Kryon: The ‘Innate’ Smart Body and Black Sheep of the Family

At times during the utter madness of this world Kryon comes along and provides the possibility of such a higher consciousness that I could weep with joy and sometimes do.

In the video below he speaks of the ‘Innate’ or smart body (control panel of the body) that should be communicated with (do you feel the tingling and presence?).  This is not a surprise – though it needs to be put into practice more! It’s not a surprise because I’ve posted previously how plants who are spoken to with love grow better and more vogorously and those spoken to with anger struggle to flourish!  Therefore how much more intellgient must the body be (no judgment on plants!)  Kineasiology is pretty far out too, which Kryon mentions.

He also speaks of being the black sheep.  Many lightworkers wonder or have wondered why they have so many life issues, and families who don’t know about nor are interested in the truth of Source Creator and Light. If that’s you, let Kryon’s words encourage you.

Kryon’s channelled messages are a welcome time out from the mind and an invite to go into a different space entirely.  In this space I often end up feeling such emotion, though it isn’t emotional or woe-is-me lower emotion, it’s a feeling of coming home, yes I think that’s what it is.

A simple post to uplift and share something beyond all crazy-making in the world right now. If you follow certain info (and I don’t mean MSM) then you may be feeling like things are hotting up into a crescendo – well, keep centered and carry on!  It’s the plotline of the play called The Human Show, and we must always remember that Light ALWAYS removes darkness in just one moment. Actually a bit like the Truman Show – humanity is waking up from the staged life we’ve been living.  An intrinsic characteristic of Truth is that it will always prevail, because what is not truth, in the end, always implodes or is outed.

So if you’re feeling unsettled, anxious, stressed or any other such feeling have a listen to the below, and for a moment or two (actually over an hour lol) be still, and come back to your Self, where peace is available.

Love & Light

Kryon – “Circle of Twelve” + Bonus – 2020


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