The dangers of mercury fillings…

Amalgam is 50% mercury, and mercury is toxic to the body and a disaster for the environment. The long-term effects of mercury in the mouth have been shown to be extremely dangerous. Even worse, the combination of multiple metals (silver, tin, copper, zinc) interacting with mercury can cause even greater harm.

Mercury is a potent neuro-toxin that can cause damage to your brain, central nervous system and kidneys. It is linked to many more health issues and illnesses, such as sinus conditions, ear-ringing, enlarged neck glands, headaches, enlarged spleen, bloated condition, knee pain, foot pain, hip pain, dizziness, aching bones and joint pain. The metallic mercury used by dentists to manufacture dental amalgam is shipped as a hazardous material to the dental office. Any amalgam leftover is also treated as hazardous and requires special precautions to dispose of. Can you believe that!

Mercury from dental offices is actually the largest source of mercury in waste water. According to an article by Michael Bender (co-founder of the Mercury Policy Project), at least 40 percent of mercury flowing into municipal water treatment plants begin in dentist offices. And those plants are not set up to remove it, so it ends up in your fish.

Once someone dies, their amalgam fillings actually pose a risk to the living as well. Emissions from the combustion of mercury fillings during cremation are a significant contaminator of air, waterways, soil, wildlife and food. Seven to nine metric tons of mercury per year escapes into the atmosphere during cremations, and it is estimated that, left unchecked, crematoria will be the largest single cause of mercury pollution by 2020.

The dangers of mercury fillings spread far and wide.

But things are moving forward in this respect…

Costa Mesa, California is the first city in the United States to call for an immediate end to dental amalgam. The resolution calls on federal and state agencies to eliminate amalgam, and asks dentists in Costa Mesa to switch to non-toxic alternatives. It does not actually ban amalgam, but it is an important step toward ending a scourge of both health and the environment.

Are You In The US?

Charlie G. Brown, the national counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice and the President of the new World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry has been petitioning federal and state agencies and he spearheads the national campaign to expose the deceptive practices of the American Dental Association. They ran an article in early September, calling for volunteers to get involved to organize a grassroots project, and the result has been nothing short of sensational.

Costa Mesa was just the beginning – the rest of the United States still need to be brought onboard. Effective change starts at local level.

Others also got involved in this movement and you are being invited to join them and bring the Movement Against Mercury in Dentistry to Your City.

The next step is to find other cities in California willing to follow suit in endorsing an immediate elimination of amalgam. Therefore, volunteers, especially in the L.A. and Orange County area, are being sought. To volunteer, write, and give you home city and county along with your contact information.

To keep this momentum going, please sign the Californians for Green Dentistry’s online petitionto ban dental mercury in California.

Others Are Campaigning Also

December, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will hold hearings to reconsider its position on amalgam. The FDA’s current stance is that mercury in dentistry is good for the public health. (Wow, how many cover-ups is our society based on! It’s all to do with money and it’s ugly. Money doesn’t make the world go round, it makes it – us – sick.). Fortunately, with the committed campaigners’ work, the FDA is finally starting to allow the conversation to open up.

Also, in January, the United Nations begins its second session on a treaty to address all sources of mercury. And a new coalition called the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, led by Charlie Brown is leading the charge to phase out amalgam everywhere.

Ok, So What About Your Amalgam Fillings?

Get them taken out! (Seek advice first if necessary). Get them replaced with white composite ones (but make sure not to have the fluoride one if they offer you one of those, as fluoride is another toxic chemical). I recently came across a remarkable book, A Cure For All Disease’ which I can’t recommend enough. Here it is:

Dr. Hulda Clark is the accomplished author of several “controversial” books on self-health, which emphasizes the dangers of internal and external pollutants whose agents are parasites and chemical and metallic pollutants. She shows how to get rid of these “purveyors of disease” and cites many testimonials of people who had rapid and often dramatic health improvements due to her measures.

One of the things she strongly recommends to all her patients is to get any mercury fillings replaced with non-metallic plastic ones. Recently, I took her advice. I have the one filling and during a recent dental appointment I had it replaced with a white non-fluoride one.

Dr. Clark writes, “Chronic health problems are not due to exposures of the past. They are ongoing. Your body is constantly fighting to remove pollutants. In order to stay sick, you must be constantly resupplied! These four clean-ups–dental, diet, body, home–are aimed at removing parasites and pollutants at their source. Only then can your body heal.”

With regard to tooth health she says: “Removing all metal means removing all root canals, metal fillings and crowns. Take out all bridge work or partials made of metal and never put them back in. But you may feel quite attached to the gold, so ask the dentist to give you everything she or he removes. Look at the underside. You will be glad you switched.

All metal must come out, no matter how glossy it looks on the surface. Metal does not belong in your body. It is an unnatural chemical. Do this as soon as you have found a dentist able to do it. Find a dentist with experience and knowledge about this subject…Only metal-free plastic should be put back in your mouth.”

A no-brainer really – getting that metal removed.

Now, it remains for me to find a good “zapper” to zap those lil critters running around inside…

Comments welcome.

To Your Dental Health!

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here is the video of the mercury vapors coming off an amalgam tooth


Where is the website link to the video of the mercury vapors that was mentioned in your article about “are your fillings killing you?? It was not anywhere in your article. Thanks!
How do I attempt to find a dentist (biological) in the Bay Area in San Francisco, California>???? ANy ideas on where to start??? Thanks!


