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This post is an effort to share important information, perhaps it’s my most important post yet. I’ve been holding back, but I have to come forward to do my bit, especially after watching The Dimming – more on that below.  I used to blog so much about all the lies and atrocities of this world some years ago, but that was before the lies got ramped up last year onwards, and Orwell’s 1984 became reality.

This post contains several links to assist those on the fence with what’s going on, to provide links to information.

If you’re already well and truly down the rabbit hole of global matters then you may find a nugget or two here. And if you’re a believer of mainstream news and have somehow just found this page (it’s not a coincidence 🙂 ) then this page is for you.

As an example, someone I know locally who has had the first c-injection (I will not use the v-word as it would be inaccurate) said that he would like to know what is being said about the injection that the mainstream is not saying, but he didn’t know where to look. I guess if you’ve only ever consumed mainstream media then you’re not going to know…though I have to say, it really isn’t all that hard to find alternative information, even on social media channels (in between censorship actions). It’s a question of desire to know the truth, courage to admit possibly having been wrong about this world and caring enough about these things to be able to overcome laziness as it’s easy to always do what we’ve always done, right?

Climate Change / Geoengineering

Those white lines in the sky, they’re chemicals not condensation, and the chemicals are already in our brains and they will kill us, or many of us….Climate change is a fraud, just like almost everything we thought was true about this world. ‘The Dimming – Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-up’ is a new documentary just out, which gives the proof needed of climate engineering and weather warfare. Someone said whoever controls the money controls the wolrld, but as this film said, who controls the weather controls the world.

Please do watch this, get a cuppa and watch the whole thing. (Thank you to the spiritual teacher from across the waters from whom I found out about this film). This video brought tears to my eyes.  The scale of the destruction that’s already happened and what faces us is hard to bear. More and more people are dying with dementia and cancer, our cells are polluted with aluminium and other harmful chemicals that shouldnt be there, swathes of trees have turned brown and have stopped breathing, the bees and insects are dying, birds are dropping from the skies, fish are lying dead on the beaches….and all this is not nature’s doing.

It’s truly heart-breaking, but more than that it’s a call to action. We have to share this out with people – anyone and everyone.  Or it will be too late, fuure generations – our own children – will perish as the world perishes due to geoengineering – not to mention from the covid shot.

We don’t have time anymore to just sit and pretend it’ll all be ok and that the governments really do have our best interests at heart – they don’t. Lying low and pretending you’re safe is a fallacy and fantasy that you really cannot afford to believe anymore – you’re not safe at all. The song is going to be over very soon, if we don’t turn things around, as one of the participants of this film stated. And as another said – you cannot change anything when you are dead, so as long as you’re alive do something. This film sounds the alarm – it’s up to us to respond and make our voice heard.

So please do watch and share this post or the video link with those you know, ‘like’ the video on youtube (so they can’t take it down without exposing themselves), subscribe to the youtube channel, add a comment to the video, whats app the link to your friends and family, tweet about it, share the link on your preferred info channels…do whatever you can.

‘Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward in this fight. Any one of us could be the pebble that triggers the landslide of awakening’. – Dane Wigington, Producer

The Dimming – Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-up

Planet Lockdown

So onto covid and lockdowns….just to be clear, no there’s no deadly virus out there. What is deadly is the plan behind it. Here’s an overall picture of this plan from someone in the know (who also features in the above video The Dimming), it’s – again – well worth watching, shocking yes but better to know the truth. It’s about 48 mins long:

Catherine Austin Fitts – Planet Lockdown

There are so many other honest people who could be added into this post eg David Icke and the many courageous doctors like Dr Sherri Tenpenny, and the Childrens’ Health Defense run by Robert F Kennedy Jnr, and many more, however if you check out the alternative channels below, you’ll soon come across more than enough videos and people to listen to, as you feel drawn.

The message is all one – we’ve been majorly duped (enslaved) our whole lives and it’s now time to wake up and stop consenting to our potential demise. We have to stop pretending that what’s happening all around us is not happening and recognize that there is indeed a covert force operating in this world.


Now on to the v-word. Firstly, I will not call it the v-word, as it’s not that at all. It’s an experimental, harmful, DNA-altering, killer poison shot. It is designed to change your DNA, inject tracking nonoparticles into your whole body, give you serious health problems that will make you infertile, give you a heart attack, paralysis, neurological shaking or very probably kill you.

People are already dying of it and becoming extremely ill, with no help from the medical profession – you’ll be on your own if something adverse happens after the shots, your doctor won’t know what to do to help you. For your own sake, refuse this injection, or any other vaccination, at all costs. Your job, your money they’re not worth this Faustian bargain. And if you are faced with ‘have the injection or lose your job’ then think outside the box – how can you make your life work without this job or career? Maybe you hate your job and it could be a springboard to something else. And if you have a big house or several cars then do you really need all of that stuff? Or if you dont have a lot to live on and need your job, look around at other work opportunities around you or out there online, what other work could you apply for? Think outside the box, but don’t ‘sell’ your soul. The vibe of your work and employer, and how you feel about these, are important. If on the other hand you’re happy to have the injection to keep your job then that’s your free will choice. I’m just sharing my own personal opinion since its my personal blog 🙂 Still, before you hold your arm out for the needle, do make sure you’re informed.

