I’m no astrologer, just interested in shifts in planetary energies, so I won’t claim to know all about the Mars Retrograde that we’ve just entered into since yesterday.

But this interesting article does a good job, and it’s easy to read.

The next two months look to be a more wild than the wild ride we’re already in.  Mars is evidently designed to stir things up.  A Mars Retrograde seems a real toughie, another article stated: “Mars is the planet of ego, motivation, aggression, and libido, and retrogrades are a time where things get turned upside-down.

So keep calm folks, and brace yourself for what could be a challenging time.  From November 13th (though the effects remain for a while apparently) things calm down from Mars’ effects point of view.

Best to be prepared, so we don’t blame ourselves if things get difficult, or have needless run-ins, and so we can be kinder on ourselves.  I suggest meditation for things to go as smoothly as possible, both in our personal lives and globally.  And yes the US election will be during this time, plus of course the transpiring covid situation continues.

In terms of adopting a daily meditation practice at this critical time of global changes, please check out this post, with details of a collective meditation at 8am or 8pm for 8 minutes wherever you are, for holding everyone in love and sending love.  Just 8 minutes required daily.

So, do set your alarm and let’s join in, as the power of collective meditation is far greater than we may believe.  Not everything can be done with conscious human thought and actions, for these thoughts and actions are often mixed with lower vibrations, thus attracting more of the same.  Meditation reaches our pure thought, it gets to the parts we could not otherwise reach – a bit like Heineken 🙂  (An old UK advert for those that don’t get the joke lol).  The mentioned post also has a link to an interesting article showing how collective meditation can produce incredible results in people and the world.

Stay strong,
Let’s be the love we are, or have this as the intention,
and let’s put our trust in the Universe and all the varied and massive spiritual entourage that is currently helping us behind the scenes.

Love and Light

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