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Thank you to the Blog friend who sent this video!

Another blog post I posted recently was about whether chemtrails are responsible for the birds and other animals dying suddenly.

This video speaks of a high magnitude burst of energy, lasting 12 hours, causing the birds to suddenly become disorientated and literally forget to fly. An intense wave of energy disorientates everything in its path, but the birds that were attached to a branch for eg were ‘safer,’ however those who were in mid-air had nothing to hold on to. Birds apparently were affected more because they are magnetic in nature, and follow magnetic currents.

It does seem to make sense. With the chemtrail theory I am not sure if a definitive link has been found regarding the animals dying.

This video says there will be more such occurrences.

As with everything, time will tell. The truth always – eventually – comes out.

Love & Light,

Reena Gagneja
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