Yes, just throw that disgusting-tasting and now disgusting-on-the-nutrition-front too margarine, and eat butter instead…it’s ‘official’: margarine is bad for your health and butter good!

When I use the word ‘official’ for me it’s not the mainstream medical profession or the pharmaceutical industry who provide the true ‘official’ view, but the alternative medical profession such as the Dr Mercola site, whose article prompted this blog post. I’ll be adding a link to the article in question below, plus another one from the Waking Times site about the same topic of butter vs margarine.

I’m not saying there aren’t well-intentioned people in the medical industry. But intentions are not enough. Too often people are, at the end of the day, motivated by their bank accounts and job security to have what it takes to speak up about their own professions. And those at the very ‘top’ – well then we get into the Illuminati and all, and a possible population-reduction agenda. That’s going into a whole host of related and mind-boggling events and issues that has for sure provided much food for blog posts for me in the past. But for now, I’ll just stick to the health agenda. I tell you though – if I was working in the mainstream medical profession perhaps prescribing drugs and treatments that I could not really say were actually hand on heart 100% beneficial for my patients, boy would I be faced with a dilemma.

Hasn’t it been said before – we live in a topsy turvy world. When it comes to so many aspects of our ‘modern’ life, you simply cannot believe what you’re told by those who are tasked with informing us supposedly properly. In terms of health, what is considered good one day, turns out bad the next. What we think is the right thing to do is what kills us in the end.

Take what is considered to be a sound ‘treatment‘ for cancer: chemotherapy. Then look up either on this blog or all over the internet as to whether chemotherapy can be said to definitively cure cancer – you’ll find it’s not quite that simple. In fact you’ll find many findings of the harm chemotherapy can cause / potentially causes. Now, why after sooo many billions put into cancer research is the answer to the question of ‘Does chemotherapy definitively cure cancer?’ not a resounding YES? Maybe this goes some way to answer this question: Health Post: Study accidentally exposes chemotherapy as fraud – tumors grow faster after chemo!

Here’s a damning article I wrote about the cancer research industry: Click here.  It’s not that I wish to be ‘damning’, I simply want the truth…

And here’s a post entitled “Vitamin D And Cancer Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals At Treating Cancer” – June 1st 2012.

And here’s one about how bicarbonate of soda can cure cancer:

Ok, so here are the butter vs margarine articles – to get to the point of this post.

The Big Fat Butter Lie

This Vilified Daily Food Slashes Heart Attack Risk in Half…

Some key points in case you don’t have time to read the whole articles above (some copied form the articles above):

  • Butter is good for you for many reasons including:Heart Disease: protecting against heart disease including vitamins A, D, K2, and E, lecithin, iodine and selenium. A Medical Research Council survey showed that men eating butter ran half the risk of developing heart disease as those using margarine (Nutrition Week 3/22/91, 21:12).Cancer: the short- and medium-chain fatty acids in butter have strong anti-tumor effects. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in butter from grass-fed cows also gives excellent protection against cancer.Arthritis: The Wulzen or “anti-stiffness” factor in raw butter and also Vitamin K2 in grasss-fed butter, protect against calcification of the joints as well as hardening of the arteries, cataracts and calcification of the pineal gland. Calves fed pasteurized milk or skim milk develop joint stiffness and do not thrive.Osteoporosis: Vitamins A, D and K2 in butter are essential for the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus and hence necessary for strong bones and teeth.Also: thyroid health, digestion, growth and development, asthma, weight gain (believe it or not) and fertility.
  • And here are some reason why margarine should be avoided:
    • Trans fats: These unnatural fats in margarine, shortenings and spreads are formed during the process of hydrogenation, which turns liquid vegetable oils into a solid fatTrans fats contribute to heart disease, cancer, bone problems, hormonal imbalance and skin disease; infertility, difficulties in pregnancy and problems with lactation; and low birth weight, growth problems and learning disabilities in children.A U.S. government panel of scientists determined that man-made trans fats are unsafe at any level. (Small amounts of natural trans fats occur in butter and other animal fats, but these are not harmful.)
    • Free radicals: Free radicals and other toxic breakdown products are the result of high temperature industrial processing of vegetable oils. They contribute to numerous health problems, including cancer and heart disease.
    • Synthetic vitamins: Synthetic vitamin A and other vitamins are added to margarine and spreads. These often have an opposite (and detrimental) effect compared to the natural vitamins in butter.
    • Emulsifiers and preservatives: Numerous additives of questionable safety are added to margarines and spreads. Most vegetable shortening is stabilized with preservatives like BHT.
    • Hexane and other solvents: Used in the extraction process, these industrial chemicals can have toxic effects.
    • Bleach: The natural color of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is grey so manufacturers bleach it to make it white. Yellow coloring is then added to margarine and spreads.
    • Artificial flavors: These help mask the terrible taste and odor of partially hydrogenated oils, and provide a fake butter taste.
    • Mono- and di-glycerides: These contain trans fats that manufacturers do not have to list on the label. They are used in high amounts in so-called “low-trans” spreads.
    • Soy protein isolate: This highly processed powder is added to “low-trans” spreads to give them body. It can contribute to thyroid dysfunction, digestive disorders and many other health problems.
    • Sterols: Often added to spreads to give them cholesterol-lowering qualities, these estrogen compounds can cause endocrine problems; in animals these sterols contribute to sexual inversion.

Eye-opener, right?!

The health game played upon this planet is a game of life and death, and yet, even as that may be, it’s still just a game within the illusion. 🙂

This blog is ultimately about spiritual awakening not necessarily about health but sometimes, prompted by new alternative findings and information that arrives in my inbox, I like to get on the bandwagon, and play the game of highlighting the lies fed to us like it were healthy margarine ; )

I better end this post now, as I need to go make me a nice big toasted piece of sourdough with a good layer of unpasteurized butter…:)

Comments, as always, welcome.

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Disclaimer: Any articles you find on this blog about health are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. They are simply intended to provide information for you to make your own informed decisions and choices with regard to your health.


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Alisa Wetzel

Great Post! Thanks!

Alisa Wetzel

Great article! Thanks!

Terje Meistad

Here is a picture from Norway: Margarin v.s Butter
Love your page 🙂


Hi Terje, the image (your link) is rather spot on for this post! Even though I can’t make out what it exactly means, the gist is clear.
Thanks for visiting from Norway (I assume)!

Now I realize why it’s been a bit quiet on this post’s front – it doesn’t darn well show! Being investigated…Just love WordPress!

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