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Find out your soul plan / soul contract

Soul Plan Reading reveals your life’s blueprint

Ask yourself…

What if your life had an overall plan that included your going through your very unique challenges?

What if it could guide you in the direction most likely to help you feel empowered?

What if it could reveal to you what your true life’s purpose is?

This plan is your Soul Plan

A Soul Plan reading is like the blueprint of your soul – a map to living in peace with yourself and mastering what you came here for.  Without understanding your soul’s mission for this life, all the money in the world may feel futile, or the greatest achievements may leave you feeling empty.  This is because we are here to learn from earth school, not to accumulate success and  comforts.

Your soul plan reading goes straight to the core of your soul’s mission in terms of learnings you signed up prior to incarnating, as well as revealing your inherent gifts, innate abilities and life’s goals.  Find out what clients say about their soul plan reading here: Soul Plan reading testimonials.

Book a Soul Plan Reading
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Here are the steps to book a soul plan reading with me:

  1. Pay via bank transfer – please email me for details and provide your full birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate), thank you.
  2. I will be in touch with availability dates and connecting via Skype within 24 hours of payment being received.
  3. On the day of the reading, you will be sent a PDF copy of your reading at the start of the session.  Readings take between 60 – 90 minutes.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing your soul plan with you!

NB: If you are unsure about which birth name to provide for your Soul Plan reading, please email me via the contact page with some details so that we can clarify this.  There is always one name that provides your ‘correct’ soul plan.  It is important we get this right from the start.

Concessions – I provide concessions for those who are struggling financially – please email me in the first instance. 

Earth is considered by souls to be a very difficult school. The great lesson of Earth is to overcome both planetary and private destructive forces in life, grow strong from the effort, and move on. – Dr Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls

Soul Plan FAQs

Below I have addressed some common questions relating to soul plan reading.

What is a Soul Plan?

soul plan reading LondonAccording to the Soul Plan – or Soul Contract as it is also called – reading system, one’s soul plan is the plan agreed before this incarnation. It covers your karma, talents, goals and soul destiny.

The purpose of the Soul Plan is that the soul needs to experience certain situations and growth opportunities in order to evolve and purify, and ultimately get off the rebirth wheel and into union with the Divine / God.

To explain a little more…Most of us have had many incarnations, or at least a few.  In ignorance (not knowing truth), we have created many different scenarios in relation to others, the outside world and ourselves.  Due to the law of karma, all karmic situations must eventually become balanced out – meaning we need to learn the lesson.  Your reason for going through this dual world experience, whilst suffering spiritual amnesia, is to learn lessons, in order to eventually realize / embody the truth of your own being.

A Soul Plan is agreed by our Higher Self (Soul) in conjunction with our guides and other beings, so that we may learn whatever lessons we choose in the forthcoming incarnation, as well as utilise talents and achieve goals.

This Soul Plan is revealed by a Soul Plan reading.  This plan is designed for our maximum growth.

Every one of us has a mission of some kind, a purpose, or purposes, for which we have talents to help us.  However, it is the karmic challenges that stop us in our tracks, and are even hidden from our view, and it is these that a Soul Plan reading can be so helpful in highlighting, and therefore allowing for healing.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are on a journey towards fulfilling your Soul’s purpose.  Aligning with this purpose brings so many aspects into harmony, life begins to flow better, and your consciousness becomes raised.

What is a Soul Plan Reading?

soul contract readingSoul Plan is a system of deriving what you’re here to do in this life from the sound vibration and spelling of your birth name. It has its roots in the ancient Hebrew gematria which are words whose letters correspond to numerical values and hidden meanings. Another way of putting it is that a Soul Plan reading (also known as Soul Contract or Soul Path Reading) is a profound system of analysis based upon Hebrew numerology that uncovers the path of the Soul.

