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Hellooooo. I just want to say, even though I know some of you may feel a tad disappointed, that I can’t promise to always post the Poofs, the BFs, the MKs…yeah, you know which ones I mean! And if you don’t know, then I guess you won’t miss them!

A few reasons – firstly, like the channelled messages last year or whenever it was, these messages are all getting pretttty boooooring. (No offense intended to any of them). I guess I got bored with the detail and the waiting for stuff to happen. Now, with various seeings that have been going on this way, it doesn’t matter whatever the outcome of 2012 might be.

Messages like that all offer the same old promise of heaven on earth to the reader. And in the offering of this, we miss that what we are seeking is already here – the fullness / emptiness of all that is. And it’s been many months now, I post them, and don’t even read the darn things! What kind of a blogger am I then? A fake one that’s what. LOL.

Anyways, no worries, it’s all fake whether we like it or not. The whole thing’s fake, false, unreal, and not present – meaning, all of these stories, these dramas, the me, the ego, what you end up looking at and paying attention to through your thoughts and emotions, including the you you think you are, it’s all fake!! More than fake, it’s just not real. So, posting all these messages has seemed like a phoney exercise for ages now.

And for anyone who relies on them, maybe you will go search elsewhere for them, or maybe you will have the courage to go ‘cold turkey’ and spend the time just being with what is, with what arises. In this way, you may get to be honest about the solace that is sought in such messages. And through such honesty there is a chance for the false me to fall away, and relaxation and simple peace to be there.

What a tremendous realization ‘I’ ‘had’ a few years ago, then somehow, I found myself on some new searches despite what had been seen at the time. Although the fundamental sense of not being that which ‘I’ had thought ‘I’ had been my whole life never left, it got covered up by various new me-stories. One was the me that was looking for ascension. Another was the me looking for this planet to transform incl. the financial system. Yet another was the me that liked to think she was enlightened. Yet another was a me that liked to label what happened in this seeing and certain happenings a few years ago as non-dual. Yet another….blah, blah, blah – you get the picture. I’d simply swapped the roles I had discarded with some new ‘spiritual’ roles. What a joke it seems now. A joke because all these ‘me’s’ are not there. They are simply imagined. A concoction. An ideal. An idea. A plan. A solace to cover fear. A layer on top of what is.

And recently I have laughed a lot. And am laughing now. It’s all so clear – when it becomes clear. Till then we justify ourselves. The joke of course is that we’re justifying a fake persona. What a blummin good joke it really is.
And for some, the joke may seem a tragedy at first. Or maybe a fantasy. Or a disgrace (that’s a good one). Or a downright injustice. Or a total crazy piece of sh*t!! But if you keep on questioning – who am I, am I real, who is the ‘me’, am I the body, what is mind, can I control thoughts, where is the ‘me’, and so on and so on, you will finally get to nothing. Yes, nothing! A nothing that isn’t nothing though the way we ‘understand’ nothing. For in truth, there can be no nothing that is really nothing. This was the mysterious happening that occurred one night I have mentioned before – I woke up and there was Vast Nothing just being everything, even in my body itself, and I knew that nothing was always something, and that this something was not comprehensible, but it was real, very real. I am not even sure if I can rightly say I am that Nothing anymore as they do in Advaita, it feels more accurate to say that that Nothing was more real than ‘me’ (of course, since the ‘me’ is a made-up idea). Anyway, it is not something to try to be accurate about and words get tangled up if one tries to make sense of The Mystery (I like to play with words, capitals etc). Suffice to say that the me is false, and this falseness is part of the Realness arising here, there and everywhere.
And our dear, beloved stories of the ‘me’ come out of that Nothingness and go back to That.

After all, ask yourself: Where is your me? Where are you?

Anyway, on this topic I could go on for hours, but needs must, and sleep calls.

So once again, I am bowing out of posting certain things. However this blog was always intended to be about deeper spiritual awakening, liberation etc. I just got caught up in stories at various stages. I hope you’ll get where ‘I’m’ coming from. So I’ll be posting in a freer way – I guess whatever gets posted will be what I shall post! A bientot!

Comments, as always, welcome.


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Phil Kennedy

Thank you, Reena! I was going to say what a wonderful “reality”, check for us all, but it’s a bit more accurate to say what a wonderful “truth” check! :-). Nice reminder that we ARE the shift, and all the outside “fluff” is ultimately irrelevant. Peace be with you as we move forward together. How very exiting! That so many people are commenting positively on your post is the best evidence of the “Shift” to date :-). God bless – Phil


I am completely aligned with this message. For the last couple of months I have been feeling this same way. Blah, blah, blah, same old – same old.
Enough – my spirit and soul is overflowing with INFO!
Love is all that counts, the love for the spark of life that is ourselves, and that which is in all that is.
I have read all the other comments and it is nice to see that so many are in harmony with the issues you raise.
To be honest, I have not read your posts recently because of the content. but I am so glad that I was attracted to this one. IT is YOU that I come to this site for.
Maybe your SHIFT, is a wonderful example of the “SHIFT” everyone has been “waiting” for. As we know, it’s not out there it is all from within ourselves. .


