gurcharan singh

What’s happening in India is heart-breaking. The homeland suffers.

I’ll leave it to the below video with Gurcharan Singh, human rights activist, and Piers Corbyn, who is standing for the job of Mayor of London. Watch from about 1.53 mins for this particular interview, or watch from the start.

Watch Interview Here

The state of things is so deadly serious on this planet there is no time to be complacent anymore. Yes, there is much help from light sources on and off planet, yes the light always wins, but it is imperative that people, one by one, wake up. Each person who decides to look into things with an open mind and understands that the world fed to them by the mainstream is very, very far from the true picture, helps raise the vibration, because intention towards truth vibrates high, however abominable the story itself it may be.

With many prayers and light to India, and the world as a whole, peace come to us.

Om shanti



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