It reveals the potential that each human being brings into this life as well as the challenges they are here to face and learn from.  It decodes the lessons, gifts, goals and soul destiny for this life.  This powerful analysis reveals not only the thoughts/behavioural patterns but also reveals main archetypes that influence the conscious and unconscious mind.

The system behind Soul Plan reading is a powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis and guidance. It works through the interpretation of your birth name’s sound vibration or sound energy.  It is believed that this system was used for personal growth in ancient times and became lost.  Recently (last 3-4 decades) it has returned to help with the energetic upliftment taking place in people and the planet at this time.  If you don’t believe this sort of thing, you can still gain all the amazing benefits of having your Soul Plan read – belief is not mandatory, it can help you at a deep level even if you don’t ‘believe’ in the system.

In a reading, the sound of your name is stated as numbers and symbols which are placed around the star of creation in specific positions.  Each position has a unique significance, and information relevant to your chart for each position on the star is shared and interpreted during the reading.  A reading looks at both the worldly (physical) aspects of your life, as well as the spiritual, and takes into account any patterns or dominant vibrations that influence your life.

Having a reading creates a high vibrational resonance as Soul Plan is a living system, which can activate and catalyze your innate potential.  Having a reading enables you to align naturally with the universe, so that your life starts to flow in a more synchronistic, joyful and creative way.

How Does Your Name Reveal Your Soul Plan?

soul plan reading ukIt may be hard to believe but your name does reveal your Soul Plan for this incarnation.  Readings are based upon the sound vibration of your original name at birth, as this appears on your birth certificate.   Each name has a very unique sound vibration, which catalyzes the universe to attract into your life the people and circumstances that guide you towards the fulfillment your Soul’s plan.

The name we are given at birth holds the resonance of a certain sound, which in turn attracts to us all that we need to experience in order to learn our lessons, achieve our goals and optimise our talents – as per our Soul Plan.

Why Get A Soul Plan Reading Done?  

soul plan londonA Soul Plan reading pretty much tells you the story of your life, clarifying the challenges you’ve faced, showing your gifts and talents, and revealing what is stopping you from reaching your potential and goals. Soul Plan can help you to:

  • Understand what the main blockages have been in your life and how to overcome these
  • Rise above victim consciousness
  • Understand why some of your relationship issues were designed to be so challenging which can lead to forgiveness
  • Learn to accept your challenges in life thus far, and face the future with renewed confidence that you can bear whatever will come
  • See that your suffering has a deeper spiritual meaning and purpose – it was meant to be so you could evolve
  • Discover what your greatest strengths are in terms of work that’s best suited to you, financial , creative and overall life purpose
  • Deepen understanding of your life’s purpose leading to greater peace, self-love and confidence in your path.

Soul Plan is like accessing a universal code that unlocks the key to a much deeper understanding of yourself, your experience and your purpose. Not only that but it provides a structure and explanation for much of your life experience up to this point and beyond.

There is quote I keep in mind thesedays. “Fear arises when we separate ourselves from our spiritual power.” A Soul Plan reading can increase your spiritual power through deeper understanding, and thereby reduce fear.

You were not given your body by a chance of nature. It was selected for you by spiritual advisors and after previewing their offerings of other host bodies, you agreed to accept the body you now have. Thus, you are not a victim of circumstance. You are entrusted with your body to be an active participant in life, not a bystander. We must not lose sight of the idea that we accepted this sacred contract of life. – Dr Michael Newton, Destiny of Souls

Are you Accredited to Provide Soul Plan Readings?

soul planI hold a Diploma in Spiritual Counselling which also provided certification as a Soul Plan Practitioner.

BA (Hons), MCMA, Dip. Spiritual Counselling, H-hp Dip

I have been providing soul plan readings for clients for over 12 years.

