The Call – “The Awakening Trilogy”
I found these videos that are very inspiring. At least I hope you will be uplifted the same.
Part 1, The Call – Click post title first, then play video top right.
Watching this video might very well make your day… and could even change the course of your life!
Part 2, The Plan, here:
[vimeo]11971706[/vimeo] Part 3, The Prophecy, here:
[vimeo]14270733[/vimeo] Enjoy….
Please add a comment below and share your thoughts!

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I thank you for sharing this material with the world. It is time for us all to put our flag of love in the ground so that we can collectively create a shift together.
Truly inspirational work, and I am also inclusive in holding hands with you and other light workers around the planet to co-create a vibrational change around the planet.
Coach Derrick


Namaste Coach Derrick, your comments are hugely insightful and spot on if I may say so. It seems we (human beings) are terrified of putting the flag of love into our ground. It is certainly the most challenging thing. But it is changing, and together, as we hold hands, we can do more than we ordinarily see. All the best to you too in your Light work. Warm wishes, Reena


the quoted writer is les visible who has several blogs. he’s an american who lives in italy.


seems airy fairy to me and i’ve been trying to wake up for 25 years. maybe there will be an awakening or maybe this kali yuga will continue for centuries. the psychopaths aren’t going to just stop. most people aren’t even aware of their enemy! when the shit hits the fan the sheep will follow orders as they always do.
“The primary, flesh-based enemy of humanity is the bankers and chief among them is the central banks. There are various other consortiums like the IMF which are dedicated to world wide economic slavery of anyone and everyone but themselves. They are joined by those who operate and feed upon the fantasy football game at Wall Street; wherever Wall Street may be in whatever urban location it feeds in. The politicians are a secondary concern. They serve the will of the bankers. The bankers serve the King of Hell through the proxy of their own self interest. The bankers create the wars for profit. They create them any time and anywhere that profit can be realized and they fund both sides of the conflict in order to own the economy on either side at the war’s end.
The chief weapon of the bankers is usury. They print non-existent money and then loan it out so that more is paid back in interest over time than the actual principle of the loan. They manipulate the markets to inflate and deflate the value of homes and they run foreclosure mills to steal these homes whenever they get around to doing it.
When times of crisis appear, they manufacture political movements that give the impression of necessary revolution that returns the power of political choice to the individual voter but it’s just another scam for the same reptiles to stay in control of the system until it has been entirely looted. Linking to Media Matters is not an endorsement of the site. I don’t doubt that they also work for the bankers.
Humanity has to throw off the yoke of the bankers and destroy forever the power and proliferation of fiat currency and fractal banking. The war on Islam has as much to do with non-interest bearing loans as it has to do with anything else. Whatever solution humanity may come up with concerning the bankers it has to be done and done soon. I do not favor the guillotine anymore than I do exile to a desert island. Either of these solutions is fine and any other solution that removes these psychopathic predators from the embedded state in the rank and file of the human race is also fine, so long as it is comprehensive and irrevocable.
Every problem facing humanity and every society, presently extant, can be solved by disempowering the bankers. All genocides and most world calamities are brought about through the efforts of bankers for personal profit. Most natural disasters are exacerbated by bankers in the aftermath; once again for personal profit. Israel is the illegally manufactured capital of the banker world and it also must be neutralized in whatever way is expedient and permanent.
Humanity needs to get a clue that there is no greater problem and no other problem behind nearly every problem than bankers and banks. The presently escalating foreclosure mill scandal is proof of this, as are the bailouts and the BP cover-up, along with the Carbon Tax scam and, once again, just about anything you can think of.
The insurance industry is a close relative. The noxious laws against individual farming efforts, courtesy of Monsanto (My Satan) are also proof of this. The rise of egregious legislation to outlaw herbal remedies and the ongoing suppression of so-called illegal drugs (another industry run by bankers) by pharmaceutical companies is also proof of this. The pacification of world population by prescription drugs and the dumping of prescription drugs into the water supply is also another tactic of the bankers, to accelerate stupidity and confusion in the mind of the masses. So is whatever it is they are spraying in the sky.
The efforts of the entertainment industry, in tandem with the mass media, are another engine of assault against the sanity of the mass mind. It’s a variable pincher approach from all sides, with the given impression that they are independent operations. They are part and parcel of a holistic threat against the survival of the human race.
Your enemy is the bankers and their weapon is the financial system as it is regulated by the central banks. Humanity should take all of their money out of the banks and consider other possibilities. None of these possibilities would be worse than the condition in which you find yourself now. Put your money in Muslim banks; convert it to precious metals, take it out of the system one way or the other. I realize that many people won’t do this because many people are in support of the problem because many people don’t have the will or intelligence to recognize the problem. Many people, if they clearly knew what the problem was would say, “Well, I don’t believe it anyway.”
The world has never relied on the majority of people to effect change. Ten percent of us do just about everything that matters, except get in the way. Six percent of us cause most of the problems and ten percent of us solve them or walk away, depending on the darkness of the age.
Stop the bankers and dismantle the system as it presently exists. There is no other problem and there is no other solution. The bankers and the moneylenders, who are the same animal, are the source of nearly every problem. They are the reason that natural evolution and improvement on existing conditions is universally retarded. They are the reason for Stone Age medical practices; neighborhood crime, environmental pollution, wars, famines and probably plagues as well.
The Rothschilds and other banking families are at the top of the black pyramid of human suffering. The hidden aristocrats, the ones who own so much of the land and property everywhere are a part of the same predatory crimes against each and every one of us. They created communism as a seeming alternative to capitalism. They create alternatives, which are not alternatives, every time they need to defuse and redirect the anger that they have churned up as a preface to more war. They dress out an enemy in their media and then they massage the animal brain of the sleeping masses into a collective aggression against it.
The bankers are your problem. Stop the banks. Deconstruct them to the ground and make it a capital crime to engage in any of their former practices. You don’t have a choice.”


Tom, it only seems airy fairy till the real connection is made from within to everything outside….In any case, there is nothing to strive to arrive at, it is either here or not at all.
Re the quote – whose words are these, assuming they are not yours due to the speech marks?
Btw, absolutely agree with the points made in the speech marks. Yes, people prefer to be asleep on the whole. That’s where I think there will be a shaking up of such apathy, since the financial system cannot sustain itself and greater difficulties can only arise due to what has been created by the system’s upholders.

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