Spiritual Awakening Guide

I am a spiritual awakening guide for those who may be experiencing a sudden or gradual spiritual awakening or kundalini awakening. My bent is Advaita Vedanta, or non-duality, including vedic scriptures such as Bhagavat Gita, Ashtvakra Gita and other Vedantic texts. My spiritual masters of choice are Osho, Swami Krishnananda, Ramana Maharshi and others who give the same sort of message.

This message is – in a nutshell – we as human body-minds and all of what you see in the outside world, are a play, or hologram you could say, within the ocean of Absolute Consciousness which is the one constant throughout all of eternity and existence. Nothing else is constant but This. Nothing else is Real but This. The Absolute is the fount of everything, nothing is possible outside It, because It is everything.

Now, this has to be realized deeply within the body-mind, as that’s the game – and purpose – of taking births, ultimately. In this process so many beliefs and opinions have to be uncovered.

So the spiritual awakening journey is one where we begin to be in communion with the Absolute and the identity / self-image we had of ourselves begins its waning journey into becoming just a functional ego, rather than the controller of our lives. This is the hardest path anyone will ever take, because most of us have spent many, many births avoiding it, being very attached to material objects, relationships and other externals. And the ego is usually not even given a thought, as it’s the voice in your head that you think of as ‘you.’ But what do you do when Grace has it that it’s finally your time to recognize the ego-self and it’s too hard or too frightening to undergo these deep spiritual experiences?

Well, this is where a spiritual awakening guide can help.

Any of these may apply to you:

  • I think I’m experiencing a dark night of the soul and feel totally isolated, I need help
  • I am going through a sudden spiritual awakening and feel like I’m going crazy
  • I have been a spiritual seeker for a long time but I’m usually always unhappy or anxious
  • I’ve been meditating for years but don’t feel I’m getting anywhere on my spiritual journey
  • Emotions from the past are overwhelming me rather than any healing happening
  • I lost attachement to my ego and now I feel only apathy and meaninglessness
  • I partook in Ayahuasca or Iboga ceremonies but don’t know how to integrate the experience, or I feel like they made no difference
  • My ‘pain body’ has surfaced and I feel awful everyday, I feel like I can’t cope but I have to keep going
  • I’m spiritually awakened but still feel depressed and despair
  • I’m spiritual awakened but it’s lonely on this path, there is noone in my life who I can talk to about what I’m going through
  • I am a spiritual aspirant and want to experience my infinite true nature but don’t know how
  • I can see my ego and that I’m under its control, but I would like to let go if it
  • I want to heal from my emotional blockages but through the non-dual approach as traditional counselling was too limited for me
  • I want to free myself from the trap of reincarnation

spiritual awakening guideQualifications & Experience

I am a qualified Spiritual Counsellor. I also offer Soul Plan Reading.

As a spiritual awakening giide, please note that I do not offer sessions for those experiencing a serious mental health condition such as a personality disorder, schizophrenia or others. These sessions are for those who are aware their expereince is spiritual, even if it may feel like a crisis such as a dark night of the soul, or a difficult kundalini awakening.

Spiritual awakening experience

15 years ago kundalini and spiritual awakening occurred in a sudden experience over a few weeks. Nothingness settled in the belly leaving me wondering if I was having a breakdown, as emotions were intense, but later I came to see that the nothingness was God giving me a glimpse of the Absolute Reality from within my body. I did not know the term spiritual awakening when this happened.

Direct experience of Divine Consciousness in answer to an urgent prayer I sent out subsequently occurred along with activation of the 3rd eye, this was God showing me another glimpse stronger than the one before. In this direct experience God was present, it was vast, dark but not scary, God was actively communing with me, telling me profound stuff! Like the fact that there was order in the manifested universe and that Intelligence was another way of calling God. This was awe-invoking and liberating, suddenly bringing me into the Now (I had lived life in my head as most do), and the gratitude I felt is with me to this day, I can cry when I think of it deeply. It was the first time in my life I had felt any real joy.

Much healing of past traumas subsequently took place, and several dark nights of the soul occurred, even recently, though later dark nights of the soul have been more ‘mini’ and less severe. The first dark night of the soul was incredibly protracted and unbearable. As the journey went on, layers of ego and attachments were released leaving more and more expanded awareness, and non-resistance of the now. I have also found that dark night of the soul releases chronic tension held in the body.

Since a teenager my wish was to understand if it was possible to end suffering in life. In my 40s I was shown the answer by directly experiencing bliss and a cessation of suffering. But this is not easy to maintain due to the complexities and the underlying darkness behind this space-time world, and the ingrained ego that does not wish to weaken.

