1. Hi Reena!

    Thanks for the post! Our SuperGreens+D (3 capsules) are like drinking two shots of grass juice… Our highly concentrated vegetarian Vit. D, antioxidants from organic mushrooms, plus enzymes, and a proprietary blend of probiotics… Most Vitamin D in healthfood/drug stores are synthesized lamb’s wool….

    Thanks to Dr. Mercola for the article!

  2. All good advice, but there are at least a couple of points I would dispute. A blood sugar level of 5 is getting towards the low side of average/normal, and at 2 or 3 you start to feel the effects of low sugar such as dizziness and fatigue, or even confusion and dis-orientation.

    High blood sugar level make you urinate (and sweat) a lot, and each causes sodium loss. I can’t state it with any authority, but I would be surprised if diabetes sufferers have high sodium levels. Excretion also loses potassium, and it seems more likely that the ratio of sodium to potassium, the two chemicals that pump nutriment into cells, is the thing that may suffer.

    Let me make a rather pessimistic prediction. When some pharmo company puts sulforaphane in pills for those who can’t stand the taste of broccoli (and if not cooked properly it is easy to hate) someone will denounce it as the work of the devil.

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