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I hope this finds you all well in these times of change.

This coronavirus situation has transformed our lives – for now – in one fell swoop.   On the positive, the additional free time (aka lockdown) provides opportunities to become more attuned to ourselves, to slow down, rest the body, spend quality time with loved ones, in the garden, clear out the loft or other things that we find conducive.

But for many people this time brings uncertainty and detrimental impacts on emotional and mental wellbeing, and also to livelihoods.  Some are facing drops in income, or job losses, businesses are struggling, anxiety is high.  For those countries with lockdowns and social distancing instructions, these are bringing hitherto ignored and painful areas of life to the fore due to being forced into prolonged co-habitation with others, or from being very alone and isolated. When usually the human race is racing around trying to escape the moment, now the moment has slowed down and is not going away.  The demons must be faced.  This isn’t always easy.  But the real battle is, and always has been, an internal one.

Place of Power

Despite so much going on externally, the original place of power for us is and always will be within – this is where we find our sovereign, equal, divine self.  But for many this place is confusing and frightening, or confusing.  So it’s a perfect time right now to examine that place, to focus on you a bit, and get some clarity – releasing, healing and empowering yourself.

This is why I am offering a discount at these difficult times for Soul Plan reading by Skype.

Your own SelfRealization is the greatest service you can render the world. ― Ramana Maharshi

Soul Plan Reading Discount

Your soul plan reading will reveal what your soul planned for you for this life!  The mystery of this intelligent universe is such that somehow the sound vibrations of your name reorganises life into certain situations or patterns so you can learn your lessons! You also come here with gifts and talents, and many times clients are not utlising these or are unaware of them.  A soul plan reading reveals a lot more besides. To find out more about what a soul plan reading is click here.

So let a soul plan reading en-lighten the way at this time, and come and join me on Skype for 1.5 hours of focussing on you, the plan your soul has for you and any questions you may have.  Please take advantage of a 30% discount: pay me just £60 (usual price £90) via gmail, my email is reenagagneja (@), and I will be in touch by email to arrange a time.  This discount is valid till 30th June 2020.

There is an awakening occurring on this planet right now, can you feel it? We are in a process of consciousness being raised on a global scale like never before. It is a time we all chose to be here for.   The reason we chose this time is for the opportunity it provides us to awaken – to our accountabilities as human beings and as guardians of this beautiful planet and to our own power as divine, sovereign beings.

Wishing you good vibrations.


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