Blogs seem to have a life of their own.
Not so many moons ago, I experienced some spiritual experiences which provided the enthusiastic background impetus for this blog. I enjoyed writing about insights on spirituality and awakening. My passion for writing, previously alive, was re-ignited and I found a ‘home’, you could say. I relished having a forum where I could express myself. It was creativity, a spark of Truth as I had experienced It, shared through the written word online.
Then I ended up subscribing to mailing list after mailing list and started reading message after message – channelled messages for a large part. I enjoyed them, they spoke of things about to happen, and how things would be changing radically and sometimes gave dates. The dates came and went and not much changed in the outer world the way the messages said, but nonetheless I enjoyed the message within the messages so I continued to post them.
And soon, this blog became a ‘conspiracy theory blog’ or a ‘channelled message blog.’ This was all very well for a while. Many came to this site looking for such messages and I appreciated everyone who honoured this site with their input, silent, or shared via valuable self-expressed comments and emails.
But recently I’ve begun to feel tired of posting some regular channelled messages. From the point of view of the time factor, it has felt like chasing my tail to keep up with the ever increasing numbers coming into my inbox (of course I know I signed up for them so it’s not a complaint). From the point of view of the content, it has begun to feel like ‘same old, same old’ in many cases. From the point of view of my original intent with this blog for it to be for all, the intent has become somewhat lost. As such, it has begun to feel off-kilter.

There is a ‘danger’ with channelled messages. This is that they can become a crutch, a regular ‘fix’ of reassurances and answers, like a drug. And even though the actual message may be to ‘go within,’ the act of seeking out messages can become a habit that is a ‘go without;’ thus the process is rather mind-based (intellectual) with a disconnection to the heart level. Whilst I like to sometimes get into the intellectual debate as well, it does have its pitfalls – it ends up dividing people, with different sides and belief systems even within spiritual circles, one trying to convince the other. It can be too ego-based. I like to say: you can either be right or be happy, but not both.
You see, I want to get to know you, not just what you believe. I love it when people share from the heart, it takes courage to do so, and it warms my own heart each time. My personality is sensitive, a bit of a softy and very easily excitable : – ). In terms of that which is beyond personality – Essence, True Self, the Divinity Spark – that is what I wish to shine the light on more with this blog.
And so I have had a dilemma for a while – the dilemma of how to reconcile or integrate spiritual awakening on the one hand, and ‘new age stuff’ on the other. I feel the answer is individual and lies within one’s own self. It depends on you, on each of us, how present we are in this process. However, in posting so many channelled messages I do not feel I am helping the ‘going within process’, but rather the ‘going without process’ and also making this blog rather too specific.
So, to come to the actual point of this post, I just wanted to let you know that I may not be posting some messages that I have been thus far. I will simply go with the flow, post what calls to be posted and do what feels worthy of the time commitment at that moment. I hope you understand.
Comments, as always, welcome.
PS Also, please forgive my inundating your inbox with so many emails when I’m on a blogging roll, for some reason I have just not got a response from the support folk of my mailing list to find out how to make it a digest after many emails to them. I shall have to try again. I don’t take offense when people unsubscribe if you feel you need to. Or you can create a rule in Outlook and have them go direct into a folder. I know what inbox overwhelm is like!

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Ron Laswell

I can totally relate! I have my own website, but haven’t done much at all with it since the Dec 21, 2010 Eclipse. I have noticed a very significant surge of growth – inwardly – within my beingness. Last year, on the last of 3 Eclipses that ended on July 12, 2010, I separated from a marriage of 27 years. Strangely, Saturn had returned to the exact degree of 14 Virgo when I had first met her. I took it as an indication that that karma was over. Since then, I’ve moved 4 times, and even tho I’ve “settled”, much of my stuff is still in boxes. It all seems to be about what is inside of me, how do I feel about life, and the material has totally lost its appeal. Just thought I’d share.


Ron, thanks for sharing. I can relate to the fact that changes seem to occur during eclipses etc. Surge is a good word, as you mention. I think when the material becomes less of a concern or loses its appeal, then one knows one is headed in the ‘right’ direction. Love & Light


Reena, I’ve only been aware of your site for the last two or three weeks. I found it cos I was looking for somewhere that Ben Fulfords full commentaries were posted instead of the first paragraph or two he releases on his blog to the “great unsubscribed” hehe
I totally resonate with your thoughts about being a lot more discerning about the “channeled” messages you post. That sounds pretty cynical on my part, I realise (about the material you refer to). I have been reading the channelings at for that last couple of years, and 90% of them seem to be a waste of time, and the good ones simply reiterate what you said about going within which seems to be something I am subconsciously trying to avoid : ) as in instead of really taking their advice I keep reading and reading and mentally noting “that was a good one, next” or “waste of time, next” day after day hehe
I stopped reading sheldan nidle and salusa long ago hehe, not to mention several others.
Thanks for your fantastic efforts and shining your light : )


