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I got a soul plan reading by Reena and was extremely enthusiastic about it. It really is a great tool to bring your dark and golden shadows to the light and know one self better. Reena was very present and openhearted. I am very thankful I got to do a soul reading with her. Thanks again Reena 🙏
reena gagneja

SG, June 2021

I found Reena on a Buddha at the gas pump interview. At the time I was searching for a female teacher in the spiritual world that I could relate to. There didn’t seem to be as many female teachers as male, and the ones I had found I couldn’t quite relate to.

Whilst watching Reena’s interview I really resonated with what she was saying. I liked her honest and down to earth approach. At the end of the interview she mentioned her soul plan readings. Ordinarily I’m not really interested in these sorts of things but I was intrigued. So I visited her website and found myself booking a reading. Partly because I was interested in meeting her over Skype and also what I’d discover about this soul plan reading. I enjoyed the soul plan reading and meeting Reena.

I found the reading easy to understand and Reena explained it all very well. I received a report after the reading detailing what she’s talked me through during the Skype chat. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but everything she said and was written really resonated. I feel it was exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I’ve only read it a few times immediately after it was sent to me and actually haven’t really read it since and more importantly haven’t clung to it, but it was a great experience.

reena gagneja

NC, USA, 2017

“I just want to thank you – with my whole heart – for the time you spent with me yesterday during my Soul Plan Reading. It was better than I ever expected and I really got so much out of it…in fact, I’m still digesting it! The intuitions I had about myself & my life were validated while, at the same time, I received a lot of new helpful insights that I will be digging into for the rest of my life! Overall, I highly recommend a Soul Plan Reading as a valid & holistic method of learning about the various dimensions of one’s life & personal destiny in this incarnation. Thank you Reena!”

reena gagneja

ST, Arizona, July 2020

“Reena gave me a Soul Plan reading last week. I already knew my soul plan because I had a reading with someone else a year ago, but I felt I needed more guidance on how to transmute my challenges into my greatest strengths and on how I can be more aligned with my soul plan. The reading was very beautiful and insightful! I was blown away by Reena’s wisdom, clarity and warmth. She made me feel completely at ease and answered all the questions I had very clearly and patiently. In addition, she sent me a pdf with a summary of the reading, including some self-help recommendations, so that I can always look back at it when I need it. I now have much more clarity about my soul plan and more confidence on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Reena’s sessions to anyone. Thank you, Reena! You’re such a blessing to this world!”

reena gagneja

ET, Netherlands, Dec 2019

“I was looking for an intuitive life coach, and was drawn to Reena and her website in a way that I had not with others. When she suggested a Soul Plan reading it made total sense to me to go ahead. The findings were astonishingly accurate in places, and have the potential to give me renewed confidence, not just in my abilities and potential in terms of my life and career, but spiritually as well. I know I have made the right choice in asking Reena to help me and I trust her to help me to get to a place where I fully trust and understand my right to be my authentic ‘self’ and to allow this take me where it will. Reena has a very calming and reassuring presence, which puts you at your ease and gives you hope. I’m looking forward to working with her.”

reena gagneja


“I just had my soul plan reading done with Reena and I´m still so surprised about it. It was a fascinating and very helpful experience. Her insights were very helpful,very sensitive and trustful.I highly reccomend this for anyone seeking for answers. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading Reena.”

reena gagneja

Maria, Islandia

“Reena gave me six sessions of life coaching during early 2008, specifically to help me develop my business in psychic art and spiritual healing. Our sessions really helped me to “think outside the box” and guided me to create a vision board providing clear visual focus for my goals. In the same year, Reena did an analysis of my soul contract, using the method of numerology. This information was an inspiration for me, as it provided much needed confirmation of the true purpose of my life! I am truly grateful for all Reena’s generous help.”

reena gagneja


“I am really encouraged by the outcome of the six life coaching sessions I had. The sessions really enabled me to break through some mental blocks I had about getting on with the work I wanted to do. Setting action points and knowing there was someone in the background waiting to hear how you got on with those action points was a really effective way of getting me moving on certain things that have been static for a long time. Talking to Reena also helped me to uncover any fears and hesitations around the projects, and once those were acknowledged it was easier to move on to the actual doing of the things. I now feel enabled to continue with the projects started using some of the methods the life coach suggested such as setting myself specific tasks to do within a certain timescale. These life coaching sessions really put me in a new place with my work and I hope to keep the momentum going in the future. Thank you I really got a lot out of this.”

