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As synchronicity would have it, the below video dropped in my inbox. The synchronous bit is the first few lines (and the message as a whole) about not looking outside for answers nor blame since you are it, you are the One. In light of discussions about Obama it is good to be reminded to look not to him, nor to any other human or entity, for blame nor for sainthood.

I have to admit I haven’t got very far with the video as yet (too busy responding to all the wonderful comments!), but shall hopefully get round to it this weekend or soon. Just wanted to post this up.


This site Suite101.com reviews the film thus:

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Kymatica by Ben Stewart: Review

Following on from the successful Esoteric Agenda, Ben Stewart’s film Kymatica focuses on the human psyche and the need for world unity.

Evolution pertains to the Evolution of the Self because the self is the only thing which evolves. The axiom is emblematic of the theme and ideas encapsulating Kymatica.

Released in 2009 and narrated by the distinctly voiced youngster Benjamin Stewart, Kymatica is a documentary which examines a cornucopia of psychological, political and metaphysical conjectures.


The documentary-film commences by speculating on the nature of creation. An inquisitive Benjamin Stewart admonishes that the Earth has a consciousness – or, a creative force symptomatic of the entire Universe.

He thus echoes the idea held by legendary Greek philosopher Plato that the world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence.

With all living things interrelated, the film attempts to show that it is humanities own lack of this basic understanding which is the root of all the world’s ills.

The Human Self vs the Human Ego
Building on the notion of the Self vs the ego, Kymatica argues that the ‘cancer’ upon Earth is the domination of man’s false ego coupled with humanities divorce from nature.

The Self, argues Stewart, is the real, true part of man. It is the essence of the human being. The ego however, is the opposite; a construction of vanity riddled with faults, revelling in competition, greed, immorality and separation.

Kymatica’s iconoclastic take on demotic societal norms distinguishes it from the average info-documentary.

Stewart, for example, points out that amongst the denizens of the modern world, people are spending most of their energy – creative or otherwise – on just trying to secure their own survival!

Trapped in a lugubrious spiral of menial 9-5 jobs, debts, bills, ideologies and fear, an accurate and comprehensive awareness of one’s true Self is almost impossible sighs Stewart.

Facing our inner selves is almost unheard of today, adds Stewart, as the young American closely echoes Swiss philosopher Carl Jung’s view that people will do anything (no matter how absurd) in order to avoid facing their own soul.

Conscious Mind and the Sub-Conscious Mind

The level of philosophical inquiry gives the documentary an intellectual twist which even the sharpest of minds will find engrossing.

One such philosophical inquiry mooted is that of the Conscious Mind; that is the creative mind which identifies things and does the real thinking. And secondly, the Sub-Conscious Mind which does no thinking, and like a tape player, records learned behaviour subconsciously until the action becomes automatic to the individual.

On the other hand, many scientists will agree with Stewart’s idea that evolution comes about in spurts and fits and proceeds due to a particular organisms need to survive.

Well Worth a Watch

Suffused with some fine literary, political and psychological quotes from some of histories finest minds, including the likes of Wilhelm Reich, Dr Leonard Horowitz and St Augustine, Kymatica excels in its educational pulling power.

Benjamin Stewart’s soothing, yet serious voice grips the audience, as does the admittedly excessive flashing scenes chronicling some of the world’s most prominent historical figures.

At approximately 1 hour 23 minutes the film is not too long and beautifully leaves individuals to make up their own minds on all issues raised.

As Stewart himself sullenly puts it, it is sovereignty or dependency, the true Self or the ego, to become well or remain ill, to share and cooperate or compete and die? That is the choice.

~~ End ~~

Comments, as always, welcome.

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Jeff Craig

Hi Reena,
I viewed “Kymatica” and found it a clever, scientific, study of consciousness that attempts to pull all those disciplines together utilizing a psychiatric (discipline) explanation, apparently. A good amount of research must have gone into it and it was compelling. I found it a good scientific explanation of human understanding, attempting to use words for an explanation of spirituality, which is virtually impossible; I quit doing that decades ago.
I Take in as much knowledge as possible and create my own discipline or religious understanding or whatever you want to call it. I have studied under masters both in the physical and Ethers and have developed my own understanding. All life is truly amazing to me and I would say a quote (from a movie): Everyone you see is asleep, only a few people, on this planet, are awake and they live in a constant total state of amazement!
Jeff Craig
Gods Peace-Eagle Strong-Keeper of Monuments
Web Site: http://www.Affirmations-TheRainbowMasters.com
E-mail: jacraig@tds.net


Hi Jeff, finished watching Kymatica and enjoyed it very much. The creator makes that all important point about the outer being a reflection of the inner, and our choice to live conscious lives. Thanks for your comment about the film. Reena


great video

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