Daniel, it is my pleasure to be able to share what comes to be shared. In fact with all the Love that has poured in since the eclipse on this blog I am so grateful for everyone that has shared of themselves too on here. Words cannot put into words how moved I have been! I thought a chunk of people would leave, and so be it, I never knew however, how many people resonated with what I said/wrote. Thank you for all comments! Big hugs and much Love and Light, Reena
PS. Completely resonate with what you say about ‘next, next’…it’s tiring, I find. Saps your energy due to the regularity and routine. Kindof time-bound. In any case they say the same stuff, except of course for details about specifics. As it’s all going to happen in any case – Ascension – what’s the worry? : – ) I’ll tell you what I find with reading channelled messages is that 15 minutes after reading them I don’t think of them again, I couldn’t tell you what it said, because I don’t think of it again. Kinda funny that. : ) LOL


I have only been visiting your site for about a month and have to say I’ve enjoyed it very much. As mentioned by so many others, it has become part of my morning routine – although I’m a tea drinker myself : )
I can see your point about the risks of channelled messages, but I have also found great value in them and the extra efforts you have put into aggregating them here. Your site has been a very helpful location for exercising discernment, a critical skill I am only beginning to master and for that I am grateful for your efforts.
That said, I also enjoy the wide and interesting topics you post (i.e. sungazing) which I would not otherwise have found had they not been sprinkied here. I look forward to seeing what’s next.


Leigh, I appreciate your words, thanks. And I’m generally a tea drinker also : – )
Love & Light
PS Sungazing is just marvellous. I was awake anyway when the sun rose this morning, and it arose all red and deep yellow, I’m just at the start, but it enriches with energy right from day 1 I think! HRM was found to have a huge pineal gland. This was most unusual as it generally shrinks. I just looked this up about the pineal gland:
“But the human body has another physical eye, whose function has long been recognized by humanity. It is called the ‘Third Eye’ which in reality, is the Pineal Gland. It is the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision, and it is considered the Seat of the Soul.”
Food for thought ref sungazing.


I am sure you have made the right decision Reena. By endlessly reposting all the channelled messages, and all the conspiracy stuff, you were ignoring your own talent of writing very interesting stuff.
Not only that, but there is other stuff going on that is most definitely real and tangible, that I am sure your readers would like to hear about, and hear your views on it.
For instance a little scandal going on in America that I am surprised you haven’t mentioned, is not so different from one instigated by Westminster council. I first read about it here :- (definitely read the comments after it as well).
The story concerns a group called food not bombs –
A link to the other side of the story is –


Bill, thanks for your comment. Interesting story, laws gone mad…


hello Reena
Diego here form mexico , fist of all let me just thank you for the time you have put in to this blog i have enjoy it thougroly and i agree with you on most of the insight you give, for example what you say about channelings i have felt the same way but did nor realice it as such, you put it realy elocuant you must be a very nice and interesting perosn. i guess throu your blog i feel i know you some what. so thank you again all the love


Hola Diego, gracias para las palabras muy bonitas, me alegro que puedo escribir esto en espanol! You would not think we were all so far apart, there is a nice closeness suddenly on here that is a veritable gift, and delight so thank you for coming here and sharing. Much love.

K. Rogers

I meant to say, We Are the Ones We Are Waiting On! Many of us already know this thank goodnessp8m8. lol

K. Rogers

Reena I think you are on the right track, you’ve always been, as it has brought you to where you are now. I appreciate your work & like others have & will continue to check your blog every morning. Thank You for what you’ve done here.
I strongly agree that we all must look within for the answers. We are who we’ve been waiting on. It’s our global creation, it’s our desicions, our choices, our focuses, we ARE the Ones & we are starting to know & feel that. Some of us are consciously aware of who we’ve become some are not but sooner or later (sooner) they too will know this & apply this. We may not be on a podium in front of FOX News but our emoitional thoughts are more powerful than the media.
I’d also like to add that whether our focus is on this Spiritual blog is a wonderful focus. So you see in your quest for a better world you’ve brought others on the same quest. We are all learning & creating together. You’ve helped do that we thank you.
I have only been reading the messages for about 8mo so I haven’t the expierence. I do like them & they are encouraging on the same hand I can see how one would see them as repetative & how reading them can become a sort of an addiction. it’s funny you mention that as I have been feeling the same way for some time with regards to the addiction. This blog just confirmed for me that it is up to me I’ve known this all along but I am also human with physical selfishness. But we can continue to move forward & progress spiritually & grow & learn together & continue loving All because we are One, even the dark Ones, we can just shine our light brighter & lead by example in our current situation & others will follow : ) Loving You Reena Love & Light to All of Us My Family!!


