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Whatever we long for, is a longing for Wholeness. How could it not be so? It was the thing we knew as babies – we were everything, and there was not anything that was not us, because we did not know anything separate – but then the story began when an identity got fabricated in order to deal with the seeming loss of Wholeness. But only for the illusory mind can a loss be experienced.

Even though all longing is longing for Wholeness, this does not mean we give up on all human longing thinking that it’s somehow less worthy. Absolutely not. For there is nothing that is less worthy or more worthy. In the final analysis, all arising energy is simply a manifestation of Wholeness, and not only that, arising energies will be played out, come whatever our illusory minds project or try to determine. Energy has a life of its own and must be ‘surrendered’ to if we are to go with the flow. By surrender I mean being sensitive, which is an art in itself, and one that only comes about when the sense of self, the ‘me’ is out of the way. If however the ‘will’ is (seemingly) imposed upon arising energies, then conflict arises. It’s a bit like birthing pains – you know how they say just breathe into the pain, and so, if we simply allow arising energies to be what they are, then suffering is no more, and what is, is simply what is – no judgment, no right or wrong, but just what is.

I guess human beings need to evaluate so bad, that ‘what is’ is deemed to be a poor companion compared with what the illusory ‘mind’ can concoct out of what arises. But that is only so until the point of awakening. From the point of awakening onwards, the concotions that we try to create are somehow unsatisfactory, not quite the full works.

The full works are simply ‘what is.’ And in the seeing of this, without motive, there is a relaxation, and joy. This is the ecstasy we seek.

And the point is that this occurs through human longing not apart from it. If we deny the human, we deny Wholeness. Simple as.

So deny not what is arising for you, for through that there will arise freedom from denial which is the ultimate satisfaction. In all its emotional and intellectual glory.

Just random thoughts for a Monday night.


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I wish I had more than 4 hours sleep last night, and didn’t feel so tired so I could digest this properly, but two observations come to mind.
Firstly is that the very act of consciously trying to deny the “me” actually reinforces it.
Secondly, the success of it, maybe only for short periods of time, is amply demonstrated on a good night out with trusted friends. Some entertainment, maybe (or actually quite probably) some booze, and “me” becomes “we”. I just feel sorry for those who have to drown in booze rather than just use it as a gentle lubricant. They miss out on so much togetherness.

Ravi Koli on Facebook

Yes we truly longing for Wholeness, Reena Ji. surpassing thoughts you shared in your article…truly loved it!

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