The injection protects you against nothing – you still have to social distance and wear a mask, right? So where’s the protection? Let your natural intelligence come into play, don’t suppress those niggling questions. It’s too serious a decision to just go get the shot and then feel proud of the fact. Many people are puffing up their chest and bragging they had it, only to be dead 2 days later – there are videos being circulated, watch them.  Life is not going back to the previous normal ever again, so when you feel happy that you’ve now had the shot, know that your happiness is neither real nor will it be sustained, because this really isn’t about some killer disease, and the easing of lockdowns is just part of a much bigger anti-human plan. Take courage, the human race is at a critical juncture, and it’s not just about you and your job anymore. Forgive the directness! Face the music – this world is run by a secret nefarious force and putting your head in the sand is only going to make the world worse for all of us.  Each of us waking up is so important to the whole. Everything you were told about most aspects of life on planet earth has been a lie.  Look up ‘The Great Reset’. It’s so great that ‘you won’t own anything, but you’ll be happy.’ Slavery never ended.

If you’re still not convinced about the injection, here’s a video that will give you more detail from qualified doctors and experts who are literally putting their necks on the line to share the truth with others:

The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew…

‘We’re led by the science’, they said (Bojo and his scientists). And here’s the real science from UK doctors who do care about people, and whose hyppocratic oath is not hypocritical and does mean something: UK Medical Freedom Alliance. There’s a lot of useful information ansd resources on this website.

As already mentioned, there are many, many doctors and people speaking out who have the thanks and deep gratitude of so many.

Why Fear Has Increased – Loosh

The ones that call the shots from behind the puppet politicians and corporations are fuelled by an anti-human agenda. That’s clear to see everywhere you look – think about it, there is not one area of society or of this world where you can say the powers that be are actually nourishing human beings and this planet for the longer-term? Hard to think of any.

The running theme behind world events is greed, money and power, and all with a very short term outlook determined by psychopathic,  narcissistic thinking. But is that enough for the atrocities and crimes that have been going on for decades or is there something else behind even all of that?

Have you heard of what loosh is? Loosh is the stealing or hijacking of life force energy by entities (demonic or human) who are committed to the dark not light, and who consequently need ‘fear energy’ and negative emotions to survive. Their energy is low due to loving the dark, and they need energy from others to survive. Energy parasites. Hence the fear-porn that is everywhere, as it’s being called of late. The issue is that very people can renew their energy constantly through connecting with God energy so because our daily energy supply is limited we should consider it a precious thing  as to who or what, even thoughts, we give our energy to.

Below are some links about loosh, I recommend having a read. Understanding what loosh is, it becomes even more important to keep our energies high ie heal what needs healing and be authentic. Because it is higher authentic vibrations that will protect you from having your energy stolen by archonic, demonic entities who themselves are vibrating in lower energies of fear, jealousy, anger, desperation, hatred, self loathing etc.

Stop feeding dark entities your negative energy

Negative Emotional Energy Collection

Loosh and negative entities (channelling)

By raising our energy frequency into higher states of love, acceptance and compassion through authentic honesty, we prevent our emotional energy being made into a commodity for energy vampires to hijack. How do we do the authentic work? I’ll let Stuart Wilde take the stage for this one, here’s what he said in his book which is well worth reading for this time we’re in Grace Gaia and the End of Days:

“But the white shadow is different from the black one – it is very sneaky because you can’t usually see the white in yourself and only a few know about it, as people mistake it for goodness and proper living…The white shadow comes about when you pretend to be holy and good, while deep down you’re really evil and have a covert agenda trying to win people over. Or you’re seeking to impress them, you’re hiding the truth, or you’re feeding off them in some way – sexually say, or financially.

The Mr Nice Guy pretense, the one that secretly feels better than everyone else, is a white-shadow trait. He hides his assumed superiority and disdain for humanity in social acts of helping and feigned kindness; he plays the white knight. So he greets people at church and raises money for charity; he helps people and makes them laugh; and he often provides for others generously, offering hospitality and entertainment. he is the all-round good guy – and a big phoney.

The female version in the white-shadow classification looks like the perfect mother, the wonderful wife, the social organiser, the selfless raiser of children – while she fights with neighbours and hates other women….and she is often vindictive and a racist snob, to boot. She pretends to be the seemingly perfect woman, but under her social niceness, she’s cruel and cold. Yet she frivoloulsy imagines she is better than everyone else – whiter, cleaner, more pure. Like the Mr Nice Guy she is detined to die in the arms of the ghouls; the phony game player who hides her insidious darkness always finds her true place in hell in the end.