K. Rogers, thanks for your very wise and very kind words. I particularly like “we are One, even the dark Ones.” Just getting a post ready ref a documentary film about ‘you/we are the one’………So synchronous : – )

Silent Wind

Thanks Reena I think you are right on with your assessment. I’ve been feeling the same regarding channeled messages lately. I look forward to your new change in direction. Namaste!


Silent Wind, I think I may just do a digest of channelled messages if I get round to it on occasions. We’ll see. Thank you for your words – much appreciated. Namaste and Love


Good morning,
Your post fully resonates with me, Reena. While I have enjoyed, and felt uplifted by channeled messages, they often feel redundant. The months pass on and on without events manifesting. It can distract from strengthening your own higher guidance and raising of consciousness. The answers flow in abundance without the need to seek outside of our own truth.
The conspiracy theories have also lost my interest as of lately. I came to the conclusion, “Yes…these unjust occurrences against humanity have happened. Let’s move forward and focus our energy on the new future we want,instead of whining about the past.”
; – )
I share my first cup of java with you every morning as well. Thank you for the work you do to share truth. It is greatly appreciated by this gal. : )


Jana, from one gal to another: thank you so much. I’m tasting the java as I write….. (seriously just had a coffee : – )

Dr P

What you and others are feeling is very understandable. This is truely what the dark ones are looking for. I use my inner guidence system for the truth. These channeled messages are good however they can make you feel dissapointed. When i close my eyes and go deep within, I can definately sense that soemthing is going to happen that will alter our reality. Time is not important, it will happen when the time is right. I’m tryign to live life in Light and Love each day ( this is harder than I thought initially :}).
As for your blog, I read it every morning when I get to work, prior to seeing my first patient. You doing a great job.
Love and Light.


Dr P, your patients are lucky to have such an open minded doctor. Thanks for your comment.

Phil Miller

You go girl! What you say feels good. And it is the perfect day, solar eclipse on a new moon to make adjustments. Thanks for all of yourself that you have give us.


Phil, The White Fox, JP, Justicar and to all my readers, regardless of what you believe, my heart is bursting with Love for you guys this morning! I am sending you Love, Light, Harmony and Laughter on this special day. I am balled over by your kindness. Let’s keep on keeping on in our own Truth and Light. Reena


I don’t subscribe to newsletters, but I do visit your site every single day like clock work to see what you posted. I agree about the channeled messages being a form of a drug, but I don’t look to them as my only source of hope. I also look for the other goodies that seem to fit with those messages, or that give insight to events you can’t get in the regular news.
You know what, I get discouraged every time the schedule gets pushed up, because I’m sick of it too. It’s like the carrot dangling in front of our face, just one more step to get a bite. Damn, how much longer? I sense we are close to something, because this situation can’t continue much longer. Somethings got a break before we do.
I think you have a pretty nice, well rounded blog spot with the subject matter I am interested in. In todays world, you really wonder if we are going to survive to the next day, so any good news helps. You do a good job supplying fresh food for thought, everyday. Actually your site and my facebook page is my first stop with coffee in hand.
If you would stop what you were doing today, it may be a regrettable situation down the line. I’m just saying we all have a role to play in order to help others until the day we are delivered up. At least you found something you love doing that helps others, namely me for one. I mean, you can’t just quit, unless you sense a higher calling.
Quick note on your P.S. People are hurting and don’t always feel like responding because of their own pain. You may never know how they feel because they are in need, but let me tell you something. I’ve had the pleasure only a couple times in my life to hear from others, how I helped them in their past, only hoping at the time that I could do some good for them in their future. Now that is what I call a blessing.
Maybe all you need is a vacation…
Love – Gregg


Gregg, I am honoured that this blog accompanies your coffee in the morning – much appreciated. I’m not quitting, just releasing myself from any commitment to post every channelled message that I have been thus far. This for me is a vacation! I feel freer to post other stuff too, alongside any such messages I can or wish to. Yes it is such a blessing to ‘help’ others, or I rather use the term, be a friend. Many thanks, Love Reena

The White Fox

Kudos to you Reena for taking a stance on channel discernment. You are in charge and I support your efforts in staying that way.
For me, a feeling has been brewing within that I think today, June 30, 2011, burst with a boil pus ooze. I have grown sick of the channelings that result in empty promises. I have given due diligence in waiting for the enlightened masters to fulfill their promised plan, I have generated positive energies as requested, supported them as much as possible, and I have taught those about me the level of truths which they were able to accept.
But now I say to the masters, “Channel me no more. If you can’t drive the horse then get out of the driver’s seat. I’m taking the whip from you, sitting in the driver’s bench, and driving this stagecoach myself.”


Thank you for your honesty Reena.


Listen to your inner self, the guidance you seek is your’s if you will listen. I for one will remain to see what you have next, every morning and evening.

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