Following on from an earlier post in which baking soda was offered as a cure for cancer, here is some more very interesting info, based along the same idea: Cancer is too much acidity (funguses being acidic little creatures) and baking soda can be delivered through a catheter…


More info:

Oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini began to suspect, after performing hundreds of surgeries, that cancer was a form of fungus or yeast infection. Yeast infections are acidic. Sodium bicarbonate, a.k.a. baking soda is the “enemy of fungus” because it’s alkaline.

Dr. Simoncini explains that successful treatment of cancers can result through *direct* contact of the sodium bicarbonate, delivered via a catheter to the tumor site. In the case of breast, blood and brain cancers, treatment is done with local infiltration or injections of sodium bicarbonate into the cancerous tissue.

So, if cancer is a fungus then what is a fungus? Simoncini explains that candida is the illness of the second millennium and that many, many illnesses have a yeast infection at their root.


First video to right, second below.


Me thinks Truth is always simple, and that includes health. Curing cancer with baking soda? If you or someone you know has cancer then take note, and do share this out.

If baking soda is the answer to cancer, then doesn’t it just begger belief. You’d think after all those years of piling over medical tomes a doctor would be able to sort out simple facts from complicated suppositions about illnesses that make pharmaceutical giants a shed load of profits.

Oh yeah, I forgot, it’s not a ‘normal’ world is it…

To Your Health

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The real villains here are the lawyers, and to a lesser extent ourselves.
In today’s society where everyone is encouraged to sue for the slightest insult to their mind or body, even when more enlightened observers would say it is, in effect, self inflicted, doctors cannot afford to try out speculative cures for cancer, or even an ingrowing toenail. One single mistake could cost them their job, their house, their reputation, and all their savings.
Past mistakes mean that every drug, or medical procedure, needs to go through formalised trials that cost millions. In general this means that only very wealthy drug manufacturers can afford to bring a new drug to market, and they are not going to do that for a substance that anyone can buy straight off the shelves of their local supermarket.
Some see huge webs of conspiracy behind such ideas, and others say it is pure greed. (I’ll ignore those who say it is all part of some infernal plot to kill us all). Neither idea is really right. Instead the reason is like the illness. It is a cancerous corruption of ethics that has grown from small beginnings and to the abomination that now prevails.
When everyone can say that they have complete trust that their doctor is trying to cure them no matter what the outcome is. When everyone is willing to face the fact that cures that work for some people may kill, maim, or deform others. When you are ready to face up to the (Star Trek fictional) Vulcan philosophy of “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” then perhaps we will enter a new golden age of medicine. It will be the most difficult birth, and it will leave in it’s trail a string of failures and death, and continue to do so. Can you face that ?

Tennille Loura

Researchers at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada have found the cure for cancer, but it says very little in the news TV.Canadian scientists have tested this dichloroacetate (DCA) of the cells’ man, and killed cancer cells from lung, breast and brain and has left normal cells unharmed. It has been tested on mice with tumors that have reduced serious when they were fed water supplemented with DCA. The drug is widely available and the technique is easy to use. Why the major pharmaceutical companies are not involved? Or the media are not affected?


Big Pharma isn’t pursuing DCA because the FDA wants something like a billion dollars to patent it, and because it is a commercially available chemical compound (you can buy a 250cc bag for like 78 bucks) Pharma companies can not have a long term patent on it, so basically it is not available in the US for use because of money. MedCor in Toronto is a company that is using it in clinical trials, successfully.

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