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What’s the difference between a Soul Plan Reading and a Psychic Reading?

Sometimes I get contacted by people looking for a psychic reading, thinking that a Soul Plan reading is similar.  So below are a few key differences between the two types of reading.

Psychic readings are popular because people want to know what is going to happen in their future.  A Soul Plan reading (also known as Soul Contract Reading) on the other hand, won’t tell you if you’re going to get the job or the relationship, but it will tell you core issues behind patterns that lead to difficulties.

A psychic reading is more to do with events and changes that may happen in a person’s life, or connecting with someone who has passed over, rather than deeper currents to those events.  A Soul Plan Reading tells your life’s challenges (karma), the talents you have (whether realized or not) and your goals, plus your soul destiny (soul purpose).  So this is about looking at your life from a distance, reviewing the directions you have taken, and learning a lot about yourself.

Another difference is that the effectiveness of a psychic reading is directly based upon the reader’s clairvoyant/audient/sentient abilities, mediumship or tarot gifts, and these can vary a lot.  Therefore a psychic reading depends upon the reader’s ability to impart accuracy to the reading.

soul plan or psychic readingA Soul Plan Reading however does not depend on the reader for its accuracy, as all readers use the same system to work out the client’s chart and numbers. What the Soul Plan reader can further impart into the reading is additional intuition and interpretation, but even without this aspect the reading will be correct for the client.

A psychic reading works by accessing information in the here and now like a snapshot of the position at one moment in time.   A reading today may not be the same tomorrow.

Whereas a Soul Plan reading arises from the sound vibration of your birth name, which remains the same throughout your life, so your Soul Plan reading is something that will be the same tomorrow, next month, next year and in 10 years.  The idea  behind Soul Plan reading is that your name is not just a random thing, and the name that you use everyday affects all areas of your life.  A reading of your Soul  Plan is an empowering and accurate life guidance system which often provides a healing and transformational aspect also.  Many clients who have a Soul Plan reading experience ‘aha’ moments and greater clarity about decisions they need to make, or relief that they are on track, supported by their reading.

So a psychic reading and a soul plan reading are two very different kinds of readings, both providing valuable guidance in different ways.  You could say that there is a time for one, and a time for the other.

If you are interested in finding out more about a Soul Plan reading feel free to book a free 15-mins call with me to ask any questions you may have.


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