Emotional Denial Denies Awakening

It is certainly much easier to remain in emotional denial than to examine emotions. There are varying levels of denial at play within peoples energetic make up ranging from very thaw-able to basically frozen. But basically all emotional denial is heavy. Still these states are much easier (in a superficial sense) than being open emotionally. The latter is felt as a huge risk.

But what you do not risk when there is openess is living a lie which has its eventual impacts on your own life as well as in relating to others. The impacts are eg constantly expending energy and focus (unconsciously) on denying what one doesn’t like to feel, ie constantly escaping the moment. In this process we deny our truth. There is no judgment here on oneself…..we simply learnt what we were taught, and most of our teachers (parents, other family, teachers) did not themselves know how to be with their own emotions, let alone set an example. Again, there is no judgment on them either, it’s just the way human beings seem to be conditioned to behave.

Denial of emotions, is denial of our truth. If you have had an awakening occur you will know that truth and honesty become paramount. Not as any kind of principle or value judgment or moral stance, but as that which is simply lighter and freer than the heavy energy of denial and self-delusion. No longer can you say things that are not true. Because now it is more important how easily / lightly you can live with yourself than what others think of you.

The accumulation of much inner charge that is denied can only fester. Eventually, like an open wound that heals and becomes crusted over and little sign remains of there having been a wound, there must be eventual release of hidden emotional suppressions. Energy always moves towards balnce, coiled springs must eventually pop and relax.

The risk of course, of emotional acceptance, is that you won’t anymore have a lid on your experiences. It can be pretty scary but the fear is worse than the reality. Anyway, what is so shameful about accepting what is transpiring in you? Isn’t love also acceptance?

We just have to re-programme ourselves when it comes to ’emotional intelligence.’
And in terms of spiritual awakening, there is no path or method as such that will lead you there, but imho, emotional suppressions are certainly a barrier, and these are worthy of some focus.


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Mark David Fourman

Hi Reena,
Great post and I totally agree with you. I wrote an article on the same topic, with some suggestions for healthy ways to deal with painful emotions. You might find it interesting: http://theotherenlightenment.com/the-only-healthy-way-to-deal-with-painful-emotions/


Mark, very great article. Thanks for sharing.

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