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Rife Healing – Blood Balance, Parasite-killing Healing Frequency

Sound is healing! Sound is said to be the primordial manifestation tool. I know this to be true from my own expereince of offering soul plan readings which work from the sound vibration of your name. It is also said that when Father Mother God wished to expereince Himself / Herself it was through the word that this was done, and Om was the first sound. And here’s another type of sound – rife frequencies, similar to binaural beats…

Do try out these frequencies (vide below) and let the sounds enter your body through being meditatively still or not being too active anyway, and attune to what happens in your body….sensations (tingling, tummy rumbles, head sensations) occurred for me when I listened. These frequencies do seem powerful as I already cleanse parasites frequently yet this video did have an impact.

As regards parasite cleansing first of all – yes most of us will have either regular parasites in our bodies, or at different times. My guess is the former! I use diatomaceous earth – highly recommended for cleaning up your insides of toxins, harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as parasites. I also do the occasional parasite cleanse via the Hulda Clark method – learn more about the importance of getting rid of parasites via Hulda Clark’s book The Cure For All Diseases – downlaod it free from the Free Spiritual eBooks page (under health). Through her kidney cleanse recently the pain I was having stopped – I am sure I got rid of some painful kidney crystals. We can heal so many of our health issues by doing the research and using natural, non-toxic methods to heal ourselves. Then of course we await the Med beds.

To your health. En-joy.



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