I was asked recently if I thought prayer worked. I said yes if it’s heartfelt (like a child) and not just pleading, but rather motiveless. Then I came across this video of Gregg Braden about prayer which clarified this very well, and so here it is.
In this video (First click post title, then the video top right), world-acclaimed ‘engineer’ scientist Gregg Braden explains in easy to understand terms how leading edge ‘form science’ and ‘spiritual life science’ are now fully merging.
Gregg shares how 3 scientific tests have fully validated the marriage of ‘scientific fact’ and ‘spiritual truth’ – proving beyond any doubt, that ‘prayer’ truly understood and utilized, and especially by a ‘collective’ focused on the same desired outcome, can produce instant positive, “mind over matter” miracles.
And here’s one, pretty unbelievable example of just such a miracle.
In one example, a huge breast cancer was made to totally vanish before the eyes of the doctors and scientists watching and recording the results–in real time–on a video screen, as the deadly, inoperative tumour, became smaller and smaller in a three minute period and totally vanished out of the suddenly greatly relieved patient’s body. This was due to three Chinese health practitioners understanding the simple ‘mechanics’ of true prayer. All three sent the patient love, seeing her whole and well in their own hearts and minds, and chanting the same healing vibratory sound in unison, for a few minutes before…and during the 3 minute period that the cancer tumour visibly grew smaller and smaller and vanished! How amazing is that!
Gregg tells how scientifically recorded tests of prayer used by trained collectives reduced, crime, accidents, etc. etc. in target cities during the entire time period in which the test were conducted with repeated same positive results, again and again…
I urge every person who visits this post to listen to this video and know that prayer is not the pleading / begging that is often termed prayer, but rather sending heart-felt love and feeling to whatever outcome one would like, as an already living, ‘done deal.’ That in fact the universe is a reflection of us, which means we can influence it directly. This is manifestation, thought creating reality – it means expecting the result you want. Some people say they want one thing when they actually expect things to continue as they currently are. So becoming conscious of what you really think and feel, is the vital first step. Without awareness of self, there can be only fumbling around in the darkness of existence desperately wishing for our saviour or whoever to come along and rescue us from our desperation, whilst we in fact expect the worst all the while.
Thus, it may be that before you can send that heartfelt prayer, you may need to consciously ponder and leave behind any resentments and grudges, and forgive and accept. Forgiveness and Love are the answer to everything. Take a walk down memory lane, back over your past, your entire life, and forgive yourself and others for all that you are carrying within. Clear yourself first, and only then, pray.
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mahatma Gandhi
This video shows us how powerful we are. We are living, breathing creators at one with All. We just need to awaken to this fact and – really – get practicing at heartfelt prayer and intention.
Please do leave me a comment below to share your thoughts, questions and results with heartfelt, visualized prayer.
Let’s manifest the world the way we want it,
“Prayer is not kneeling in public humility or even in private — it is one’s innate connection with God in thoughts and feelings, anywhere, anytime.” – Matthew’s Message, 10th Oct 2010

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