knowledge is not power

The extent to which there is a desperation to keep our story intact without any chinks being made in the armour (of our sense of individuality), is the extent to which it will be difficult to allow the ‘what-isness’ to be untarnished.
What we are is that which we cannot know ourselves to be. But we believe that knowledge is power. We believe that we can come to know ourselves fully and that the more we know ourselves (or anything), the more control, happiness and all the rest of what we seek, will be bestowed upon us. But this type of knowing is an understanding of the story alone. The realm of natural reality is ever here and is everything, but it lays hidden in open sight by the very knowledge we seek. It’s as if there is some knowledge that if only, we could find we would then be happy.
In the biblical metaphor, Adam and Eve found themselves no longer in paradise because they ate of the fruit of knowledge and suddenly became self-conscious. Our self-consciousness, self-importance and stubborn cause of the ‘me’ is what needs to die a good death. Only then will peace and simple relaxation be bestowed. Only it’s not a bestowing, but just a simple recognition of what has been here all along, whilst we were so busy trying to make life something else – trying to make a fantasy come true. And by its very nature, a fantasy cannot come true, because it ceases then to be a fantasy.
Until the ‘me’ gets out of the way life is so painfully lived, on both conscious and unconscious levels. We are so attached to the ideas we hold about ourselves. It’s so tiring! So tiring to always be having ‘me’ as the central point to everything. Limiting and heavy. Annoying and frustrating. Horrific and sad. Temporarily fulfilling, but not lastingly. The ‘me’ is like a wall in between all relating within the drama of life. Without the me blocking, the drama lightens up and the play just continues without a director.
These words that get written in these posts of late may seem boring or simply words to some. I guess there is this thinking because the other day when I checked two thirds of the traffic to this blog had died off since I’m not posting the previous drama posts I was (all the cabal / golden age stuff). Yes, indeed – the drama of predictions about doomsday or golden age seems to have been what people wanted here. But what happens when the ‘me’ falls away is a shift in energy, and what was ‘right’ before is no longer ‘right’ now. Even if the traffic plummets! I am unable to uphold the story of the ‘collective me’ if you like, any longer. When reality comes knocking, fantasy is a distant memory. (Sounds like a Confucius saying lol)
So I hope that those who do find these posts useful will – well, find them useful 🙂
I do want to post some other types of posts that are truly illuminating, and so will hope to do so soon.
Thanks for reading.
Comments, as always, welcome.

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Bravo, bravo and again, for getting rid of the ‘ me’ messages + Tony Parsons’ jokes, and the cut to the chase insights. This (former?) seeker is also weary of channeling, ascended masters’ messages, angelic stuff etc., not to say that ‘they’ don’t speak Truth and may be just what the Dr ordered for many. So keep keeping your blog close to the chest so to speak, razor sharp and non-dual.
Wish I could join you in Oct in London, but still work karma here in Belgium to finish/live thru as that is what is happening.
Namaste, Phyllis


Phyllis, thank you so much for your words. I had shivers for many seconds as I read your comment. Wish you could join in to the TP talk too but enjoy being in Belgium. Love, Reena

Ron Laswell

Reena – As Phil K. stated in his post, you are clearly demonstrating “how to do the Shift yourself”. Yes, following the Illuminati allows hooks to be placed in our attention, then it is as if we are watching over our shoulders to see what is happening to them instead of focusing on our own actions. There is an obvious reason in sports when you are told to keep your eye on the ball. Have you noticed how the people making the mistakes and errors look up to see what is going on, and then lose focus of the ball? Same thing in life.

Phil Kennedy

Thank you so much Reena! Your shift in focus to me is indicative of “the shift”– the true shift that our earth needs to experience. All the illuminati stuff is interesting, but nonetheless our spiritual work has always been the same. The more people who begin to see the naked truth, and the sooner our collective consciousness picks up steam in the right direction. I just want you to know that I am encouraged by your recent posts. Keep up the great work! Love and light– Phil

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