In Memory Of Stuart Wilde

Feeling a certain melancholy since I heard the news – Stuart Wilde passed away on 1st May after a fatal heart attack on a scenic drive through Ireland. Stuart was a globally respected Author and Metaphysical Teacher with over 20 books to his name. Back in early days of so-called New Age / New Thought teachings, many renowned teachers studied with him including Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. In the 1980s he identified and experienced the etheric field and aura around humans. He wrote and spoke about some incredible things he experienced with other people present too – eg people de-materilaizing. For example, a man smoking a cigarette dematerializing and the cigarette floating in mid-air. Pretty cool huh? No need for expensive special effects!
Here you can see some photos of Stuart: Photos.
And the official message about his death is here on his blog.
When I first started reading his writings in one of his books (Grace, Gaia and the End of Days – a book like no other) and his blog, I was quite taken with what he claimed to have experienced. He also did Ayahuasca workshops, and I very nearly attended one in Holland last year, but for various reasons I didn’t go in the end – was also not sure about what kind of a trip I would have – and I don’t mean the journey to Holland lol. Those panthers and snakes that people see on that stuff kind of freaked me out a bit.
What I liked about Stuart – Stui – was that he was a ‘free spirit’ and very down to earth. He wasn’t haughty like many so-called spiritual teachers. He was just a another guy who was able to see and experience things that most do not. My take on his teachings is that he described with great detail and specificity the non-physical levels of this human game, as I like to call it. For myself, and in terms of beliefs, as you may know from my other posts on this blog, there is an ultimate reality, a Boundlessness, from which standpoint none of these things matter. But within the game, yes there is much drama, furore and intricacies. And Stuart highlighted many levels of the game that most cannot see.
In the book, Grace, Gaia and The End Of Days, he describes ghouls and terrible levels within ‘hellish worlds’ where beings simply merge into a wall and lose their uniqueness – all quite a jaw-dropping read really. He was unique, and I had a certain fondness for him even though I had never met him. He had such candour, forthrightness and equally importantly, humour. I love it when someone in the public eye has the courage to have a sense of humour!

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Now, this leaves me onto a personal note. I have had to maintain my own sense of humour of late, I can tell you. The reason why I have not blogged in recent days / couple of weeks is because overnight one Sunday evening, as I was setting my alarm for work the next day, I was told not to come to work the next day as there was no job…..The company had gone bust. It was a big shock initially, and it has been all systems go as to how I’m going to sort out my work / job / career in order that I can keep on buying expensive designer clothing for my kids. Just kidding. That’s also known as paying bills and paying for an ‘illegal’ mortgage (that’s a whole another topic – read about freeman / strawman here). (Not illegal by me mind, but illegal by the banks and mortgage companies – check it out, it’s all true).
Anyway things are progressing, I may share more later. But suffice to say, busy is not the word! It has been manic this week. It is also exciting seeing what opportunities arise, and such crises provide a chance to think laterally about life’s work and what one should do with it.
So that’s about it for now. Feel free to comment and be well!
PS Continuing apologies about the big white spaces in the posts, these ads have been turned off but obviously the white space likes it here – I am still investigating and asking Ad Choices / Google and others how to fix, but no definitive solution as yet.
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