Caroline, thanks for your nice words. Will try to post more…Much love.

Ron Laswell

Awesome! It has been a while since I’ve left a comment regarding your posts, but this one deserves a response. Brilliantly stated! I could feel the sense of liberation and freedom that has become you…or is it “me”? Ha ha. Your truthfulness was very refreshing! Looking forward to your future postings with great anticipation.


Ron, hello! Nothing becomes ‘us’ – ‘we’ are the fictitious thinking we’re the b’s and e’s. πŸ™‚ Liberation by death! Ouch but not ouch! Lovely to see your comment again.

Debbie Minion

Your post is absoloutely brilliant and far from borrring!! Your insight and explanation of the concept of ‘me’.. really hit home for moi. It is going to be great to hear more from you because as far as I am concerned, your own messages are better than any of the others you post. Your message comes at a good time for me when I am struggling to figure out who ‘I am’ so your words really helped to put things in perspective. Thank-you Reena!!


Debbie, thank you very much for your nice words. We suffer so much at the hands of a fictitious me that we take to be true and do not question, until we have enough of suffering and we do question, and then the me loosens its grip, and so does suffering. Relief! Merci Debbie!


I agree. There is nothing about BF that is spiritual, he seems to keep the game going. Remember that without this doom drama he speaks of, we wouldnt even know who he is. It doesnt take away from the truth of what he speaks of. Whats the point of pushing anything to a close? His readers would cease, his donations would stop and no one would want to see him on tv. Poof keeps you hoping, whats hope? Expecting something to change in the future that isnt changing now, it gives people an easy out for everything. Putting faith in something, sounds silly like religion. Putting money in childrens hands around the world will change nothing without a lesson learned first.


Beaker, “Putting faith in something, sounds silly like religion. Putting money in childrens hands around the world will change nothing without a lesson learned first.” – indeed. Similarly, global settlements making us all rich, or ETs coming and giving us new technologies to make life easier or whatever, will also not release us from our self-created suffering. Thanks for your comment.


Reena, How profound and brave you really are. Loved this..I’m 71 years old and realized there is no right answer and we go up and down with our emotions if we think someone else may have it for us, when we finally find that “we are the one we were looking for”. So at my age, I just give myself away to others, like the soup kitchen, my Grands and my children and hiking in the mountains, always feeling the joy of living, of aliveness, that is this body…… suddenly I have the answere I was looking for. Love is the answer.


Naturegirl, yes the emotions get a whale of a ride when we look to others for what is already here if we but care to step out of the way. Sounds like you’re enjoying things, it’s what life offers us. Much love and thanks for your nice comment.


Hi Reena
AT LAST!!! thanks SO much! I was waiting also for something inspiring to read. All those guys seemed to be in Disneyland (which is a dangerous place to stay too long) and their posts have the potential to insight others to violence (some of them). I think that, if all of their false promises were to be fulfilled they would have taken place long ago and we would see them.
I personally feel that people coming together in love and the willingness to commit to one another, is stronger than tens of thousands of devils….or what ever they call themselves. Love and self-realization are two very important keys to the door of true freedom.


Gloria, Thank YOU so much! Yes it is always much simpler than the grand plans – love and supporting one another. Thanks for your comment.

Zena Jann

Oh yeah, I get it! I’m there myself. Stopped reading the channelings from top sources, the messages from Jesus, the archangels, the benevolent ET’s. It just bores the crap out of me and they all say the same thing for years, like you say “heaven on earth” and we’re all been waiting and waiting and forgot about the now and who am I’s. Thanks for reminding us.


Zena, welcome, and thanks.


Sounds good. The “poof” messages were losing my attention, too!
Keep laughing πŸ™‚


Marina, yep gotta laugh πŸ™‚


About time! I confess I only read the BFs and the like at the beginning before I found everything very distracting and totally ludicrous, or better saying utter BS. I was disappointed that I didn’t receive 100k dollars as promised, that I didn’t see the Bushes and the Rotschilds and the Rockefellers and hundreds of top bankers put behind bars, that the so called ‘good’ Gnostic Illuminati didn’t manage to overthrow so to speak, the ‘bad’ Illuminati or the ‘good’ Dragon White Society composed of thousands of ‘good’ criminals (this was the icing on the cake) didn’t blow to smithereens all the ‘bad’ criminals of the cabal with their army of hundreds of thousands martial arts experts and I could go on and on so much was the nonsense I read on those posts. So, I’m looking forward to read your new posts as I hope they will be spiritually challenging but also down to earth.


Joaquin, yes there was much waiting for all those sorts of events, but if there is one thing for sure, life is never predictable, so it would never happen according to what someone had written. So best to enjoy the unexpected as it arises. Always down to earth πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment.

