Spiritual awakening

Great video, great message. I will just leave it at that. Enjoy.

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Thank you Reena for posting agreat variety of wonderful articles. You have special talent to find and connect different topics all of them related to one truth!


Thank you Carlos for your comment, and so glad you appreciate the thread through all that I post! It’s wonderful to feel the common interests and shared wavelegth amongst readers here. Love & Light


check this one veitch did
Damian Confesses and the Timely Relaunch of Luciferian People’s Army

Andreas Lindauer

The Brits are really lovely people…… . I love them.


reena, have you heard that charlie veitch has joined the dark side. he now says 9-11 was done by arabs. they got to him and he’s got some deal with the bbc to make a documentary on how he ‘saw the light’ about it.


Tom, thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know…And this has turned out to be a very long comment….: – )
What can I say except – wow, what a u-turn! And this…
Here’s another vid of him http://youtu.be/SavpCQlu2GA, I was so open-mouthed when I watched it that I had to write down some of what he said! I’ve not seen anything quite like this before!
But I’m afraid this is not going to be too nicey-nice…though it’s not designed to be personal to Charlie either. It’s up to him what he says and does. I don’t care myself. He provides me with food for writing : – ) And at the same time, some things have to be said, because he is a bit of an idiot…
Here’s some of what he says and my comments in [ ].
“There’s so much vested political and psychological interest in maintaining what I call the conspiranoia…This is what upsets me about the conspiracy theory world…” [Perhaps that was his experience of all of what he was creating with his activities and messages before, I feel he is describing his own personal experience here.]
“I don’t think anyone is in charge of the world.” [What can you say, these statements are naive]
“Even a child could do it – fly a plane into the towers.” [Another naive statement]
The Chinese are against the Americans, the Russians are against the Americans, everyone’s competing, and everyone’s fighting, all out to get the US.” [And?….Point is with this pointless statement??]
“With 9/11, everyone’s trying to fuck everyone over, they’re trying to get one up on their friends or enemies for political gain. Everyone would love to expose someone, because they would become President, if there was a hint of an inside job, because they would become congressman or senator, because they managed to find out the truth and get Bush and Cheney thrown into jail. He’d be supreme leader of America for the next 100 years.” (big sigh….)
[It is this statement, above all, which shows Charlie’s state of mind – or not. It’s like he’s the one involved in some psychological ‘conspiranoia’ in his own mind which he’s projecting outwards. It’s fantasy-land! And it’s not just Bush and Cheney, it’s a whole lot more…Also, why does he entertain a fantasy of finding out the truth about 9/11 being an inside job, when he now says that’s not true and it wasn’t an inside job? Too many blummin twisted negatives going on for me!]
“There isn’t any evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, there just isnt.” [Oh dear…me thinks he didn’t take in the evidence presented by experts who have been coming out the woodwork as well as listening to his own common sense and logic…]
“I’m actually in a way quite shocked at the level of hatred and anger towards me, it’s almost like the scientologists [etc]…if we were all scientologists…it just goes to show” [And another statement that shows how he has lost the plot…was he that unconscious, or is now anyway, that he needs to be surprised at the reaction? Surely he would have expected it, or he is simply saying that since he has lost it? And what the heck have scientologists got to do with all of this? And what if we were all giant monsters with green eyes? It just goes to show – yeah, too right it does…!]
Like one youtube comment said, Charlie has become the fictitious JUDAS… I reckon he either sold his soul for money or there’s some kind of mind manipulation going on. Or he’s been cloned. I wouldn’t put it past TPTB to do any of these. But it’s not the same Charlie Veitch, clearly. Some sort of sudden manipulation has gone on, either with or without outside forces, not sure.
I feel he reveals more about himself in all of this than he does of any evidence for his changed views – that he is speaking of himself, not of any actual reality that exists…In the above video he says a plane is enough to pulverise a very tall building. But it’s all very well to make these statements, but you can’t just decide that reality is the way that you say it is. Charlie does not pose any evidence himself for 9/11 not being an inside job, all he is basically saying is ‘it happened like they said it did so that’s the truth’. He even says he has seen proof of DNA of 85 people found dead at The Pentagon, and photos of plane debris. No doubt the ‘experts’ he saw on his all expenses paid trip were planted imho.]
In a nutshell, it’s balloney… And hey Charlie, if you’re reading – to reiterate – it’s not personal : – )
Comments within comments, as always, welcome…. : – )

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