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A Paramahansa Yogananda video to uplift at this time – the message is so apt.

When you see the injustices and terrible things happening globally at this time, this video provides the deeper perspective to rise above it all, even if for a few profound seconds.

There is a peace that rises above all the terribleness. I hope you find some comfort in this powerful Paramahansa Yogananda video, the beautiful being who came to show us the truth.

Before the video are a few words of beautiful Paramahansa that I quickly jotted down whilst listening.  To develop that inner silence in the face of the show we all find ourselves in is not easy, but videos like this show us – yes! it can be done! The peace within can be realized, and in realizing it, our reality is no longer the terrible acts of the villains.

There is no time or space, everything is happening in your own thought….if you realize that you’ll realize the infinite nature of God and the love of God.

On one little piece of thought this whole universe is resting, and when you rub out that thought at night the whole universe tumbles away. You do not realize the ocean is present in every drop and the great power of God is present in every heart. And I do hope you will remember this that I told you – do not get mixed up in the terrible movies of life. There is one purpose – to get to the beam. Then you will suddenly realize it was only a show.

Come into the beam….and you’ll realize that all this world which you see of terrible wars and trouble is nothing but a cosmic picture show in this time….until you find that out, this world is a terrible show…..I said ‘But Lord, look at the audience, they’re howling and screeching downstairs at this horror show. I see that it’s nothing but pictures and light, I see the insivible beam, there are no murders, no heros nor villains in the beam, but Lord what about the audience, they don’t know it. Then the voice said, tell them all to look at my beam within and they will realize, that this show was given to entertain them, not to get mixed up in it. You cannot be violated or hurt by stones, nor bombs or machine guns, nor atomic bombs – remember the best shelter is in the silence of your soul. And if you can develop that silence, nothing in the world can touch you, and having which no other gain becomes greater.

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