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Your Soul Plan Reading
can provide clarity and upliftment in these uncertain times…

Did you know that your birth name is encoded with your life’s blueprint?
…and your Soul Plan Reading unlocks this code, revealing this blueprint!

Raise your consciousness and experience greater peace through an understanding of your life’s purpose(s) and what you are here for.

Find upliftment during these uncertain times.

soul plan special offer


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Clearer sense of their life’s purpose

An understanding of your life to this point – it finally makes sense

Emotional and spiritual growth

Know what your major life challenges, talents and goals are

Empowered to make decisions that you can feel confidence about

Reena Gagneja, Soul Plan Practitioner
BA (Hons), H-hp Dip Sp. Couns, MCMA

I am a certified Soul Plan Practitioner and am a full member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA). I have been providing readings for clients for over 10 years now, and love sharing new possibilities with my clients!

What your reading will show you
Your Soul Plan Reading shows you clearly your karma, talents, goals and soul destiny. It will guide you in the direction most suitable for your fulfilment on multiple levels.  

When you will receive your reading
Your reading will be sent to you by email within 2 working days. Please whitelist, just in case the email wants to go into your spam. 

What will I receive?
A carefully designed 8-12 page PDF. It is recommended you keep the PDF safe, as it will be relevant to you throughout your life!  Each of us has the one fundamental Soul Plan, though we can have overlay plans, through name changes. 

Full Soul Plan Reading
A reading by email provides details of all aspects of your Soul Plan so you will know what are your challenges, talents, goals and soul destiny. It does not provide as much interpretation as a full Soul Plan Reading, which you can find out more about here.

What is a Soul Plan Reading?

Soul Plan reading is a powerful and uncannily accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance and healing.

It works through the interpretation of your birthname’s sound vibration.  It is believed that this system was used in ancient times and became lost.  

Your Soul Plan is a spiritual map to your life, and your reading will be a support to you throughout your life, guiding you in the right direction for you.

The analysis will show you aspects of yourself that have hitherto been hidden, or subconsciously avoided, blind spots, so to speak.

This information arms you with genuine self-knowledge, and knowledge is indeed power…

But it is power in a good way, and it comes from confidence, knowing what you now know. So, find out what your Soul Plan has in store for you!

hidden gifts, your life’s themes and energetic dynamics at play in your experiences, and all of this information will empower you.

What Clients Say…

“If you love getting your horoscope drawn up (as I do) then you’ll enjoy getting a soul contract reading done with Reena Gagneja. Our 90-minute consultation was a fun experience in which I learnt lots of interesting and spookily accurate things about myself – who wouldn’t enjoy that?…In my case not only were the descriptions uncannily accurate but the advice given was helpful too. Highly recommended.” – Natural Health Magazine, UK

soul contract reading“I just had my soul plan reading done with Reena and I´m still so surprised about it. It was a fascinating and very helpful experience. Her insights were very helpful,very sensitive and trustful.I highly reccomend this for anyone seeking for answers. Thank you so much for a wonderful reading Reena.” – M, Islandia

soul contract“The soul contract reading was excellent in showing who I am. It has been a tremendous experience that I needed at this time in my life. Thank you for guiding me and supporting me in the correct direction. It was strange because i only meet you for the first time on the phone, but I opened up completely to you. I really felt strong warmth and connection with you…Now I am so ready to start taking baby steps to reach my goals and you have really encouraged me to do that. The soul reading has given me the push that I needed in life.” – SKS

soul plan by skype“Reena gave me a Soul Plan reading last week. I already knew my soul plan because I had a reading with someone else a year ago, but I felt I needed more guidance on how to transmute my challenges into my greatest strengths and on how I can be more aligned with my soul plan. The reading was very beautiful and insightful! I was blown away by Reena’s wisdom, clarity and warmth. She made me feel completely at ease and answered all the questions I had very clearly and patiently. In addition, she sent me a pdf with a summary of the reading, including some self-help recommendations, so that I can always look back at it when I need it. I now have much more clarity about my soul plan and more confidence on how to move forward. I would highly recommend Reena’s sessions to anyone. Thank you, Reena! You’re such a blessing to this world!” – ET, Netherlands

soul plan london“I had my Soul Contract Reading done by Reena, and it was a completely fascinating experience. I couldn’t believe how accurate it was ! It gave me a real insight and I would highly recommend it, particularly if you are going through a period of uncertainty and need direction and guidance. In fact, it is essential.” – SS, London, UK

More testimonials can be read HERE.

Soul Plan Reading by Skype

After receiving your mini reading by email, you may wish to book a full Soul Plan reading by Skype / phone which provides more detail and interpretation, and also the chance for you to ask questions. 

A full reading takes 1 – 1.5 hours and provides an in-depth look into your Soul Plan, along with self-help recommendations for further work in order to align more with your life’s missions. 

You may of course opt for a full Soul Plan reading from the outset.


Unsure of Your Birthname?

Some people use a different name to the one they were given at birth, and may be unsure of which name to provide for the reading. If you have any questions about which name to use please email me via the contact page with details.  There is always one name that provides your ‘correct’ soul plan and that is the one that the reading should be based on.

Or any other questions? Feel free to contact me via the contact form.

I look forward to sharing your reading with you.


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