Bursting Our Bubbles (BOB) BOB 1.0 Self-Discovery by Shola-Akinyemi

This post is to share a new book of meditative poems by a friend, Shola-Akinyemi, also known as Pappy.

Bursting Our Bubbles: BOB 1.0: Self-Discovery is a collection of contemporary and meditative poems.  Below are some excerpts from Book number 6 (Update: all 6 books in the series are now published) and a description of the book from Pappy whom I got to know through the South London spiritual group.  I’ve read some of Pappy’s poems and have found them to be moving and full of Truth.  I think it would be correct to say Pappy writes from an Advaita / non-duality standpoint.

This first book in the series is available on Amazon – you can find out more about the collection, including the others in the series via this page.

I think it’s wonderful to see different kinds of writing out there about this great Mystery.  Much of what we read out there on non-duality and in spiritual teachings is obviously articles and texts.  So it’s refreshing to see poetry and Pappy does have a way of reaching your heart.  These are not just poems to read and forget, they stir deeply…..

Here are a few excerpts from Book 6 in the series to give you a flavour….Bursting Our Bubbles: BOB 6 – Love and Unity:


1. For Love Sake:

I was born for love’s sake

I started to grow for the sake of love

I became a companion for love’s sake

I forsook many for the sake of love

I held the stake down for love’s sake

I am in love with myself for the sake of love

I love you for love’s sake.

2. Falling in love:

I once fell in love,

And everyone was happy for us,

And it was obvious we were in love

And one day,

My lover said she was not in love anymore

I agreed we were not in love anymore

Then we moved on,

And we soon realized that we were in love

Because we didn’t fall out of love.

3. You are my rainbow:

The colour of my love is shades
Of the rainbow:

Red like the blood flowing in my veins

Orange like this fruit I’m eating

Yellow like the sun at noon

Green like the grass on which I sit

Blue like the clear skies after it rained

Indigo like the navy jeans I’m wearing

Violet like the lavender flower in my backyard

The colour of my love is the rainbow

You are the colour of my love

You are my rainbow.

4. You cannot love a wrapper:

If you buy crisps,
You get crisps wrapped up in a shining wrapper
You eat the crisps and discard the wrapper
Because you went for the crisps,
And you only got a wrapper as an extra

In our world today,
Many of us see humans as wrappers

We see humans as the body
Or as the things they do,
What they wear,
Where they live,
And what they have achieved

And then
We say,
I met James
He is such an awesome guy,
And we are in love

Without realizing that
You haven’t really met James

You met an idea and a form called James
You met a tall dark muscular wrapper
You admire the wrapper,
But you cannot love a wrapper.

5. Let Love rule

I am a man, and I love women

I am a man, and I love men

I am a woman, and I love men

I am a woman, and I love women

I am here, and I am at the other side

I can love whomever I choose to love

I owe you no explanation about my choice

I choose what I choose

Because I can choose

Am I right about my choice?

Well, it does not have to be right to you

It has to be my choice

It is straightforward to be straight,

And it is gayforward to be gay

Straight or gay,

Love is love

Let love rule.

So here is Pappy’s introduction to his book, en-joy.

Pappy Shola-AkinyemiAuthor’s Introduction: Welcome to the BOB-Zone

BOB is a collection of contemporary and meditative poems. You may want to describe this book as a ticking alarm clock that comes to disrupt our sleep, or as a friend that comes to give us a gentle pat on the back to wake up in time.

If you love your bubbles and you don’t want them to burst, I would like to say that this is not a book you would love to read.

Interestingly, whether or not we dare to watch our bubbles burst, they will still burst eventually. It may hurt, but it gives us an opportunity to see for once that what we have been calling a diamond stone flying in the air is just a bubble, and it isn’t anything real!

Waking up one day to an epiphany, I checked how much progress I had made in this journey called life.

Like a sweet song sang on the road to heaven, my young life seemed to play with tones high and low, sometimes off key and oftentimes, right on point.

I decided to do a compilation of my journey and the many semi-journeys that I had taken through it; the narrow road, the detours, the lonely paths, and the joy of finally finding the path that leads to love, and to the truth.

This collection has been written to fit into six major themes namely: Self-discovery, conscious growth, life and reality, global consciousness, religion and spirituality, love and unity.

Each of the title in the series has 40 poems; most of which are infused with metaphors, anecdotes, and parables, which makes for an interesting read.

If you desire a BOB experience, I would suggest you read this piece slowly, and watch out for the silent spaces in-between the letters.

Bursting Our Bubbles (BOB): BOB 1.0: Self-Discovery by Shola-Akinyemi

At the end of the day, if you are able to get the letters contained in the material, I would say a big well done to you.

If you manage to draw the energy behind the letters, it is also a good feat that is worth commending.

Most importantly, it is my wish and hope that you find the silence hidden between the letters.

I implore you to come, walk this journey with me in the BOB-zone, as we tread on roads tarred with words that have no sound.

The night is over, and it is the dawn of a new day…

Good morning.



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