By salvation I mean all the good things we seek, not necessarily the Christian version of the word.

There is no salvation in the outside or the mind.  In anything other than who you really are, and you are not anything outside of you nor your mind.

You will not find what you are seeking in any relationship, any success, any product, any feeling, any activity.

As your mind tells you you are happy, your inner truth knows otherwise.  This inner truth only gets activated through suffering – for most of us.  Those who say they awoke without any undue suffering – perhaps there is some denial, unless they are an avatar.  To be away from your inner truth is to suffer – and till such awakening all is suffering.  Humans are confused, topsy turvy thinking beings – the ego-personality likes to make statements about ourselves and believes them to be true.  ‘I’m happy’, ‘I’m an important person’, ‘I’m x, y or z.’  We do not question if we are lying to ourselves.

Then, if we’re ‘lucky’, we awaken out of such erroneous thinking and all manner of emotions start to arise that were long-hidden. A journey starts, we need to heal, to release all the gunk from our mind and emotions.  Then there is space in our mind to recognize Grace, which shows Itself to en-lighten us, and then a longing grows.  A deep, longing for the Absolute Truth, the ever-present Divine Awareness that we totally forgot about along the way.  In humiliation for our wayward ways, we kneel to the floor and weep with gratitude  – how could we have forgotten This!  And peace and joy are suddenly there.  And the longing grows ever deeper.

Paul Brunton said:

The enlightened man has the same kind of body and the same five senses as unenlightened men have. His experience of the world must be the same, too. But — and this is a vast difference — he experiences it along with the Overself.

Overself is the Higher Self….our Inner Truth…

All suffering has a purpose.  It is to lead us back to the one all-pervading truth.  There cannot be two truths!  This All-pervading Life Force that is in and of everything is our saviour and our home.  We need do nothing to ‘be saved’ except to re-member this truth.  This is our very own truth within.  When suffering of whatever sort arrives – go within.  This is such a simple thing to do, yet the ego hinders our awakening.  And that’s fine.  There is no wrong or right.  Our journey is what our journey is and it is as it should be.  And yet, there is a ‘quicker’ way – and that occurs through understanding the inner longing we all have, hidden though it usually is. This longing is for That which we really long for – a peace that is permanent.  A peace that can replace even our weariness and depressions.

When we get the taste for how suffering can transform in one quick moment just like that, the longing to know, be, understand, and to abide in Truth grows.  Seeing the truth of our own being and that of everyone and everything replaces all other addictions, it’s the real addiction without any downside.  This addiction is one you can feed and nurture as much as you want – this addiction is a blessing.

There is one common and ultimate purpose for us to be here on earth in a human body and that is to awaken to the one Truth in which we all exist anyway, noticed or not.  The truth of awareness / God / Absolute Reality is there and never changes, but it is the awakening part to awareness of this truth that is our responsibility.  This is where time and energy spent on this endeavour is like putting millions in your soul account.  Don’t feed your greed to try to amass millions, or more millions in your bank account.  That sort of investment is worthless except within the illusory reality of this world, and the worth of that is not really worth anything as it is to miss the point of life entirely, and waste it.

Alternatively, the worth of awareness of Divine Truth is priceless.  This is here now, and invites all into awareness of Itself.  No need to do anything or go anywhere, it’s right here, right now.

To Your Awakening,

Love & Light,

Reena x

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