Spiritual awakening

Thank you to the Blog friend who sent this video!

Another blog post I posted recently was about whether chemtrails are responsible for the birds and other animals dying suddenly.

This video speaks of a high magnitude burst of energy, lasting 12 hours, causing the birds to suddenly become disorientated and literally forget to fly. An intense wave of energy disorientates everything in its path, but the birds that were attached to a branch for eg were ‘safer,’ however those who were in mid-air had nothing to hold on to. Birds apparently were affected more because they are magnetic in nature, and follow magnetic currents.

It does seem to make sense. With the chemtrail theory I am not sure if a definitive link has been found regarding the animals dying.

This video says there will be more such occurrences.

As with everything, time will tell. The truth always – eventually – comes out.

Love & Light,

Reena Gagneja
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I have experienced the recent awakening in spurts, which started for me in the year 2000 and have increased in scope and frequency since. The most recent one was on December 21st (coincidentally the day of the Solstice and the eclipse). I feel that it was precipitated by electricity from a machine at a chiropractor’s office that was used on me. I completely depersonalized from that point on and had a major meltdown. I have since adjusted into a more comfortable but self-less state (that you described in your video). I feel very out of my body and like I’m separate from this person or identity but now I am not frightened. I just find it intriguing. When I read about the birds I immediately thought it was some sort of magnetic north pole shift messing with their navigation. Your theory of the bursts of energy made a light bulb go off for me (to continue with the electricity analogy). It would certainly correspond to the timing of my shift (and maybe indicate that it wasn’t due to the electrical instrument at the chiropractor’s office).
I have found your wisdom so helpful. I am used to being the one guiding people and I forgot what it was like to experience another person’s wisdom guide me. Your words have really resonated with me more than any of the intellectual fodder I have read in recent times. Thank you for sharing. I will certainly keep checking back for your take on the shift that is occurring rapidly this year as we head towards October 28, 2011 and beyond.


Hi Yves, it sounds like you are experiencing reality in all its realness! It’s no coincidence that that happened on the solstice I believe. I stopped eating meat and fish suddenly on 9-9-9. Energy influxes are invisible but their effects are often apparent if you open to your own body and mind. Thanks for your kind words. My own awakening – and my life previously – was always about being grounded and real, as Truth is such also. May your journey continue towards freedom.

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