Have you heard of the concept of natural (or nature’s) time versus artificial, man-made time?

Perhaps you get the gist already. But to explain a bit more…

In the past, the Mayan’s calendar was based on the lunar cycle, the cycle of nature. When we moved to our present calendar, the Gregorian calendar it put us into an artificially fabricated and unharmonious 12:60 timing frequency. (12 hours, 60 minutes). From what I gather, there is no logical basis for why time should be arranged like this. (If you know otherwise please do share below.)

So what do we more precisely mean by the difference between natural and artificial time?

Let’s take our time mindset. Aren’t we always saying ‘Time is money’, ‘I don’t have enough time’ etc. We’re always ‘running out of time’, and we look outside ourselves to know what to do when. Time has become history, memory, culture. We live by the mechanical clock. How many times do we look at the clock / our watches in a day? This time mentality leads to much stress, materialism, competition and fear.

But the thing is that we’re already synchronised to logical, natural cycles. There are natural rhythms and cycles that we are attuned to.

Now, you may think this sounds like mumbo jumbo, but I can vouch for this difference becoming apparent in my own life. Up until 2007 I was definitely immersed in a stressful clock-determined lifestyle, whereby I was always trying to be on time and trying not to be late. Then, after spiritual experiences occurred, I found that I unconsciously lost track of such time-keeping, but the funny thing is that what I needed to do get done, gets done. There is less stress floating around in my body due to having to do things on time, yet the right reminder simply pops into my head at the right time. Okay sure, occasionally I have lost track of time so much I have forgotten the odd thing or two, but hey ho – that happened too when I was glued to the clock! All in all, it’s like free-flow, you just go with the flow, and allow natural synchronicity to steer your legs and arms in the direction they need to go to get your commitments, appointments, errands, shopping, phone calls, and everything else you need to do, done.

So how can we return to Natural Time?

Here are some tips:

Don’t set an alarm clock

Whenever possible, eg weekends and holidays, don’t set the alarm clock. Let your body wake up when it needs to.

Don’t wear a watch

A watch represents the 12 (month) 60 (minutes) time frequency that restrains our natural abilities to tune into natural synchronicity and serves as a constant reminder of how we’re bound to the 12:60 timing frequency. So give up wearing a watch, and take away some clocks from your home if you have several.

Stop watching / reduce television

Television is representative of the mechanical clock due to the programming schedules. Get away from the TV and get into nature. Nature recharges our batteries, and we can feel at one with all things.

“Wing it”

On days off or at weekends, try to cut down on planning. Don’t set yourself an intricate agenda, but just have in mind what you wish to do, and let the day happen. If you plan events schedule it for a general time, like morning or midday rather than a specific time like 11.30am.

Develop your creativity

Being involved in a creative activity helps to remove the sense of the mechanical clock and artificial time. When this happens creativity can flow even more. So just create – write, draw, paint, play some music, or whatever you enjoy doing. Learn a creative activity – just do whatever your heart chooses to create.


Meditation allows us to move out of 12:60 time, and grounds us more in natural time.

Slow down!

In London, there is a ‘Slow Down’ campaign – a well-needed message that’s for sure. Mostly we are attempting to get from A to B in the fastest time possible. Just try a city commute in rush-hour to know what this feels like. This urgency is felt so keenly that deaths have even occurred from people being inadvertently pushed off the end of the tube platform! So, just slow down in your daily life. What’s the rush? Try to actually enjoy the ride, not just the destination. Because one thing’s for sure, if you have this urgency mentality, when you do arrive at your destination you’ll only have another trip show up in your mind and another new destination, and so on. So the vicious circle has to be stopped, and you do that by consciously slowing down. Eventually it becomes more of a natural habit as you synchronise your mindset with, let’s say, the mindset of nature.

So these are just a few ideas. Tapping into natural time enables us to align with the natural Oneness at play, reducing stress, and engendering a new-found freedom.

To Life Free-Flowing, as it was meant to be!


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Yale S.y. Landsberg

http://Circa-Med.org will introduce you to much more about natural time vs. conventional time, which might be of interest to you.
Warmest regards and max pax, Yale


Great article and suggestions Reena, thanks! 🙂

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