dolphins post soulsavvi

This article has some photos so it’s easier to post just the link:

Dolphins are truly amazing. I heard another story of several dolphins encircling a group of divers for 40 minutes and it later turned out they were protecting them from a killer whale that was lurking very close by.

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Debbie Minion

Thank’s for your word’s back Reena.. it means a lot. I wish so much to watch your cricket video but don’t have volume @ the moment. It sounds like an amazing story.. I love that kind of stuff. So much love to you! Frozen H2O = ice.. yay … no more math : )

Debbie Minion

Dolphin’s truly are amazing. Wish you could come to the Vancouver Aquarium sometime. It’s quite a show! The sum.. was the answer I had to make to comment on your post.. right now all I do is count egg’s so working on my math : )
Yes… the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side… we all are. And when I do I hope I can cross the rainbow bridge and finally do what I love… be the caretaker of animals… me, Loki & Lucy.
Also, I meant Hugzz… big hug’s to you Reena. Your’e an amazing woman & all that you do ~peace!


Doh…ah yes, the captcha which I changed as some, like yourself, were having issues…and now making you do math! Debbie, thanks for your words, remember you’re an amazing woman also not least because of your love for animals, how lovely that is. Hugs to you too. Love & Light

Debbie Minion

What an incredible story Reena… thanks for sharing: Animals are truly amazing!!
8 X 7.. is 56. I do believe… ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ ? huzz ; )


Debbie, I know you love animals and aren’t dolphins just so amazing. Don’t get the sum…and I do believe it was to get to the other side? : – )

Joie Lake

This story is absolutely fabulous – thank you for seeing that I got to en’joie’ it!

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