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Med Beds & The Lost Knowledge of Lemuria

Amazing video (chanelled message) from – Lemurian healing devices, med beds, crystal healing, fundamentals of real healing,  scalar (zero point / tesla), easy tips for us to increase the energy of the cells (low energy being at the basis of all ill health). Also mention of alkaline pH – another way understanding low energy / low voltage of cells, plus mention of how to create a healing chamber or area with your own crystals. Ah the wondrous Lemurians – from the area now known as Hawaii – so much of our vast and increadible history has been hidden from all of us. So many lies have been told on this earth, so much suffering has been deliberately created unbeknownst to us. Now, that’s all changing. The tide of people waking up is unstoppable, like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill it’s going to get bigger. And true information is coming out, and will come out more, the asleep will have to wake up, and the energy influxes that are coming and will come, will mean only transformation, light and healing for all those who choose to align with these.
And…the med beds are coming.

Here’s the video…

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO: The Lost Knowledge of Lemuria, Exotic Med Bed Technology

Quick summary of a list from the video I jotted down:

For healing: how to increase cell voltage and gain electrons

  • Add antioxidants like Vitamin C
  • Ingest citrus and vinegars
  • Himalayan pink salt – no 1 earth element that increases low cellular voltage / energy / pH
  • Sea salt bath – super electron charge, bring you back to life
  • Be in fresh air, sun and wind, be near ocean if possible
  • Be expsoed to low-level laser therapy
  • Be in running or moving water
  • Be exposed to far UV and gamma rays
  • Drink alkaline water or water with bicarbonate of soda
  • Ingest unprocessed natural energy foods
  • Keep crystals near by
  • Meditate 1 hour per day

The energy is shifting on the planet, consiousness is expanding for many, something wonderful is afoot and it has cosmic repurcussions. So let’s come out of fear and navel-gazing, and looking to the light, let’s discover our true ancient history of powerful healing and spiritual knowledge. We can do this through nourishing ourselves with information that is empowering and uplifting. The dark is giving way to the light, and we have a choice to make.

Let’s choose our inner truth….we only find truth, joy and love within….it’s ALL about the inner, not the outer….that’s why the kingdom of heaven is said to be within. Let’s get present right here, right now…even with all the challenges we may have and all that our mind puts us through, and let’s surrender it all to the very alive and kicking magnanimous Universe, a word used here synonymous with the Divine.  Let’s surrender and just be, then we’ll be open to the expansive changing energies on this planet right now, and those yet to come, and we’ll be able to welcome the higher states of consciousness and truly en-joy them. Let’s be brave, and loosen our attachments to people, things, beliefs, our own self-serving….for attachments to these will keep us stuck at the lower frequency levels, let’s be warm and Love instead….and let’s open our arms wide to allow the new energies in, so that Divine Consciousness may lift us up above worldly preoccupations into a fulfillment of the true purpose for which we all came to be here on planet Earth at this auspicious and transformative time. That purpose may look unclear right now, but I believe we all did come here at this time to raise our own vibrationary levels, and thus raise that of the collective, and we also knew it would be a massive challenge to boot. We just have to take a step back from the naval-gazing…this includes gazing at the TV and mainstream narrative too.

What has been perpetrated on all of us, including all the poor children on this planet for so long is more shocking than the most shocking fiction – but even so, it IS a 3D illusion, we can do this, we can embrace the light. The light always wins. The starting point is to feed yourself truth (your own truth and Truth with a big T, ie universal truth), do your own inner work, switch off the TV news – and refuse the so-called ‘vaccine’.

Be well, namaste x

PS. Med bed photos below !!

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med bed

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med beds healing

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med beds are coming

med beds tech

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