Monica, I can’t see the part you mean, please add the part that refernces the video on vapors and I will try to find it for you, although I can’t promise.
You may have seen this second post which links to the Dr Mercola site, which has much useful info.
I did a quick Google Search and found this, there are one or two holistic dentists in SF area. Otherwise just google it, and I am sure there will be quite a few.
Warm wishes


Recently published in the Journal for Alzheimer’s Disease was a study that performed a meta-analysis of 106 case-control or comparative cohort studies to associate mercury as a causative factor in Alzheimer’s disease. Noting that the main source of mercury in the human body is dental amalgam (1 – 27 ug a day)”
In addition, a recent risk assessment was prepared for the December 2010 FDA advisory committee meeting on dental amalgam risks, which examines U.S. public exposure to mercury and suggests that amalgam fillings expose 122.3 million Americans to quantities of mercury in excess of the safe dose level established by the California Environmental Protection Agency in 2008.
Here is a mercury researcher discussing losing a 25 year grant after showing how mercury and only mercury reproduced 3 of the major hallmarks of Alzhiemer’s disease
National Institutes of Health (NIH) stops funding mercury studies linking to Alzheimer’s Disease
Another researcher, Dan Laks, has done a study using data from the CDC’s National Health Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) and found that inorganic mercury was detected in the blood of 2 percent of women aged 18 to 49 in the 1999, that level rose to 30% by 2006. The increase in mercury levels were associated with immune, liver and pituitary dysfunction as people age.
Using the same CDC data, other researchers have found that those with more amalgam fillings (more mercury exposure) have significantly higher levels of chronic health conditions. Additional studies have shown that mercury is transfered from the mother to the fetus and then baby (through breastmilk). The more the mother is exposed to mercury, the higher the levels of mercury in the new born. An earlier analysis of NHANES data by U.S. Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) researchers estimated that, as a result of chronic mercury exposure, over 630,000 American children were born with elevated risks of neurodevelopmental disorders between 1999 and 2000. This huge rise in blood mercury levels is astounding considering the EPA has been able to greatly reduce the levels of man made mercury pollution released into the air over the last 15 years.
So what might be contributing to this rise in mercury in people? One aspect to consider…. amalgam manufacturers have raised the percentage of copper in the alloy mixture, to increase tinsel strength and corrosion resistance. Unfortunately, this had the unintended consequence of raising the amount of mercury vapor released by 5 fold.
Several mercury researchers went to the FDA to present scientific evidence of harm from dental mercury amalgams, only to be told that the FDA couldn’t do anything unless they got the American Dental Association to agree with them.
For 33 years the FDA dodged properly classifying dental amalgam as it was grandfathered in without proof of safety. The FDA lost a 2007 lawsuit which forced them to classify amalgam (determine safety), but the final rule of the classification was a huge disappointment as it declared the mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings to be safe for anyone and everyone, without regard to age, reproductive status, or any of the known factors that make a person unusually susceptible to the effects of mercury exposure. Although the FDA ruling purported to be a ‘risk assessment’, the document was nothing of the sort as it did not comply with the standards of practice endorsed and espoused by the professional risk assessment community. The lawyers for The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), a scientific organization made up of dental, medical and research professionals, wrote a petition for reconsideration. This petition pointed out the inaccuracies, inconsistencies and flawed science the FDA relied upon and urged them to reconsider their ruling. In addition, the petition for reconsideration lays out a multitude of adverse health effects, including many of the major neurological illnesses, due to exposure to mercury vapor (starting pg 24). The FDA has scheduled a new dental products panel meeting this December (14th & 15th) specifically to further investigate and re-evaluate the issues brought up in the petition for reconsideration.
the videos are short snippets from interviews I’ve done and in no way shape or form represent how the information will be presented in my film.


While there is an element of truth about the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings I find these sort of scare stories really negative.
For those who are seeking perfection, and enjoy the horrors of the dentist chair, it may indeed be a good idea to get those filling removed, but for most of us there are more mundane things to worry about like a comet smashing into Earth, or being abducted by flesh eating aliens 🙂
Mercury, as a pure metal, is not actually toxic, but when it reacts with other chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, it can become extremely toxic indeed. When combined with silver or gold it is really, really hard to separate, so the amount ingested from fillings is really very small, and the exposure happens over tens of years.
The biggest source of organic mercury compounds, that are really hazardous to health come from fish. The fish amass some of the mercury from our fillings (by complex routes), but a lot more from coal burning power stations, and as much, maybe more from volcanic eruptions under the sea or other issues from deep in the Earth.
I mentioned in another reply I made this evening about the power of the mind. Just as I believe that the mind is a powerful source of healing, it can also be a powerful source of disease. If you really, really believe that your mercury fillings are causing you problems they will indeed do just that.
My personal mantra is that death comes as a result of a thousand cuts. Maybe mercury is one of them, but the chances of it being the one that actually administers the coup de grace is slim.
Of course is you want to research a really scary chemical look up the effects of Dihydrogen monoxide.
I was going to leave it there, but I thought I should apologise for pouring cold water over some of the ideas you promote. I do realise that some issues like mercury fillings do have a valid underpinning, but I worry that it hurts some people to have minor worries heaped upon them. It is far more important for people to try and enjoy what life they have rather than spend a long life in constant fear.


Bill, I do appreciate your comments even though it is not possible to do proper justice to each point you raise. However do not apologise and feel free to pour cold water over anything I say – it is okay : – ) It is not so much a question of who or what is right, but that one shouts one’s truth from the rooftops! So don’t hold back on the cold water and thanks for sharing what you feel.

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