What’s the Background To Soul Plan Readings?

soul plan reading onlineSoul Plan is a system of life purpose analysis and energy healing. It has its roots and derives its basic interpretations from the Ari Gra version of the Sefer Yetzirah and includes a gematria system of calculation that was probably passed onto Frank Alper, uthor of Discovering Atlantis, by the Hebrew scholar Aryeh Kaplan or was otherwise channelled/created by Frank.

What we know for certain is that Frank channelled 22 symbols that accompany the 22 letters and interpretations as described in the Sefer Yetzirah.

Can I Have a Reading For My Child?

soul plan readingsYes, you can. If your child is under 18, a Soul Plan reading can be beneficial for your child as it can help you as a parent with a deeper understanding of any issues with their child, and why they behave in certain ways.  This can then help to harmonise situations, understand family dynamics better, and have greater compassion for your child.  A reading will also you what your child’s gifts And goals are, thus this can assist when guiding them in which direction to take in life, as they move into adulthood.

If your child is 18 or over, they are advised to request their own Soul Plan reading directly.

How Long Does a Reading Take?

soul plan by skypeReadings take 1 to 1.5 hours, plus 1 hour of analysis and preparation beforehand.



What Happens in a Reading?

soul contract readingsDuring the session with you, I will take you through the interpretation of each of the 7 aspects of your Soul Plan chart, so that you have a good understanding of your core gifts / strengths / potentials, your main lessons / challenges,  your goals, and your soul destiny.

The session is interactive, and you are free to ask questions at any time.  I will also be asking you some questions, inspired by indications and aspects I see in your reading.

Can I Give a Reading as a Gift?

soul plan readerYes. If you wish to purchase a give of a Soul Plan reading, please pay for the reading, and ensure you add the full  birth name of the person for whom you are purchasing a reading, not yours.  However, separately, kindly let me know (via the contact page) to inform me of this purchase, and confirm the birth name provided.

Gifts are to be used within 24 months of payment.

What Do Your Clients Say? 

soul plan readingPlease find below some of the things client have told me about their reading session.

“The soul reading has given me the push that I needed in life.”

“The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am. It has been a tremendous experience that I needed at this time in my life.”

“I found it really resonated with me.”

“Its very helpful because it exposed some patterns of personality and behaviour that I was previously unconscious to.”

“…confirming that the path I am on is indeed where I am meant to be.”

“…has confirmed and consolidated information I’ve been told before and enlightened me on what I wasn’t aware of.”

“My soul contract reading was so enlightening, surprising and insightful.”

“I will be able now to approach life’s matters with a renewed air of confidence.”

“…convinced more than ever that I am where I’ve chosen to be in these times.”

“I couldn’t believe how accurate it was !”

“It gave me a real insight.”

“…was amazed at how accurate it was.”

“It made me think about what I’m actually capable of and how to use my natural talents to make my life happier and more fulfilling.”

“I am now feeling optimistic about doing things that I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence or belief to try before.”

“I’ve gained deeper understanding of particular aspects of who I am which I feel has created a clearing.”

“One of the things that became clear for me is that I’ve been selective about which emotions I’ve been allowing myself to fully experience and have suppressed others which I have not liked myself for feeling. This has been disempowering.”

“I am supported by this reading.”

“The Soul Plan Reading was uncannily accurate, providing an outline of core characteristics I have both physically and spiritually.”

“It was so helpful and inspirational to get a far better understanding of why I have experienced certain situations.”

“The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am.”

“It was a fascinating and very helpful experience.”

“…being very sceptical at first I didn’t know what to make of the report, but as we went through the reading I felt as if layers of me were being peeled away.”

“I came away with a deeper and greater understanding of myself and my life purpose.”

“It really helped me to take a good look at my life from a fresh perspective and break away from some of the negative patterns which where so deeply ingrained that alone I could never have recognised them.”

“I’m pleased that I can apply this insightful knowledge to impending life-decisions with added confidence.”

Read all testimonials here.

