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Aren’t you just sick and tired of all the horrid news we hear? Sick and tired of the doom, the gloom, the suffering, the pain? Especially as it’s getting a whole lot worse right now? Maybe you just don’t even listen to the news anymore, or at any rate less frequently, precisely because it just gets you down.
But of course all the pain that gets created in this world is not to be denied. It must be faced and healed. There is no two ways about that. But…..nonetheless, it is but one aspect, not the whole.
A more vital aspect is that human beings are, at their core, hugely caring, loving beings who can be (and want to be) generous and kind even to an absolute stranger. One of my blog friends sent me this video (thank you) – top right, click post title first. It’s about a concept that is just phenomenal: Paying It Forward. I’ve added more related and similarly inspiring videos below.
Please watch these short videos….and then, if you feel moved, please go pay it forward next time you are at a drive-through, a petrol station, a cafe, a restaurant. Don’t worry about the money (but hey, don’t go giving away your last pound or dollar!), don’t worry about whether it will be appreciated (though it will even if not obviously), don’t worry about the size of your gesture (small is good). Just go do it! There are opportunities every single day to help others in many, different ways, whether with money or without.
The video top right brought tears to my eyes. You know, this is what healing is. It is transmuting that which is sick and tired into a sudden explosion of humanity and love through generous, conscious action. That’s what your random act of kindness will do – it will heal.
I’m going to be paying it forward (only watched these videos tonight, and wanted to write up this blog post straight away, so haven’t had a chance to do pay it forward yet) because it is in these small ways that big changes happen. It starts with you. It starts with each of us. When the heart is moved, it softens, it acts and the whole world changes.
Apparently there was a book and a film, from where the term ‘Pay It Forward’ arose.
One last word of advice – make sure you pay it forward anonymously. You see, therein the ego doesn’t get a look in.
Here’s a lovely video describing the Pay It Forward Principle:
[youtube]7z1gQXGRorw[/youtube] And more inspiration:
[youtube]n5qJ2lO2csg[/youtube] [youtube]DwO6pmbYDo8[/youtube] [youtube]vIADQaL1x-M[/youtube] Maybe you got some ideas for some random acts of kindness you can now do for others from the above videos. Let’s help soften each other’s heavy hearts.

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The pay it forward is another great idea i have come across on the net. when i am on the net it seems like things are improving, and yet in the real world it seems the oppisite is the case. it seems like things are getting better and worse at the same time.


It’s all a matter of perspective. Ponder this quote from the Ascension Papers by Zingdad: “You know all this… you experience it directly in your own
life… and STILL you doubt if the Light is increasing! Does that not strike you as preposterous? You are willing to doubt the increase of the Light because of a slew of words in newspapers written by a random collection of unknown strangers whose agenda is not known to you in place of trusting that which is nearest and most known to you: your own intuition, your own truth, your own heart and, most of all, your own experiences!” (I will soon be sent a copy of the Ascension Papers for review)


This is a great message Reena! Recently while stopped at an intersection I gave a homeless youth who was holding up a sign ‘HUNGRY & BROKE’ $20.00. He was so surprised and when he jumpped up and yelled to his friend’s ‘were going to McDonalds’ .. it made me feel good!


Great blog.. saw “pay it forward” great film and you would be surprised how many people do pay it forward, I have been lucky enough to receive peoples kindness and fortunate enough to be able to pay it forward. If more people did this the world would be a much nicer place.


Hi Bella, thank you for your comment. In actual fact I saw the film last night, and it was good to put the whole idea into its original context. Like it said in the film, Paying It Forward flips the world’s mess on its head and opens up possibilities for changing the mess itself. Never thought I’d so look forward to visiting a fast food drive-thru! Love & Light, Reena

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