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I offer spiritual counselling sessions and soul plan reading – please click below for more information.


Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan reading is a powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance and healing. Having your plan read creates a high vibrational resonance as Soul Plan is a living system, which can activate and catalyze your innate potential. Soul Plan Reading reveals your karma, goals, talents and soul destiny. This is the plan chosen before incarnating into this life. Readings are usually transformational, illuminating and healing. Reconnect with your true life purpose!

Spiritual Counselling

Healing / Dark Night Of The Soul / Spiritual Awakening Support

I work with people who are experiencing emotional challenges, low mood, dark night of the soul and spiritual awakening.

Clients include women experiencing a mid-life or spiritual crisis, those struggling with a loss of meaning in life or with difficulty dealing with emotions.

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