Spiritual awakening

Just a video for this post….A Roswell alien looking like the real deal…Kindof want to give him a hug…


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That alien probably does need a hug, but watch your rectum if you do – you know how they love their probing : – )


ROFL! I sure will, thanks for the advice…


Well this is one authentic grey alien. So he / she/ it has no sexual identity, is a robot presumably, has a huge cranium and bulbous head in order to live in a totally alien manner in a totally alien environment to us humans. It probably has a computer module attached to its empty management equipment in that head cavity we have a brain in, and it has no emotions that we can define. Can it do gardening? What energises it? What use is it? It is a robot and without emotions or feelings, it’s skin is grey and its body is cold, ice cold? Is it a parasite? It looks, acts, seems to be just a parasite. Could be a group being, unplug its energy source and it’s finished – has no soul.
There are other alien beings – WHO unlike the greys – and some are predators and some are angelic in intent. We could hardly know the difference except if we meditate and grow spiritually and understand all energies around us. THIS GREY WOULD HAVE NO SIGNATURE ENERGY. We could easily mistake it for benign in intent and it is not – it is part of a massive deception that has stopped earthly development and turned it into technological manipulation – for example like the drones now used in war – how evil is that? Hitler would have loved Star Wars too – cos that’s where he intended to take us back then. And now? For the first time humans are standing up and saying this deception of decdes must and will be exposed. Roswell did happen and we should have had disclosure then. Roswell should not have been made knowledge for all humanity to understand more about the grey aliens seen here. But remember, this grey alien has no soul.
Well thank God, for us humans – we have a divine soul. We might be a bit daft, we might not be the smartest cookies in the jar BUT we are sexual, we are warm and our blood is divine, our hearts beat with the pulse of life and love, we are so so beautiful, our bodies are warm to touch and feel and sleep with, our thoughts are individual and not pre-programmed, our hearts are full of great love, our bodies are full of great deeds, our lives are courageous, and what is more, every single one of us is unique. God bless us in divine love and allow our futures to unfold without the nasty alien pressure of technologies we have not defined nor made, and the hatred of imposed war across our beautiful and verdant world. I love us! God bless us humans. LK

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