The realization that now is all we ever have, and all that is ever happening in truth, was deeply liberating.  Part of this journey has included several Ayahuasca ceremonies and one Iboga ceremony. They are great as part of the journey, but in the end, we awaken to True Self by ourselves.

Through such opening of Awareness, I have been left with an ever deeper and unabating devotion for God (bhakti), who is not some white-bearded man in the sky waiting to judge you when you die, but the Impartial, Intelligent, Infinite Consciousness within which everything – which is finite – comes and goes.

As a being I am very down-to-earth, or you could say I have my eyes wide open. This means that I am aware also of the trap that this human life in this space-time-continuum is. Reincarnation / rebirth is a trap of evolution, which has been taken over by an advanced godless force, which is also in control of living human minds and bodies. What this force does not want you to know is that you are an infinite, eternal drop in the Ocean that is God. Swami Krishnananda said that if your consciousness becomes identical with the Absolute the whole of evolution (rebirth) will cease in an instant.

There is then no more important a task than to realize our Infinite Self in this life before our time to leave this body arrives. By then it will be too late and we are going to be coming back into another life, probably on this earth. Even fighting ‘the good fight’ – to try to make this a better world in some way or other – is still a fight, an attachment. So we must liberate ourselves from the body-mind then we can decide if the good fight was really good and if we want to continue to put our precious consciousness into it.

Not many beings seem to talk about this, which is puzzling, but I have for a long time felt the importance of preparing for the moments before the death of this body. It is said in certain traditions that our final thoughts (fears, attachments) just before death will determine where we go after death. And Self-realization is the key that will open the door to our own choice after we pass, rather than having the one door open to us, which is the door to another trapped human life. If you realize that you are an infinite being, then after death you will have infinite options.

Once upon a time earth was a mystical place. But then there was a fall and the human mind forgot its origins, whilst the body went lower in frequency too. Since then much suffering and trauma has transpired. Now we must return to our mystical roots and illumine our godly nature to ourselves. There is simply no other way out of the fall from paradise. Noone, no saviour, can do the work for us.

If I had to choose some ‘strengths’ that I feel I can bring to my clients it is emotional healing of trauma, ego dissolution, mind-chatter-quietening and the situating of our energetic focus in the bossom of the Absolute. In simple terms it would be that the answer to all our problems, including suffering and emotional patterns, is to work on ego-loss, as all blessings are granted to us when we do that. It is this that is vital to focus on, not ‘I want to have a spiritual awakening.’ The latter occurs when it occurs, by the grace of Grace, not according to our schedule, but there is much we can do (and be) on the way to that.

My journey – Grace – I feel has been pushing me more and more to reach out and help others as a spiritual awakening guide, so here I am with my offering for you, I love to help others on their own unique journeys back to being aware of the Absolute Consciousness that you are.


Essentially there is no ‘one fits all’.  We start with one session and see where we go. if you want another, fine, if not, fine also.

I am qualified in the following techniques also but tend to prefer speaking with clients / discourse, as it’s the mind that is the final hindrance in the end, and this requires time to consciously understand and reveals the beliefs and questions that may be blockages on the way: EFT, other energetic techniques, hypnotherapy.

I always seek to create a space of ‘innerstanding’, compassion, non-judgment and acceptance. The aim is not to change you but for you to directly realize your deepest truth.

If you begin to understand what you are without trying to change it, then what you are undergoes a transformation.
― Jiddu Krishnamurti

Further Information

  • Sessions are via Skype.  My Skype id is live:reenagagneja_1
  • You will need a quiet, private space for sessions
  • Sessions are 60 minutes
  • Cost: £60 per session, payable in advance.
  • Cancellations: ok before 24 hours before the session. Within 24 hours of a session there is no refund, but you may reschedule a session max. twice.

How To Book

Please reach out to me via my contact form, and describe a little of what you feel stuck with or challenged by.  I will then reply back within 24 hours. If we both feel there would be value in a session I’ll send you a Paypal link. and we’ll agree a time.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sat Chit Anand (truth, consiousness, bliss)

“I feel so rested today after the healing session. You are a natural at this sort of thing. With you as the purveyor and conveyor of the spirit some of the inherent impurities and baggage I have been carrying is being released. With you there is a closeness I have never experienced before. I am feeling the emotions that as you know have been external, and are now beginning to manifest from within. I thank you for that with all my heart. It is a time of great releasing for me.” – CG, UK

“It was strange because i only meet you for the first time on the phone, but I opened up completely to you. I really felt strong warmth and connection with you…Now I am so ready to start taking baby steps to reach my goals and you have really encouraged me to do that.” – SKS

For more client testimonials please click here.

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