to go beyond the me-story?

Well, that is not something I or you can answer. The I or the you is not in a position to answer this question.
For this is an anathema. It is like asking a blind person to imagine what it’s like to see.

The point is the I or the you does not achieve the loss of ego/identity/me, and all efforts to try to do this are futile.
But let me just say that if you are in the tiny % of people who try to make such efforts then all kudos to you. It’s a waste of time for sure (sorry) but you are certainly not of the herd!

The herd are too busy trying to be right – within their ‘intelligent’ suppositions and assumptions. All that is from the illusory mind is designed to BE RIGHT, not liberated.

But to be right is to be right about NOTHING of any substance, and it makes no real difference except for the ephemeral ego. For many, they will cling to this sense of self-aggrandisement, until one day it’s no longer enough.
It’s so funny in many ways.

Some people have said to me (in an oh so nice or funny way of course) that I come across as arrogant in my blog posts. And my answer to that is ‘okie dokey, you are no doubt right!’ (Cheeky accusations require cheeky responses, right 😉 )
Here’s the thing. When my identity just decided to plunge out the door and leave me totally confronted initially, I didn’t ASK for this to happen. I didn’t ASK for an absence of self to be going on over this way. It occurred, and life has never been the same since, though outwardly it will not necessarily appear so.

And when the false identity takes its leave, it isn’t an easy street initially. It’s a one-way street but not an easy one necessarily. But what does happen when such a new stance in life starts to become integrated is that there is no longer confusion where there was much before. There are no longer questions as there were before, but rather answers. There is less concern for what others may think of you, you can take more risks with emotions and what you say and do, and thus there is a freedom that could not exist when you were identified and preoccupied with an image that by its very preoccupation prevented such freedom. And thus, in one’s actions and words, one can come across as arrogant I suppose, yes.

Freedom from the demands of self-imposed identity (what occurred as babies) is what all seek, yet the self-created prison remains hidden. Until dissatisfaction is acknowledged and the prison walls begin to be sensed.
But no-self is no joke. Most cannot go with this impetus, not there is a choice – but when the collapse of self starts, one can feel very confronted. But you can either believe you’re special, or be free. Still, there is really no choice – not for the mind anyway. I mean, you can’nt simply decide to be free. Freedom does not work like that. Freedom is already what you are, but until the prison is accepted, the walls remain, a figment though they are.

The simple truth is that most people are so attached to their sense of ‘special me’ that THAT truly is arrogance, NOT the falling away of this! Whilst there is a desperation for the self to be seen as special, then there is no space for such falling away.

I haven’t read too much of Floyd Henderson except some quotes, and here are a few advaita/vedanta to end this post.

“Supernatural living leads to magical thinking which convinces persons that they can have access to power that will allow them to control. The master addiction among persons is a desire to control, and the secondary addiction is the addiction to power, which they think will allow them to control. The result among persons is belief in the illusion of power/powers and an overwhelming desire to control others, to control their surroundings, or to control other nations. When persons become religious or spiritual, they try to use their power (or superpower) to control their racing, variable, tortuous “minds” or to control the behavior and “minds” of others (all of which is impossible since what they are trying to control is a mirage). The more they believe they have power, the more they believe they can affect when it rains, can influence who heals, can impact the paths of hurricanes, can control who wins wars and who loses, can control who receives blessings and who is cursed, ad infinitum. Supernatural beliefs, therefore, are the compost from which spring the illusions of megalomania, egomania, and self-aggrandizement; therefore, while religion and spirituality are not to be avoided, they are to be transitioned. They are but one step along a “path” to the freedom that happens when the understanding of “natural” displaces unnatural and supernatural thinking.”

“If you cling to the false identity of “husband,” you shall never find the True Self, so peace will never happen consistently. If you find the True Self, then “husbanding” or “not husbanding” can happen…and consistent peace will happen either way.”

“The gatekeeper of your prison is, surprisingly, Realization. Realization can free you from the roles, and freedom from those roles will free you from the drama. Yet most persons are so addicted to the chaos, so lost in the drama, and so removed from reality that they will never search for a way out of their prison. They will move about within the confines of their prison and believe that they are free. Few will ever have any desire to be totally independent. Fewer still will take the seven-step “journey” to reality and know true freedom and absolute independence. Most will fight to the end in defense of nonsensical, magical beliefs that were dreamed up by uneducated men during ancient times. What about you? How free do you want to be? How soon do you want that freedom?”

“Efforts to quiet the mind or to ignore thoughts cannot succeed with any consistency. Only when Full Realization strikes, only when the “Oh my gosh!” moment happens – only then does the mind dissolve.”

“You are in a play, playing a role, and believing that the role and the play are both real. Why would you believe such nonsense? Because “your mind” is the playwright, the author of every scene.”

“In order to know (the great) Reality, you must be sane. In order to be sane, you must be out of your mind.”

“So-called “life” in this sphere of consciousness is just a process of functioning, and while the “mind” of a person will dream up notions about separation or differentiation, none exists. The process just keeps on happening.”