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[…] Just to say that you are welcome to continue to add comments on this blog on any of the posts, as I will still be maintaining this site. Or feel free to contact me for 1-2-1 sessions or email support or soul plan readings. […]


The problem that I’m having is that everything starts from a thought and I really believe that thoughts and words create energy. Even the “word” that began everything from the Bible’s perspective had to start with a thought, even before a word could be spoken. So even before there was a sound, there was a thought which created the energy to produce the word or the sound.

Personally, I’m not able to access the Akashic records, so I can’t prove whether what you are saying about soul plan readings is either accurate or not, but I do believe that anyone can predict anything and a person can either choose to believe it or not. If a person’s beliefs are strong enough, this alone will produce the energy to make something manifest.

Reality is subjective and one can’t help but wonder how a person gets training to do soul plan readings or even teach someone how to do it. However, I don’t doubt that our names really do have a much deeper meaning than just being a random choice, because there is so much that we don’t understand about creation and why we are here.

But I do believe that I created my world before I entered into it, which means that I created you and everyone else that I chose to interact with, but as to why I created you and your situation is still beyond my current scope of knowledge. It could be that you are here to test my ability to find the real truth, because your life in my world also has a purpose of some kind, although not necessarily to be as direct as you are making it seem.

Everything in my world contains a small piece of truth for me to discover, so for me to pay you for a reading is probably not wise, since that tiny piece of truth is most likely not within the reading itself, but is instead located within the information on your site.

I don’t know why I’m bothering to comment on here because it won’t be published unless it supports your cause.

[…] Gagneja is a Soul Plan Reader and Spiritual Blogger, where she posts conspiracy theory information and spiritual encouragement. […]

Ivan Filipp

Hi Reena.
It´s Ivan. I hope You´re fine and in the state of the mind and soul. I like Your reading everyday, day by day I am suprised what´s going on between Heaven and Earth. And these information helps me to go on the right path, however my intuition is very strong. How is in London, I was reading Your point of view of Royal wedding, interesting aspect not knowing for the folks. I suppose You´re connected with powerful people relating of lightworking and its spreading to people, but as You know,
95% of them are not still opened to whole new idead which are implemented in present times so they don´t understand proccesses of nowadays and not choosing the right path like a sage who is coming throght all of this without some personal damage, knowing the right way of clairvoyant and is very purified. So, I prefer this kind of communication cos also we are scanned by some groups, but what is important it will be ended by the end of this year, take my word on it. I am sending You energy of freedom and peace and harmony. I like London very much, I never have been in there but I was writting some big stuff of it in University that took me few days. So, theoreticaly I know it perfectly. At the end, I wish You all the best and keeping in touch. Ivan.

wangyimba richard

i am facing a crucial moment my life and it is a very hard one for me to solve. i lost my dad and i am going through crises now, i work alright but i seem not to understand why i am still suffering for money.

Maria Isabel Biros

My Life is So sad,sadness is always I encounter,When is the word love, I can’t feel it.Through my life no one love me truly besides my older sister,but she is now killed by my owen brother.

N. Suman Bhat

Dear Reena,
Just chanced upon your soul reading plan write-ups when i was browsing horoscopofree.com and got interested. My name in my birth certificate is R. S. Suman. After marriage, my name is N. Suman Bhat and so it is in the passport. Now, which name should i submit if i request for a free 15 min reading of the soul plan as advertised? Everyone calls me Suman. Kindly enlighten. How do I request for this free reading? By phone?
Awaiting instructions and guidance,
Sincere Regards,


my childfather has changed so much is he in love with someone else that he keeps pushing me away


Could you pls send a reading?

[…] and start rebuilding your DNA today for total wellness. Reena Gagneja is a Spiritual Counsellor,Soul Plan Reader and Amega Business Associate. She is passionate about helping others transform and realize their […]


Hey sis, you are into something soooo interesting. Im sure its quite a challenge too! Would love to learn something about myself n kids… 🙂 Hope to talk to you further on this.


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