reena gagneja


“I had a one-to-one session with Reena. The aim of the session was to help me explore my phobia of rejection. The session was challenging yet compassionate. Reena impressed me with her ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and to offer strategies for overcoming deeply held issues. Since meeting with Reena I have begun to appreciate the areas of my life where I have allowed rejection to rule and to challenge my way of thinking so that I can be happier and more productive in my life. I would recommend Reena as someone who will help you to make real progress quickly in whatever area you wish to look at.”

reena gagneja


“I feel so rested today after the healing session. You are a natural at this sort of thing. With you as the purveyor and conveyor of the spirit some of the inherent impurities and baggage I have been carrying is being released. With you there is a closeness I have never experienced before. I am feeling the emotions that as you know have been external, and are now beginning to manifest from within. I thank you for that with all my heart. It is a time of great releasing for me.”

reena gagneja


“I went to see Reena for spiritual counselling when I was at a very low point. I urgently needed help and knew that my problems needed to be faced and couldn’t be fixed by any tablets from a GP – even if that might have made me feel better temporarily. I never imagined for a moment that after only a few weeks I would feel so much better; I feel like a different person, so much more relaxed, happy and optimistic than I have been for a very long time and I know it’s all down to Reena’s help. If you are considering counselling you should definitely speak to Reena. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

reena gagneja

JP, London, April 2010

“Thank you for a very interesting reading! A lot of it really rang true for me, so I was quite impressed.”

reena gagneja

Liz Alvis, Natural Health Magazine Oct 09

“I also thought i would mention that your radio show is wonderful. You’re a natural…I would never have guessed that it was your first time. Of course, I am always lulled by a beautiful accent, but the content was interesting, your timing was great, and your guest was perfect. Congrats to you!”

reena gagneja


“If you love getting your horoscope drawn up (as I do) then you’ll enjoy getting a soul contract reading done with Reena Gagneja. Our 90-minute consultation was a fun experience in which I learnt lots of interesting and spookily accurate things about myself – who wouldn’t enjoy that?…In my case not only were the descriptions uncannily accurate but the advice given was helpful too. Highly recommended.”

reena gagneja

Review in Natural Health Magazine Jan 2010 by Deputy Editor, Liz Alvis.

“I listened to your last interview with suzanne ward and after the interview i had a look at mathews messages and they have open me up to the light. it has given me the courage to go within and face my difficulties.”

reena gagneja

M, UK, 2010

“You have so much to offer to the world. You helped me… more people need to know about you do & what you have to say!! I have listened to many in my quest to become a better person.. you helped me the most.”

reena gagneja

DM, Vancouver, Canada

“I have just watched your video and I was moved by your words and your sincerity. I wanted to reach out and hug you!”

reena gagneja

BH, Canada 14/12/09

“I just want to thank you so much for taking the time out to spend with me. The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am. It has been a tremendous experience that I needed at this time in my life. Thank you for guiding me and supporting me in the correct direction. It was strange because i only meet you for the first time on the phone, but I opened up completely to you. I really felt strong warmth and connection with you…Now I am so ready to start taking baby steps to reach my goals and you have really encouraged me to do that. The soul reading has given me the push that I needed in life.”

reena gagneja

SKS, Jan 2010

“I recently went to see Reena to have a Soul Plan Reading done. I had been searching to get some answers to the direction and emotions I’ve experienced in my life and on this search I felt drawn to Reena’s website and the issues/topics she discusses. She explores a great deal of areas I am fascinated with and has a great deal of insight on these. The Soul Plan Reading was uncannily accurate, providing an outline of core characteristics I have both physically and spiritually. It was so helpful and inspirational to get a far better understanding of the why I have experienced certain situations and this understanding has given me the strength to confront life lessons I have to face. It has also made me realise the potential I have if I am true and honest with myself, rather than be stuck in an ongoing cycle of negative patterns. Reena’s approach and mannerism is so relaxed and calming, you can clearly see she is sympathetic and has ‘been there’ herself. I’ve since decided to work with Reena with some counselling because I feel I can trust the intuitive guidance Reena provides and am very much looking forward to this. Thanks Reena!”

