Quantum Light Breath – Dynamic Breath Meditation
“The Quantum Light Breath is the most efficient process I have encountered to cleanse the soul and inspire creativity. I highly recommend it as a daily meditation.” — Margot Anand, Author and teacher of The Art of Everyday Ecstasy

The Quantum Light Breath was founded by Jeru Kabbal, a Vipassana teacher who came to realize that through powerful breathwork one could attain spiritual awakening in a much shorter time.

The QLB meditation helps create an atmosphere of permission and direct experience in which old beliefs and holding patterns can easily give way to reveal the radiance of our true nature.

Using deep effective guidance we explore the healing power of the breath combined with the deep vibrational sounds of the didjeridoo and other shamanic instruments.

For myself, I first experienced the Quantum Light Breath about 3 years ago, and it is often set as ‘homework’ for my clients. If you struggle with meditation then this may well be an alternative, guided method of expanding your awareness. Dynamic Breath Meditation is very powerful indeed, and I do recommend it highly.

What is Quantum Light Breath?
The Quantum Light Breath is a breathing meditation process that accelerates personal transformation by releasing withheld feelings and revealing unconscious programs. It is designed to take participants into an expanded state of consciousness and ultimately into blissful embodiment. Here, Universal Love is experienced as a natural reality, not as an unreachable concept, where there is a deep connection to the Universal Intelligence. Quantum Light Breath participants often describe “Satori,” or awakening experiences during the practice.

How Can I Experience Quantum Light Breath?
You can experience Quantum Light Breath by listening to the CD – click on image below. The CD provides a complete soundscape environment with music and guidance through a full Quantum Light Breath session. You can experience the CD alone or with a group of friends, as a regular daily practice or as a special treat for yourself. This CD is a beautiful and effective tool for opening you through your breath, anytime and anywhere, in a group or alone.

Origins of Quantum Light Breath
The Quantum Light Breath was created by the late mystic Jeru Kabbal (1930-2000) who used this method in his teachings and workshops all over the world. He was greatly influenced by Vipassana, an ancient form of meditation where one sits in stillness and silence for extended periods of time. Jeru realized that when elements of Vipassana were combined with deep rhythmic and consciously connected breath, it could bring a participant into the recognition of Oneness without having to sit still in silent meditation for hours a day. Jeru used verbal and energetic guidance along with evocative music to lead people into the recognition of the mind’s separate realities and to encourage an experience of the mystery of true presence.

What People Are Saying
I came across an earlier addition of Quantum Light Breath on tape whilst living in Holland and a friend didn’t return it! I always feel at peace during and after this method and it’s a must for anyone looking to go inside for a change. – author: Dave, England

This CD was like attending a workshop without the hassle and expense. Each time I listen, I get deeper into it and more benefit. – author: Caroline

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found the calming affect lasted for hours after the program was finished. I thought I might have a hard time sticking with the CD for the whole hour, but that wasn’t the case. – author: Marc McDade, DC

This CD offers 60 minutes of powerful and healing quantum breathwork. It is a very healing experience and very releasing too. The only one thing I wasn’t very happy about was the background music. The quantum breathwork seminars that I had attended had very powerful and loud tibet music and that helped the experience more. But other than that this is a very good experience. – author: Breath Practitioner

Click the image below to purchase the CD:  UPDATE: Apologies the link is no longer working, please search online for the meditation.

I would love to hear your experiences with this CD in the comments below. For me, the first time I did it much emotional release occurred! Wow! I shouldn’t say this really, but listening to Quantum Light Breath is like having several spiritual counselling sessions in one!

The video (top right) is fascinating to listen to. Enjoy!

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Hi Reena,
Would you know if there is a group of people in Brighton practising QLB?


Hi Prabha, Unfortunately I don’t know of any – I would suggest you Google it. Thanks for your comment and sorry can’t help more.


Hi Reena,
Is there someone in India who performs a guided QLB meditation?


Hi Suresh, I do not know on that one. You may wish to ask via the QLB site: Warm wishes.

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