What is Self-realisation?

Self-realisation is the state of awareness of your true nature or identity, which is beyond body, mind and the world of phenomena. Other words used to describe this state or path are enlightenment, Self-actualisation, Liberation, and, more loosely, spiritual awakening.

Other words to describe That which is seen during such a state are the True Self, Absolute, Consciousness, Source, ParaBrahman, Pure Awareness, Seer, Oneness, God, Wholeness, Presence, Essence, Ultimate Reality, Infinite Self. In fact there are so many words to describe That, that I wrote a blog 200+ Names for God.

However, the words do not matter in the end. Here, with Self-realisation, we are speaking of experiencing the Absolute beyond all doubt, from within our own being. This is what removes suffering, raises Consciousness and brings peace and happiness that is lasting.

Today, many people are experiencing a spiritual awakening in which their ego-self begins to be seen for the first time, and there is a glimpse of their true Self. Each person’s experience is totally unique to them, however what is seen is but one reality. How they respond on their path after that determines whether they encounter and develop an interest in the path of Self-realisation or enlightenment. The information on this page and blog are a signpost so that more people may become aware of this relatively little-known path.

The great Self-realized sage Ramana Maharshi said that your own Self-realisation is the greatest service you can render this world. And this could not be more true now than ever, particularly as we look at this increasingly manipulated, chaotic, suffering world – this samsara. 

Many awakening people feel desperate to set the world right and bring sovereign freedom to all – a lofty but laudable effort. However, the truth is that what we are truly seeking is our own ultimate true nature and this will never be found in the world, or setting it to rights. This is because we have to learn to differentiate between the real and the unreal if we want true freedom, or liberation.

There is no doctrine or spiritual path offered here. Yes we call Self-realisation a path, as we must use words to communicate, but truly it is a pathless path. It’s not linear, it’s vertical into the silence of your being. This ‘path’ is for those who are weary of being involved in the terrible show of life, and wish for real solace, as Paramahansa Yogananda urges in the quote below. When we reach this point, whether through suffering or simple weariness, and have the courage to admit this, we have reached a blessed and pivotal point in this life. At such a point we must seek wisely! Only real, experienced truth will suffice at this point!

To read up more about non-duality and Advaita please check out the free spiritual eBooks page. Namaste 🙏

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A single understanding: “I am the One Awareness,” consumes all suffering in the fire of an instant. Be happy.
Ashtavakra Gita


Do not get mixed up in the terrible movies of life. There is one purpose – to get to the beam. Then you will suddenly realize it was only a show.

Come into the beam….and you’ll realize that all this world which you see of terrible wars and trouble is nothing but a cosmic picture show in this time….until you find that out, this world is a terrible show…..I said ‘But Lord, look at the audience, they’re howling and screeching downstairs at this horror show. I see that it’s nothing but pictures and light, I see the insivible beam, there are no murders, no heros nor villains in the beam, but Lord what about the audience, they don’t know it. Then the voice said, tell them all to look at my beam within and they will realize, that this show was given to entertain them, not to get mixed up in it. You cannot be violated or hurt by stones, nor bombs or machine guns, nor atomic bombs – remember the best shelter is in the silence of your soul. And if you can develop that silence, nothing in the world can touch you, and having which no other gain becomes greater.
– Paramahansa Yogananda

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