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Bhakti Playlist – For Devotional Bliss

(Scroll down for playlist – I’ve now added an easier video player so you can see and select each individual song.)

Bhakti is the devotional path of yoga, it means devotion. Over time I’ve come to save many sacred songs and kirtan music in playlists, here is one of them, for you.

Much of the music in this playlist happens to be Indian-based but there are also some beloved Christian songs too, such as a great drum-based rendition of How Great Though Art. That has to be one of the best hymns of all time.

I find singing along to or listening to devotional songs is the perfect antidote to lifting up the spirits and consciousness in this tumultuous, challenging time. You can dance too – don’t worry how you look while dancing, just let the body do the dancing freely. I’ll be adding more beautiful songs as and when I come across them.

Bhakti Playlist (Devotional)

May Divine blessings shower upon you through bhakti,

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