This is quite incredible!


And more below…

Thanks to Forbidden Tv for these videos:

~~ Start ~~

1. Designed by the The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, in cooperation with Japan, the Zehst Hypersonic (hydrogen + algae) aircraft was recently announced at the 2011 Paris Airshow.

It will rely on three different kinds of engines, each corresponding to a flight phase and travel at the speed of Mach 4 or 3,045mph.

The first flights are scheduled for 2021.


2. Antimatter Spacecraft Propulsion: If you like Star Wars, Star Trek and hemp, fasten your seatbelts for a kaleidoscopic journey into the future of propulsion, protein and plastic.


3. Andrea Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer may spark a new energy revolution, with the first commercially-available cold fusion device. Full production and shipping of units begins end of 2011.


~~ End ~~

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Oh by the way Mc Donnel Douglas I am sure by now has a perfect teleporter in full functioning capacity.


I could almost start crying seeing that the truth is coming out about free energy and other inventions. I have Known about them for a long time but few would listen and somehow I was always short on cash to prove the reallity to the sheeple. I didn’t want money, fame, or power, I just wanted us all to be free.


Justicar, yes this stuff ought to be in the media a lot more…in the David Adair video I posted a few weeks ago he spoke of a machine that can go round the earth several times in a second…there is so much knowledge that has been held in secret or suppressed.

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