“You should see by now that there is no such thing as “your mind.” You were born with a brain and like all life-forms on the planet, it’s all you needed for the body / elements to function. To your detriment, your culture decided otherwise.
“They” decided you needed their “knowledge,” which is really nothing other than their learned ignorance (including “their” ideas and beliefs that were rooted in superstitious and mythical explanations for what they could not explain factually or scientifically). In pumping those lies into you, they created a “mind”—a repository of ideas and beliefs and non-truths. It contains what was put into their “minds” – which they never questioned even once – and then passed along faithfully and dutifully and, unfortunately, to you. Nothing in it came from you or from You.

“They” dreamed it all up, “they” forced you to accept their concepts as a child, you have internalized their beliefs into a “mind,” and you now allow their fiction to define your beliefs, your values and your “mind.”

In fact, most of the (dualistic) beliefs in your “mind” are the beliefs of the earliest self-appointed “religious or tribal or spiritual leaders” who dreamed up those beliefs, adopted them, and then passed them on. And all those values were based in duality, in terms of what those persons decided was “right or wrong” and “good or bad.”

Which terms they used to label other persons was determined by their agenda to control the masses and to gain benefit from that control.

Use the brain. Use the intuitive sixth-sense. Sense the fourth dimension beyond the three dimensions of a body’s height, width and depth. But abandon any notion that a mind is real or that you have a mind that is yours. It is “theirs,” has always been “theirs,” and shall always be “theirs” if you do not abandon it and then realize; otherwise, those persons can still reach forward—from millennia ago or from days ago—and control you via the compilation of that mass of learned ignorance and contamination called “your mind.”

Religions want to “cleanse” your mind. Spiritual movements want to “purify” your mind or “heal” your mind. Many professionals want to “straighten out the thinking” of your mind. Many groups want to move you from “wrong thinking” to “right thinking.” Some want to guide you to your “right mind.” Some want to teach you to “halt the constant movement” of your mind. None of those have a clue that they are missing the point completely: nothing needs to be done to your “mind” and nothing needs to happen to benefit your “mind.” The mind is illusion.”

“There are no “different persons” at “different levels” of enlightenment or at different levels of goodness or badness. There are quantities of manifested conscious-energy that are obscured by varying quantities of concepts. Either way, ultimately, all of the manifested conscious-energy (obscured or not) will unmanifest and merge into the vast pool of conscious-energy that is not manifested, and that’s that/THAT.”

“Among persons, only a child—existing in a pre-programming, pre-conditioning state—will witness without judgment, without thoughts, and without beliefs based in duality. For adults to be able to witness without judgment, without thoughts, and without beliefs based in duality requires a shift “back” to the state of child ignorance by casting aside all of the nonsense which has been generated by conditioning and programming and enculturation. Nothing is more at peace than a healthy child if its physical needs have been met and if it is free of contaminants. As long as health and food and shelter requirements have been met, perfect peace happens. Contentment can only happen in that pre-mind state of existence. Realized, contentment happens as a result of “returning to” that no-mind state. That is to say, contentment happens as a result of removing the layers of concepts that obscure consciousness so that it is as available as it was during the brief period of childhood that happened prior to the obscuring of the consciousness. Why should one who currently takes himself to be “an adult” settle for less contentment than that experienced by a child?”

“Here is why worldwide ignorance has not been stamped out and will not be stamped out: persons believe that the planet-wide epidemic of ignorance could be solved if only people would acquire more knowledge. The Advaitin understands that the knowledge is the ignorance and that the ignorance is the knowledge. The ignorance is that which the masses have been taught and have learned, and their ignorance will only be compounded if more of the same type knowledge is injected into the equation.

Ignorance could be stamped out if persons were to forfeit their revered beliefs and ideas and concepts and dogma. Since that happens so rarely but is a prerequisite for Realization, only a few will ever Realize (that is, be restored to sanity). There is no lever to pull or handle to push that can produce a brain-flush…nothing other than the Advaita process. (Were the brain to be flushed of all of the concepts and beliefs that make up the “mind,” then the peace of the Child Ignorance Stage could happen. Unlike adult-age ignorance, the Child-age Ignorance Stage, which is really a misnomer, actually refers to the “no-mind,” pre-programming, pre-knowledge, pre-ignorance state. Children early on don’t really have the ignorance/knowledge that adults must be freed of if they are to return to this former, peaceful stage.)

The level of peace that a child enjoys in that state of “ignorance,” prior to programming and conditioning and being assigned false identities, is never realized again in its lifetime, in most cases. The exceptions are those such as you, the ones who take these steps and return to that “state” of peace that exists when we are once again free of learned ignorance and the influence of the illusions of the body-mind-personality triad.”

