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A Devotional Music Playlist For You (Bhakti)

(Scroll down for playlist – I’ve now added an easier video player so you can see and select each individual song.)

I love silence.  Thesedays when I do listen to music it’s mostly devotional, sacred music –  a chance for bhakti, and bhakti makes you happy 🙂  So over time I’ve come to save a lot of such songs into different playlists, and here is one of them just for you my readers.

Much of the music in this playlist happens to be Indian-based but there ate also some beloved Christian songs too, such as a great drum based rendition of How Great Though Art. That has to be the best hymn of all time imho.

I find singing along to or listening to devotional songs is the perfect antidote to lifting up our spirits and frequency in this tumultuous, challenging time. So give all your concerns and worries to the Divine Creator who listens to us as we listen devotionally to songs about Her.

I’ll also add this page to the top menu so it can be found easier, or do feel free to bookmark this page also.  I’ll be adding more beautiful songs as and when I come across them.

Devotional Playlist (Bhakti)

With blessings, love and light for wherever you are in yourself.

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