reena gagneja

JP, London, UK

“What’s in a name? An uncannily accurate portrait of my characteristics and inner goings on. I’ve gained deeper understanding of particular aspects of who I am which I feel has created a clearing. One of the things that became clear for me is that I’ve been selective about which emotions I’ve been allowing myself to fully experience and have suppressed others which I have not liked myself for feeling. This has been disempowering. Now I can work with just being with those feelings, that it’s OK and this releases the ties I’ve had with them. It may sound obvious but I think we are all blind to ourselves and can see others so much clearer! I am supported by this reading and can heartily recommend Reena. And Reena it’s wonderful to see you now radiating inner peace and having the talent to radiate that to others – you have come such a long way since I met you 10 years or so ago and are an inspiration.”

reena gagneja

G, London, UK

“Audio was very good – could listen to you all day. (Buddha At The Gas Pump Interview)”

reena gagneja


“I recently had a reading with Reena. Her wisdom and insight was amazing! Reena has ventured into; and studied a particular area that most of us know very little about. But as I am learning with the years … very little of our lives are coincidental but much more planned than we realize. It is a matter of tapping into this knowledge and learning what we can while we are on our earthly journey. How we can be a better person and travel down a more wonderful, brilliant path. After all we are all stars within the universe. Thank you Reena, you are a very lovely woman who has shed your ego and genuinely help others from a true source of love.”

reena gagneja

DM, May 2011, Canada

“I had a Soul Contract Reading with Reena and was amazed at how accurate it was. It made me think about what I’m actually capable of and how to use my natural talents to make my life happier and more fulfilling. It also made me think about what I’ve been trying to suppress or ignore and how this has created problems for me. I am now feeling optimistic about doing things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence or belief to try before. I will be following up with some spiritual counselling sessions with Reena as I am sure I will benefit from her continued help.”

reena gagneja

JP, Soul Contract Client, London, Feb 2010

“I had my Soul Contract Reading done by Reena, and it was a completely fascinating experience. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was ! It gave me a real insight and I would highly recommend it, particularly if you are going through a period of uncertainty and need direction and guidance. In fact, it is essential.”

reena gagneja

SS, London, UK, May 2010

“My soul contract reading was so enlightening, surprising and insightful. I will be able now to approach life’s matters with a renewed air of confidence, convinced more than ever that I am where I’ve chosen to be in these times. It is a pleasure to know you and thank you so much. I enjoy the blog site immensely.”

reena gagneja

F, Omaha, USA

“Thank you for all your enlightening posts. I can’t respond to each one with a comment but I want you to know how deeply appreciated your work is. I share your blog with so many others.”

reena gagneja


“It was strange because i only meet you for the first time on the phone, but I opened up completely to you. I really felt strong warmth and connection with you…Now I am so ready to start taking baby steps to reach my goals and you have really encouraged me to do that. The soul reading has given me the push that I needed in life. I just want to thank you so much for taking the time out to spend with me. The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am. It has been a tremendous experience that I needed at this time in my life. Thank you for guiding me and supporting me in the correct direction.”

reena gagneja

SKS, Soul Contract Client, Jan 12,2010

“The reading was good and has confirmed and consolidated information I’ve been told before and enlightened me on what I wasn’t aware of. Also thanks for your help with clarifying a few things with me that day especially about denial of feelings.”

reena gagneja

MF, London, UK

“Hi Reena, Just to touch base I’d like to thank you again for your Soul Plan Reading last week, I found it really resonated with me and has provided great food for thought/contemplation as I’ve been reflecting on it throughout the week. Its very helpful because it exposed some patterns of personality and behaviour that I was previously unconscious to. Also, its just in general tremendously confirming that the path I am on is indeed where I am meant to be. A great tool and service that I very much appreciate, thanks again.”

reena gagneja

TK, Ontario Canada

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Chandresh Desai

What brought me to Reena were her interviews on youtube. I was more than delighted to interact with someone who is established in the inner awareness in the midst of the body, mind, emotions drama.

The soul plan reading helped. I feel her readings have to be reviewed multiple times. Her Lessons and Karmic Management has to be paid special attention to. – Chandresh, USA