“Persons, even though they take themselves to be the roles they play, are no different from the Realized. All that is happening is that consciousness manifested, became obstructed by concepts, and has not been unobscured (person) or it manifested, became obscured, and has been unobscured (Realized). The exact same providence awaits those who take themselves to be persons as well as those who know What They Really Are: the untimate fate of all manifested consciousness is that it will unmanifest and be re-absorbed into the pool of universal consciousness. The guaranteed cycling of conscious-energy means that those who believe themselves to be persons will eventually be free of all concerns, just as is the case with the Realized. When the consciousness unmanifests and merges into that vast pool of energy called “The Absolute,” it knows nothing. Ultimately, therefore, it is irrelevant if that speck of consciousness when manifested knew Itself or if it mistook itself for the roles that the obstructed consciousness leads persons to think they are. The only difference happens NOW: persons suffer chaos and emotional intoxication while the Realized witness and feel, but after the consciousness is no longer manifested, the result is the same: consciousness will be unmanifested and unknowing. As Szent-Gyorgyi said, “What drives life is … a little electric current, set up by the sunshine.” If that fact is understood, then what room remains for arrogance, for ego, or for ego-states assumed as identities?”

“Only from the conditioned mind of an assumed ‘self’ can self-importance come. When the last ‘who’ disappears, the understanding of THAT appears. The question is not, ‘Who am I?’ The question is, ‘What am I’?”

If it’s entropy and chaos and change you find unacceptable, then know that You Are the Absolute. Know that You Are fixed, immutable, ineradicable, constant, invariable.

All that you perceive as being variable is misperception, merely fiction imagined via your “variable mind.”

“The egotism that always accompanies the assumption of false identities never shows up more often than when you believe that you are in a “relationship.” First, in a reality which is non-dual in nature, how can “one thing” possibly relate to “another thing”? (“Advaita” does mean, “one without a second” or “not two.”) Next, consider the history of the expectations that you have traditionally brought to “your relationships”: besides wanting a clone of self, you expect “partners” to conduct themselves in a fashion that you find “right” and “acceptable.” And what you think is “right” and “acceptable” is generally based in what your parents taught you is “right” and “acceptable.” Is there any greater degree of insanity than your expecting a “partner” to conform to the expectations of the very persons who taught you the majority of the lies and the nonsense that you believe?”

““Bliss” is merely an undisturbed, unconcerned vibration.”

“The non-Realized never come to the understanding that it is only from a condition of emptiness (empty of concepts, of identities, of a “mind”) that a sense of fulfillment can happen during the manifestation.”

“Fear not…nothing is coming. No judgment…no endless punishment. Desire not…nothing is coming. No endless celestial caroling…no heavenly brothels and no extraterrestrial orgies…no endless reward. Nothing, so enjoy, NOW.”

Ended up adding a fair few quotes!

Thanks for reading.

Comments, as always, welcome.


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if you are unconscious then you dont know you are asleep. how can you wake up when you dont know you are asleep. there is nothing you can do to wake up. why some people wake up and others dont is one of lifes great mysterys.
for life to have any meaning there has to be a me there to give life meaning and purpose. power and control and wanting to get the last word in are very addictive.


Thank you for the post Reena. I very much enjoyed the Floyd Henderson quotes. Just some additional thoughts on knowledge. Once we have been lost, knowledge of truth may be required to lead us back to the edge of the chiasm of surrender to the will of God – lost through knowledge; found through knowledge as we make our about face, retracing our steps through the dark jungle. Once back at the chiasm however (where we once again realize the irrelevence of knowledge outside the context of the will of spirit) no amount of additional knowledge at that point can make us take that essential leap to the other side. It is that one last act of surrender through self-will that finally frees us and brings us to the peace we seek. Knowledge is not the enemey – it is the seeking of it that is so symptomatic of egoism. We eventually learn that in the context of spirit we ARE knowledge, and as called upon by the spirit we truly KNOW and we truly ACT. Through the ego we are haughty and know very little; through the spirit we are humble and know ALL.
Love and Light – Phil


Phil, thanks for your comments and insightful words. Indeed, it seems that for those that sense the dissatisfaction intrinsic in life as we ‘know’ it, there is much effort at first to find something that is sensed beyond the dissatisfaction. Then the falling away of the search occurs through a sort of self-imploding of the effort itself when the futility of effort becomes clear, and then there is no effort or searching left. There is only ‘what is’ in all its various shades of colours and textures.

Don O

“Some people have said to me (in an oh so nice or funny way of course) that I come across as arrogant in my blog posts.”
I have come to expect that from many people, I don’t share that thought. I look at it as you speaking plainly, your views/opinion/thoughts. I happen to agree with much of what you say, as I’ve come to many of those conclusions myself, over time.
“The simple truth is that most people are so attached to their sense of ‘special me’ that THAT truly is arrogance, NOT the falling away of this!”
True, but most simply won’t understand that. And many will waste no time telling one how wrong they are. Which is fine. I’ve learned to let others travel whatever path they want to travel. Some come back and discuss things they’ve found, others don’t and all of this is ok. I still enjoy the illusion for what it is.

Zena Jann

Thanks a million for the post. I am full of That!

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