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Come and find out about your True Self and connect with like-minded beings

The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realize the Self. – Sri Ramana Maharshi


There is nothing more urgent at this precise time of global upheavals than to go within and find out who we are in truth. Not what we want to be, not what we think we are, not what someone else told us we are or should be…..but what we can know ourselves to be at our deepest core. This core is our infinite, untarnished Self.

Yet how do we come to be this infinite Self, how do we reveal our beingness that sits unseen and unheard behind all, and where there is no suffering and anxiety? When the infinite Self is revealed it always occurs in a flash, by Grace not by our own efforts, yet our own efforts towards revealing Truth and quietening the mind are usually, one could say, pre-requisites (in this or previous incarnations as a body-mind) for Grace to delightfully open up Beingness and for you to consciously fall into That. Actually ‘you’ don’t fall anywhere, the ‘you’ simply reveals itself as the non-entity it is in truth. 

However, having been on the Self-realisation path for many years now, it seems that out of let’s say a 100 spiritual seekers who are seeking something (enlightenment, ascension, higher consciousness etc), only a tiny fraction will walk the direct path of Truth. This is because most people don’t want to face their pain body and do the inner work needed to get the mind out of the way of their own bliss. They want to ‘do truth’, not ‘be truth.’ So if you are one of those few whose heart yearns to ‘be truth’ then this group is for you. All the rest will happen of its own accord – just that initial heart’s longing for real experience of Self/Truth is what’s needed – and a little courage.

Or you may already have had Glimpses of the Real, of Beingness, and want to meet with like-minded beings, as one can often feel isolated or alone, when family and friends are not of a similar calling.

In the Self-realisation group we will focus on Self-enquiry which Ramana Maharshi stated as the most direct path to Self-realisation. The fundamental question in Self-enquiry is asking the question ‘Who Am I?’ We will also focus on other related questions to help unveil the domain of peace underneath the mind’s incessant grasping. 

Together with non-dual Therapist and Counsellor Patrick Creighton (Pat), we will be holding a space of empathy, non-judgment and devotion to Truth. I’m a previously qualified spiritual counsellor (About page), and you can find out more about Pat on this page.

When: Usually Sundays 4pm UK-timefor 90 mins (Telegram will show the confirmed times) (time converter here)
Frequency: Weekly
Cost: Free to attend
Telegram Group – for dates/times (Click ‘Telegram Group’ to join)
Platform: Zoom

[NB: Please note that if you use the contact form on this site, there is an issue with it – once fixed this message will be removed. In the meantime you can email me directly at reena1111 at proton dot me. Please remove the spaces etc – it’s written like that to prevent spam bots. Thank you.]

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

I hope to meet you at the Truth gathering!


My child,
Because you think you are the body,
For a long time you have been bound.

Know you are pure awareness.

With this knowledge as your sword
Cut through your chains.
And be happy!

For you are already free,
Without action or flaw,
Luminous and bright.

― Ashtavakra Gita


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