What you do in life, how often you pay for other people, how many acts of social goodness you perform, or how many children you have raised counts for little. These acts serve only a small part in your redemption; only your deep innermost feelings redeem you. They are what is in your logo [soul] – the real you.

If you see the white-shadow in you – like, say you do the suffering-servant performance each day – then notice it and unravel it bit by bit and try to become more normal and less fake, less covert.

In the end, the shadow discussion all comes down to this: Will you give up on your ego’s obsession, its myopic desire for itself, and your intoxification with the mind and its darkness….or will you turn and face the sun, which is an immense source of love? Will you pledge your allegiance and loyalty to your scared journey and the light, or will you side with evil?”

Say no more….let’s just do our cleansing…

Alternative Links

Now, onto some useful links. The main social media channels and search engines are removing accounts and information that speak truuths that they don’t want people to know. So peope are taking to other channels where there is freedom of speech. Here’s a few, I’ll just add the names, please search online for the links.

Information, videos, chatting to others: Telegram and Discord (many channels you can join), Bitchute, Brighteon, Gap, MeWe,, Rumble.

Private browser: Tor, Brave

Private search engine: DuckDuckGo (there are others, this is a popular one, US based)

Messaging: Telegram, Signal (instead of whats app)

Email: Move away from Gmail to Protonmail or another secure email platform.

UK Radio:

Perhaps in a couple of years the facebooks and youtubes will be dead in the water depending on how things go with people waking up.  It could happen quickly, people are rising up. For example, on 20th March there will be worldwide demonstrations on the same day:

One word about information overwhelm – it can get overwhelming with all the info out there on so many channels, and there’s confused messages (psyop) being thrown into the ring also.  So this comes with a warning – be careful not to gtet ‘addicted’ to these alternative channels. It’s good to be informed, but I see this becomeing an escape also for many people. I’ve been there too of late.  It’s easy just to scroll through endless messages, videos, reactions of people.  I mean, it’s good to share this stuff as people are really unaware of the nature of this world, but it really can be an esacpe from your own everyday problems and reality. So best to limit the scrolling through this info I’d suggest.

Then there’s the growing channelled messages too, of which I used to read a lot, but now it’s not easy to know which are genuine sources and which channels are being fed untruths, or which channels are trying to get onto the bandwagon to get a name for themselves.  I also think that sometimes people who think they’re channelling or receiving messages from their guides are not….I guess that’s why I prefer trance channels because it’s easier to tell if they’re putting on an accent or not LOL. Anyway, if your discernment radar is tuned in to the energy at play, then you’ll know who’s genuine or who’s there to serve their own ego (the white shadow as mentioned above). Go with your gut feeling, not with who’s popular. Energy can be easily and covertly manipulated by the dark forces (as mentioned about loosh above), even working through others who may think they’re doing good and then reaching your energy system. Be very careful who you follow or what you give your energy to. Energy is fluid, there’s always an exchange or movement of energy occurring, nothing stays still in a vacuum. So make sure to listen to your subtle feelings and inner nudges – your intuition in other words.

Conclusive thoughts…..I do not believe this world or most its people will perish but will gradually transform into a more harmonoius, peaceful world that works well for all.  There’s a long way to go though, many challenges, changes and endings will come. I feel enough people will awaken to make the difference that makes the difference to prevent massive loss. But there will be losses. There could be a dollar/ economic collapse in the near future for which it’s a good idea to prepare. It’s a precarious time. People need to awaken. It depends on us, on transparency of the lies, transparency for the people. We’re being called to put the collective before the personal in whatever ways we can.

Many will fulfil on the promises they made before incarnating in their soul contracts, but many will not.

I feel there are also many beings of light helping us from other dimensions. But I also know that noone will come and save us, as we each are responsible for our own soul’s journey, which is what it’s all about. We have to walk towards and through transformation ourselves. Waiting for ascension to whisk you away into a paradise just isn’t going to happen. Inner work is required.

Ultimately it’s a self-realization journey beyond the ego and into the Divine Self. But as long as we have a human body we have to also take care of it in an increasingly polluted world, take care of the mind, our children, our brothers and sisters, nature and Gaia. We have a lot on our plates at this time. Still, we must keep remembering there is a separation between the show on the stage of this complicated, challenging world, and our Real Self that remains unaffected by the show. It’s easy to forget that at this time.

Divine Awareness or God Consciousness – this is what we are. Let’s not forget this Divine Awareness, and rest in this as we go about our daily activities as much as possible. Then we cannot fail to fulfil on our own plan for this lifetime. But for sure, it won’t be no plandemic (ha!)

Thanks for reading. God bless.

… the remembrance should become the unmoved pivot upon which the pendulum of external activity swings perpetually to and fro …

– Paul Brunton

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