How and why COVID-19 has changed our nighttime dreams

Just a short post with links to two interesting articles.

If you, like many, have been having more vivid dreams in recent months then you are not alone.  A recent article presents some useful insights from two dream experts.  For one, ‘stressful times lead to more vivid dreams’.

“Definitely, people are reporting more dream recall, more vivid dreams, more bizarre dreams, and more anxious dreams since March,” Barrett told MNT.

Click here for the article.

Yoga shown to improve anxiety

To alleviate anxiety you could take up yoga, if you haven’t already, as this article shows how yoga has been shown to improve anxiety according to new research.

“Led by researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, a new study found that yoga was significantly more effective for generalized anxiety disorder than standard education on stress management, but not effective as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the gold standard form of structured talk therapy that helps patients identify negative thinking for better responses to challenges.”

If you are experiencing disturbing dreams and feeling anxious, remember simple deep breathing exercises can also help and this is easily and quickly done right in the moment.  Or perhaps you can indeed take up yoga, this can be learnt at home via online videos.  And if it’s heightened and persistent anxiety, then do seek some support and help.  There are probably few people unaffected by this global situation, and we can all benefit from continuing to find that still space within – somehow.


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