The White Fox

Dear Reena,
I support your decision in this matter. I feel like I have been lead around by a carrot for the past year and became the fool each week when I believed the messages and was hopeful for the outcome. My anticipation was always followed by disappointment. I’ve grown so exhausted by this game of, “Here It Comes. No, Not Yet. Maybe Some Other Time…When You’re Ready.” All I want to do now is sit in a pub with a pint of beer and watch football on the telly.
However, one has to look at the positive side of these weekly messages. Personally, my legs have gotten so much stronger after reading the weekly announcements from Poofy, Benny, and Monty. Each time I read their messages I jumped for joy with my arms flung high in the air because their weekly updates stated that disbursement funds, disclosure, and the downfall of the dark were but moments away. All that jumping has added a lot of muscle to my legs.
Additionally, I feel that time has run out for all this nonsense anyway. Even if disbursements, disclosure, and the downfall happened tomorrow there is no time left to enjoy it. The great twinkle date of 12-21-12 is almost upon us. I understand that the Grand Wave of microwave-like energy from the galactic core is already heading our way and nobody can stop it. In fact, nobody can hide from it no matter how deep you bury your head in the sand because this Wave penetrates through the entire planet. This microwave-like energy vibrates so fast that you either increase the vibration of every atom in your body to match the faster speed or you stand there and get cooked! Ouch!
There must be some higher intelligence overseeing these last days of our duality game. It must be an intelligence with such compassion and love to allow every wayward soul opportunity after opportunity to choose which way they want to go. Maybe that’s why it’s dragging on so long.


The White Fox, let me just say the cynical humour in your comments have been better than Poof’s boring messages!
Maybe Dec 2012 will just come and go, I rather think it might. We will see, and in the meantime, best plan is to go enjoy the beer and footy πŸ™‚


What? No more Poofage?
While there is something there that is real, the nefarious powers that be will do their all to block it continuously. What is in the works is the total annihilation of that system. That system that subjugates commoners down to the status of a worker bee and nothing more. You take your hard earned monies, and hand them over to the banksters and politicians to “manage” for you. Think about it. You work all week and get a check, a piece of paper for your effort. There is no exchange of real wealth, just papers and numbers that get traded. You gotta know this kind of system couldn’t persist for long.
The only way to change the world is to annihilate the whole system, which is in the works. This makes each person responsible for their own affairs, the way it should be. If you give away your responsibility, you also give away your freedom, which is why the whole system has to go. In order to have personal liberties and personal freedom, you must take personal responsibility for your own affairs and property. You cannot differ your security to someone else, because they will ultimately take advantage of the power you give them. The power that freedom gives to you only comes from taking personal responsibility yourself. Relying on some “channellers” to set you free is absurd. But, taking control of your own life, and being responsible for your own affairs will set you free. When you depend on no one except yourself, then you are free.
We all get caught up in these grandiose ideas that some greater than life power is going to come and hand us a pile of money, and we will live happily ever after. That just makes you dependent on someone else. When you run out of money you are, again, dependent on another handout. This is not the way life is supposed to be. People need to be reliant on themselves, and be able to be their own saviors. Invest in your abilities, and skills. Build your own kingdom. Listen to thine own spirit, and hold all others in contempt. The only person that is here for you, is YOU!
While I do love Poofy, I have been reading his SHIT, yes SHIT, for years. Its been the same every single week, and nothing tangible has happened. While I do not believe what he is talking about is Bullshit, the reality of the situation is that it will not be allowed to come to fruition. The extreme opposition of those ideas will cancel out any action that could be tangible. The right wing, and the left wing cancel each other out, and all that is left is those balanced enough to stay in the middle between them.
I was fed up with these “channellers” years ago, but still had to watch them because of my curiosity, and responsibility. Generally I am quick to warn people to take these messages with a grain of salt. If you take a look at my blog I do not repost anything. All of my content is my own creativity, and original content from my own Spirit. While this is noble, it has also ostracized me. I am a Leper Messiah, and there is little mainstream anything that will have anything to do with me. I quit my corporate job and became a contractor because I don’t like the idea of following anyone else’s agenda. I chose the Hard Path because that is the righteous thing to do. Be true to thine own spirit, because in this world that is the only real ally you have. Above all else, be true to thine own spirit, exercise personal responsibility, and then you can experience freedom.
Poofy is right that we are being freed, but it is not the shangrala, happy fun time that it is being promoted. The usurpers are being destroyed, and our freedom means we have the responsibility to fend for ourselves. Not quite what the people who are expecting a free for all want, but freedom none the less…


Z.Monkey, the road less travelled, going against the herd will always be harder – but essential. Thanks for your comment.


“You work all week and get a check, a piece of paper for your effort. There is no exchange of real wealth, just papers and numbers that get traded.”
Z.Monkey, if you don’t want that piece of paper you could give it to me. I know places that will exchange it for beer, food and other very useful stuff πŸ™‚

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